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Exciting news about a vaccine?

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MawB Mon 20-Jul-20 16:04:52

In today’s Guardian
Oxford University’s experimental coronavirus vaccine is safe and generated a strong immune response in about 1,000 people who volunteered to help trial it, researchers have said, raising hopes it could help end the pandemic.

The results published in the Lancet medical journal are preliminary, however, with the effect of the vaccine measured by the amount of antibodies and T-cells it generates in the blood of the volunteers – not in any response to the virus itself.

Large-scale trials have begun in Brazil and South Africa, however, where infection rates are still high and it will be possible to assess whether vaccinated individuals are less likely to get Covid-19 than others
Could this be, in Churchill’s well known quote:
“Not the end, not even the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning” ? .

JenniferEccles Sun 26-Jul-20 13:20:39

Are you a new member *Flygirl?

Have you come on here specifically to promote anti vaccine propaganda?

MayBee70 Sun 26-Jul-20 18:09:53

One of the problems with this new virus is that it affects the immune system in several ways. Sometimes people’s immune system seem to over react to it but it can also de activate our immune system as well. So just trying to get as fit and healthy as possible (which is what I‘ve been doing for the past few months) isn’t necessarily going to protect you.

Flygirl Sun 26-Jul-20 23:17:55

No, JenniferEccles, I am not a new member.
And no, (for the third time now), I am not anti-vaccine per sé. I am responding to the original topic stating "exciting news" when I do not find it in the very least exciting. In fact, the speed with which it is being developed and thrown at us as being our only "saviour", is frightening me. And I am not alone.
Therefore, I am anti this vaccine, because I feel there is something a little sinister about how quickly this has all come about, and the way it is being peddled to us as the only way out of our dilemma. Similarly, the flippant Boris comment that anyone with an alternative view about it is a "nutter" doesn't sit well with me, either.
I find people's reluctance to ask more questions and to do their own deeper research on vaccines, and their apparent willingness to acquiesce, rather disturbing. Questions such as where the funding is coming from, the possible ulterior motives and ethics of the "elite" providing such funding, and their connection with a much bigger picture; the vaccine's dubious contents; the proposed new RNA technology altering how our immune systems and DNA will change for good, without any redress if it all goes horribly wrong....surely all these Qs require a proper, truthful answer, before submitting to the inevitable needle? Why should that be an unreasonable request? Except, of course, we aren't told what they don't want us to know. Never stop asking questions. It is our bodies, our children's/grandchildren's bodies at stake here. If you're happy with what you have been told, and still think it's the best thing since sliced Mothers Pride, that's fine. After all, our aim is to be fit and well.
If you think I am on here solely to flog the anti vaccine stance, I could of course ask if you are working secretly for Nick Hancock and Boris to spread the pro-vaccine word?.....
In all honesty, I truly hope that you're right and my concerns are completely unfounded. Time will tell.

Flygirl Sun 26-Jul-20 23:22:25

Maybee what makes you think that? There are several valid studies suggesting just that! If you have a moment look at the Mad Diet facebook page. There's loads of evidence out there.

SueDonim Mon 27-Jul-20 00:42:25

The flu vaccine is created afresh each winter in less than a year. In the case of the hoped-for CV vaccine, it’s the red tape that’s being swept aside in order to develop it asap, not safety.

As for the DNA claim, that’s been debunked. It’s fake news.

maddyone Mon 27-Jul-20 10:41:40

Thanks for that link and the voice of common sense SueDonim.

Flygirl Mon 27-Jul-20 11:46:50

Sorry but if you think safety is not being compromised here then I am even more concerned than I was before.

Flygirl Mon 27-Jul-20 11:52:56

No the RNA technology is NOT fake was even reported on main stream TV news (that most people on here seem to be following and believing) a couple of weeks ago and hailed as really exciting news in the development of the vaccine, on all main channels! Now, I don't personally believe what msm are spewing at us at the moment, but this was certainly not heresay.
So I think we need to be very careful about what we glibly label as fake now.

maddyone Mon 27-Jul-20 12:32:18

It’s quite simple Flygirl, if you don’t want to have the vaccine if and when it arrives then don’t have it. Those of us who would like to have the vaccine will have it. We don’t need to be dissuaded by other people. If you are willing to take the risk of contracting Covid19 and possibly being seriously ill, and of possibly needing to be on a ventilator, which can in some cases leave people struggling to get back to normal, then it is your right to take that risk.

Greeneyedgirl Mon 27-Jul-20 14:48:59

There was a poll by YouGov I think which showed 1 in 5 people in U.K. would refuse COVID-19 vaccine if offered, largely because of circulating fake news on social media sites.

We are of course entitled to free speech but there is a consequence if as you say maddy someone becomes seriously ill because they heeded false, unscientific and non evidenced based information.

I would urge everyone to check valid sources for information before making their mind up.

Callistemon Mon 27-Jul-20 20:42:49


The flu vaccine is created afresh each winter in less than a year. In the case of the hoped-for CV vaccine, it’s the red tape that’s being swept aside in order to develop it asap, not safety.

As for the DNA claim, that’s been debunked. It’s fake news.

COVID19 is an RNA virus, like some other viruses
That is the method by which it can invade our cells.
That is what some researchers are working on, to produce a vaccine

I'm not sure what the DNA theory was which has been debunked?

Callistemon Mon 27-Jul-20 20:44:59

I just followed the link re the debunked DNA theory.
hmm oh dear.
We will become robots.

Callistemon Mon 27-Jul-20 20:56:27

There seems to be some confusion between RNA and DNA.