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Second waves - dealing with the virus part 2 😷😠

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MawB Tue 23-Jun-20 08:59:01

It’s not gone, it’s not even going to be gone - but it’s how we deal with it that will make the difference.
Beijing faced lockdown after reporting an outbreak last week after being declared virus-free for a whole day.
An Anglesey chicken plant has had 175 new cases recently.
Germany has had a serious outbreak in and around Gütersloh starting in an abattoir and meat processing plant, it is suspected involving unsanitary living conditions for migrant workers.
Berlin has had a surge in the poor and densely populated Neu-Kölln area of the city
And now South Korea , previously held up as a shining example is facing a worrying surge as health authorities in South Korea admitted yesterday it was experiencing a “second wave” in Seoul.
Jeong Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is reported as saying it had become clear that a holiday weekend in early May marked the start of a new wave of infections in the densely populated greater Seoul area, which had previously seen few cases.
There are some common factors such as working temperatures in the meat processing plants but also the lamentable living conditions where migrant workers have been involved and of course predictable consequences in lapses in social distancing, but in all cases prompt identification, testing, tracking and isolating have been paramount in stopping these second waves from becoming countrywide.
I just hope that this time the government and our public health authorities can learn from the experience of others.

Jane10 Tue 23-Jun-20 15:53:17

Yes you can find the general stuff but there's a section that only seems to pop up once you've inputted. It's called something like 'For app users only'. It's the data shared with govt. Try that.

growstuff Tue 23-Jun-20 15:55:38

I hope so too AGAA4 but I must admit I'm not that hopeful.

growstuff Tue 23-Jun-20 15:56:35

I can't use anything "for app users only". I can find the data for my own local authority, which is enough for me.

AGAA4 Tue 23-Jun-20 16:05:16

Nor me Growstuff. I am just going to do what I feel is right for me, which means I won't be going to bars, restaurants or cinemas for some time yet.

I just don't trust the government to make the right decisions.

Flowerette Tue 23-Jun-20 16:18:22

I just can’t be bothered with the queueing and the many idiots who won’t observe the distancing ... we still have to be cautious but we just know ( and I have seen it already in the last few days ) others just won’t respect any space and there will be aggro in the shops because of it hmm

growstuff Tue 23-Jun-20 17:17:54

I certainly won't be going to any bars, restaurants or cinemas. I don't think I'll even bother with the hairdresser for a while. I'll continue to get food and medication delivered. I need to go to the dentist, GP, optician and for a diabetic eye test at some stage, but I'm going to wait and see how things go.

BlueSky Tue 23-Jun-20 18:01:19

This makes for depressing, if realistic, reading. One minute you are hopeful seeing other countries ahead of us going back to 'normal' then you realise it'll never be 'normal' again. I have no hope of a quick vaccine or cure.

EllanVannin Tue 23-Jun-20 18:14:33

Vaccines are no good unless you've got the immunity in your body to fight whatever's in the vaccine this time round.

I wonder how many of those who've died had the 'flu vaccine ?

Hot weather doesn't make any difference so far as a reduction in the spread of the virus---look at Mexico !
In Iceland 97% have recovered ? Not warm there is it ?

growstuff Tue 23-Jun-20 18:20:43

Vaccines don't work like that.

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 23-Jun-20 18:36:04

I did tune in to briefing although I didnt intend to. I must admit when Boris thanked everyone for sticking to guidelines I did a bit of a double take!
Some points of interest though.
When talking about the meat processing plants Chris Whitty said the risk from contaminated meat was LOW, given the ongoing whitewash that did make my ears prick up! I imagine that very good hygiene and thorough cooking would reduce that, but who knows with this virus!
Chris Whitty also quietly emphasised that we should all maintain 2 metres unless absolutely necessary and then with specific precautions. A short while later the opening headlines on news were what to expect in world with reduced social distancing. No wonder its chaotic,people will here what they want to hear and I think the media dont help. It's like chinese whispers only unfortunately the origional message is also often garbled!
The meeting indoors seemed rather odd but they are probably looking ahead to the winter. Inteterestingly you still have to maintain 2 metres.
The R rate is 0.9 in my area,we have gone from the lowest to amongst the top so i dont think i will be going anywhere soon.
The one area of concern i have is those that or high risk or shielding returning to work,although noted its preferable to still work from home. Asking employers to be jolly nice and do the right thing,not going to happen in a LOT of workplaces!

