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I’m worried about symptoms

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Whitewavemark2 Wed 26-Aug-20 00:33:42

I have been feeling as if my battery is drained over the past day or two and am now feeling chill and warm.

I have gone through the NHS site and it advises me to contact my doctor today. That will have to be in the morning.

I have been so careful, but a friend contacted me last week who has been seriously ill with a stroke, thrombosis, Bell’s palsy. You name it she seems to have had it. She asked me to go to eat with her. I couldn’t turn her down! I took mask, hand sanitizer etc and was so careful to use it. I also used the bus but did everything I could to be careful.

I am so hoping that I feel better in the morning, or if not it it something other than covid. But where on earth could I have got it, apart from lunch out?

Hithere Wed 26-Aug-20 00:58:42

Hoping for the best tomorrow!

Whitewavemark2 Wed 26-Aug-20 00:58:57

I’ve just looked at the number of active cases in my area and it seems very low.

I’m hoping I’m panicking unnecessarily.

Summerlove Wed 26-Aug-20 01:17:56

I’m sure you are worrying without reason, but it’s so hard not to!

I hope you get some sleep tonight

sharon103 Wed 26-Aug-20 01:28:21

I've felt like that these last couple of days. Feeling washed out and feel like I'm getting a cold. Cold sores broke out under my lip. Came over a bit hot sometimes yesterday but not today.
I was a bit worried so my son has taken my temperature with one of those gun things and mine is 35.4.
It's that time of year when the common cold starts it's rounds. I've only been to the dentist and one shop. All precautions taken.
I'm sure you'll be alright. xxxx

BlueBelle Wed 26-Aug-20 01:44:42

I m sure you are worrying unnecessarily because it happens to coincide with going out If you had been out more or if you hadn’t gone out this time you wouldn’t be so worried
Unfortunately we will all get coughs and colds when the weather changes and it’s natural to think... is this it ?
Try not to worry it will only make things worse I m sure you are fine
My daughter s friend had a cold this week and work made her have a a Covid test although she kept telling them it’s just a cold needless to say the test was negative
Try not to get in a tizz

Illte Wed 26-Aug-20 02:56:05

Just take a test. It's easy, it's quick and boy does it feel good when it comes back negative!

FarNorth Wed 26-Aug-20 03:36:09

Wishing you all the best Whitewave and I hope you feel better in the morning.

kittylester Wed 26-Aug-20 07:13:16

Try not to worry Ww. Our eldest son had a week feeling like that and took a test which came back negative.

He is very careful too. He is better now but felt as though he had flu.

Marydoll Wed 26-Aug-20 07:32:03

In my area, there are no Covid tests available, as children are now back at school and so many now have coughs and colds. There seems to be a non Covid bug doing the rounds. Anxious parents have swamped the system demanding tests, but fortunately they are coming back negative. The chances are very low of you having it, if you have been careful.
Try not to worry WW

westendgirl Wed 26-Aug-20 07:44:49

Try not to worry. I'm sure all will be well.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 26-Aug-20 07:44:58

Good morning, grotty night but feel no worse.

I think that what most of you are saying is correct feeling achy, hot and shivery is something I’ve had before and not taken too much notice of. I need to get a grip!!

I’ll phone the surgery and get tested.

Furret Wed 26-Aug-20 07:51:05

Everybody can get a test. Just go online and order one.

Furret Wed 26-Aug-20 07:53:39

My son and his family have all ‘caught a cold’. I’ve pointed out that if they can catch one virus they can catch the other and they might want to rethink their COVID-19 security.

That goes for anyone who has picked up something lately.

Iam64 Wed 26-Aug-20 08:03:59

Try not to worry Whitewave, if you go on line and complete the form, a doctor will phone, talk through your symptoms and advice you to get a test. The procedure is easy and not complicated. Like you, I've been very careful but somehow picked up a chest infection a couple of weeks ago. Getting a negative test was such a relief. The doctor said as I'd been in a supermarket , briefly and wearing a mask, it seemed likely either I;d picked up the infection from a surface or someone sneezing near me. I do remember a very large man doing one of those loud spraying sneezes when standing close to me.No apology and no attempt to cover his mouth so in my mind, that's where Igot it.
Let us know how you are

GrannyGravy13 Wed 26-Aug-20 08:08:11

Whitewavemark2 there are still other bugs around, wishing you well.

25Avalon Wed 26-Aug-20 08:22:06

It is natural to be anxious. My daughter had what turned out to be a bad cold but had the ‘what if’ thoughts. There are loads of germs and viruses at this time of year and it is more likely to be one of those or even a straight chill. I am sure your doctor will put your mind at rest or advise a test if she thinks it necessary. It’s a horrible time when even the slightest symptoms cause worry.
Hope all goes well with the doctor.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 26-Aug-20 08:24:08

Thanks folks. And yes that’s exactly how I feel. Masses of all sorts of bugs around, but boy it just shows how easy it is to pick one of them up however careful you are!

Furret Wed 26-Aug-20 08:25:00

Makes you think doesn’t it?

Franbern Wed 26-Aug-20 08:42:57

mmmm......not sure about making me think. Surely, we all know (at our ages) that everywhere at all times there are all sorts of bugs and germs lurking. Our systems are designed to protect us against these as far as possible, but sometimes, need to become unwell for our bodies to produce the anti-bodies required. Autumn (and we do seem to have gone into this early), is a time when many of these effect us.
Big chance of catching some sort of cold virus - small chance of catching Covid.
Unless you know your normal body temperature, taking it just on occasions when you think you may be unwell, is not a good guide. People vary, some have a norm slightly below the average, and other a norm slightly higher (that is why it is called 'average')!
So many people are showing hypochondriac symptoms at the moment. Think those who have totally isolated themselves away from all other human contact for several months could be more likely to be at risk of catching colds, etc. as they have not given their immune systems a good chance of working.

Furret Wed 26-Aug-20 08:50:43

Big chance of catching some sort of cold virus - small chance of catching Covid

How do you work that out Franburn? Both viruses, both corona viruses, both share same method of transmission.

Rosalyn69 Wed 26-Aug-20 09:35:02

Do get a test if you are worried.
I also agree that there do seem to be bugs starting their winter rounds early. The children have both felt “off colour” recently and I seem to be periodically unwell. I’m pretty sure it’s not Covid though.
I certainly am a bit of a hypochondriac which has been exacerbated during the current pandemic.

annodomini Wed 26-Aug-20 11:06:27

With the children back at school and the winter colds season starting, I foresee a big demand for covid tests!

Franbern Wed 26-Aug-20 11:10:49


*Big chance of catching some sort of cold virus - small chance of catching Covid*

How do you work that out Franburn? Both viruses, both corona viruses, both share same method of transmission.

Because there are far more cold virus' about - particularly this time of the year - as per normal,= than Covid.

Fennel Wed 26-Aug-20 16:47:59

Hoping you can put your mind at rest soon WW2.
As others have said we're all more anxious about our health than usual at the moment. Me included.