Jane10 Tue 23-Jun-20 18:51:17

They were at pains to emphasise that the virus has not gone and that we all have to keep following the guidelines etc. Chris Whitty is excellent and always so clear. Interesting to hear that 'the science' is shared by all the UK countries so Scottish differences can only be for political reasons. hmm

growstuff Tue 23-Jun-20 18:52:05

Dorsetcupcake Your last paragraph is my biggest concern too. It annoys me that other people are irresponsible, but at least I don't have to go out anywhere. I can many working people being forced into potentially dangerous situations.

growstuff Tue 23-Jun-20 18:53:28

"The science" is still saying that it should be two metres. It's England which has opted for one metre for political reasons.

Daisymae Tue 23-Jun-20 18:53:36

I thought that the meeting indoors while maintaining social distancing was seriously odd. Unless one has a rather large house. Hmm.

growstuff Tue 23-Jun-20 18:56:56

Prof John Edmunds, an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who sits on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said: “The social distancing rules that have been in place since March have had two effects: first, the number of contacts that we make has been drastically reduced; and second the nature of these contacts has also become safer, as we seldom meet inside and we have been maintaining 2 metres of distance wherever possible.

“Relaxing the 2-metre rule at the same time as opening bars and restaurants does run the risk of allowing the epidemic to start to regain a foothold. These changes will have to be very carefully monitored and the NHS track-and-trace system will have to be working properly to help keep us safe.”

MayBee70 Tue 23-Jun-20 19:00:58

Going back to meat processing plants etc I’m sure I read that you couldn’t decontaminate things by putting them in the freezer. Which is why it set off alarm bells when I thought of refrigerated/frozen meat. Especially as the meat is wrapped in plastic on which the virus can live for longer than on, say, paper.

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 23-Jun-20 19:17:11

Indeed Growstuff! I have had interesting communications with my workplace. Failed to comply with requests for individual risk assessments/alternative roles. Unless "if you do as I say you will be safe".counts as a risk assessment😊. After throwing some legal info at them they admitted I couldnt do my job and socially distance.! Despite discussions with my manager about waiting until I spoke to my GP I was still put on rota! They left it to late to furlough me,which may have been for best as GP has signed me off sick. Aside from the 2 million shielding there are millions who are high risk of working age. A rather glum report in news said those who facing biggest unemployment woes,especially those 50 and over. I cant see me being safe to return to work until there is a vaccine. Still,I'm one of the lucky ones my stubbornness/ knowledge of rights and small savings are keeping me safe.

Sparklefizz Tue 23-Jun-20 19:23:00

Chris Whitty is the best, I think. When he speaks, I listen. He is knowledgeable and informative and steady. He gives me confidence.

Sparklefizz Tue 23-Jun-20 19:25:41

Callistemon Someone suggested that Tracy Daszkiewicz should be put in charge. She's the Director of Public Health for the South-west

No longer, Calli. She was promoted after the Salisbury poisonings, so my son tells me. (He works for Wiltshire CC)

GrannyGravy13 Tue 23-Jun-20 19:36:50


Callistemon Someone suggested that Tracy Daszkiewicz should be put in charge. She's the Director of Public Health for the South-west

No longer, Calli. She was promoted after the Salisbury poisonings, so my son tells me. (He works for Wiltshire CC)

She is now PHE

Jane10 Tue 23-Jun-20 20:21:29

Chris Whitty fan club member here!
I also like Jonathan Van Tam but we've not heard from him for a while. Wonder why hmmgrin
Both great at their jobs and present info well.

MawB Tue 23-Jun-20 21:02:40


Chris Whitty fan club member here!
I also like Jonathan Van Tam but we've not heard from him for a while. Wonder why hmmgrin
Both great at their jobs and present info well.

Probably because Van Tam stood up to the politicians and had the temerity to disagree with them

MawB Tue 23-Jun-20 21:07:58

May 30
The coronavirus rules are clear and apply to everybody, England's deputy chief medical officer has warned.
Professor Jonathan Van-Tam was asked at the daily coronavirus briefing whether people in authority should lead and obey the rules, in reference to the Dominic Cummings row
Professor Van-Tam said: "In my opinion the rules are clear and they have always been clear

Callistemon Tue 23-Jun-20 22:17:02

I thought she was promoted to Director of Public Health for the South-west, which was a promotion from DofPH for Wiltshire.

Sparklefizz Wed 24-Jun-20 07:49:24

Sorry, Calli, think I may have misinterpreted your post. confused