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Queen channelling Trump?

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ReadyMeals Thu 15-Oct-20 19:45:33

President Trump and his staff had been relying on daily testing to keep them safe without masks. It didn't work - Trump and several of his staff caught the virus. So based on this knowledge, the Queen and her entourage decided to do their first royal visit after isolation maskless, having all been tested. I guess she thinks she'll be luckier. Or was this "advice" from Boris wanting to reaffirm "our" support for the Trump administration? The Queen has accepted a couple of rather questionable bits of advice lately, and it reinforces my feeling that it's time for someone a little stronger minded to take over.

GrandmaKT Thu 15-Oct-20 19:50:08

Yes, I thought it was very ill advised. Fair enough when they were outside, but then they moved indoors and, although socially distanced. surely they should have all been wearing masks?
It gives the impression that they feel they are too important to follow the rules like the rest of us.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 15-Oct-20 20:20:06

Apparently everyone attending had been tested for Covid before the event.

ReadyMeals Thu 15-Oct-20 20:23:36


Apparently everyone attending had been tested for Covid before the event.

Yes, and so had Trump's entourage - every day. Yet only a couple of weeks ago, the whole world learned this was not sufficient assurance.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 15-Oct-20 20:25:34

The trouble with relying on a test is that it is merely a snap shot for that particular moment. It says nothing about subsequent contacts unless the person has sat in a bubble.

Masks and social distancing is the only way to go.

maddyone Thu 15-Oct-20 20:27:13

I think it was very ill advised despite the fact that everyone had been tested. The reason; I think it sends out entirely the wrong message to the general public. William and Catherine have been wearing masks on all their engagements prior to this, why doesn’t the Queen do likewise?

maddyone Thu 15-Oct-20 20:27:56

Quite Whitewave.

Grammaretto Thu 15-Oct-20 20:57:02

It's not the virus which moves. It's the people who do.
I didn't watch the Queen's outing but it sounds ill advised.
Surely she can retire now?

Anniebach Thu 15-Oct-20 21:09:30

Didn’t Trump attend a rally?

LauraNorder Thu 15-Oct-20 22:04:11

I am very much a supporter of our hard working queen but have to agree that by not wearing a mask she sends out the wrong message.

merlotgran Thu 15-Oct-20 22:14:19

You can't question the fact that social distancing was observed. There's no comparison with the Trump event.

I thought she looked frail and a little confused.

quizqueen Thu 15-Oct-20 22:20:41

I thought she looked like she'd lost weight. Time for her to retire and spend her remaining time with Philip and hand over to Charles, I think.

ginny Thu 15-Oct-20 22:21:11

It seems that the boat that she said we were all in together a few months ago has different rules for port and starboard.

LauraNorder Thu 15-Oct-20 22:23:00

Maybe she feels that the middle of a global pandemic is not the time for a change of monarch.,

maddyone Thu 15-Oct-20 22:51:14

The problem is that at 94 years old, she’s too old for the job, but this discussion arose on another thread only last week, and it was pointed out that she made a promise during the Coronation that she would serve the whole of her life. Really she should retire, it seems unfair on Charles to me that he is still waiting and he’s in his seventies.

However, re the mask wearing, or not, she should have shown humility and behaved as her subjects are expected to behave. It shouldn’t be thought that mask wearing is below the monarch, and whether it’s intended or not, I’m afraid that is how it looks.

maddyone Thu 15-Oct-20 22:52:52

You’re right, in the middle of a pandemic it isn’t the time to change the monarch. If it happens naturally, well that’s a different matter.

Anniebach Thu 15-Oct-20 22:56:29

Why is she too old for the job ? Her mind ? she walks slowly ?

maddyone Thu 15-Oct-20 23:06:07

I just think she is Annie, and she deserves a proper retirement and Charles deserves to be the monarch. At this rate he’ll be nearly as old as she is now before he ascends the throne.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 15-Oct-20 23:31:18

She will never abdicate. Charles and William are doing more but she is still Queen. We all know Charles will be in his late 70s/early 80s before becoming King, but that’s how it works. The Queen’s father didn’t reign for long and neither did Edward 7th - just 9 years. So William will probably be in his 50s. Charles doesn’t look as hearty as his mother, but we’ll see.

Smileless2012 Thu 15-Oct-20 23:36:12

I agree ladyleftfieldlover she'll never abdicate; she's a woman who keeps her word.

Calendargirl Fri 16-Oct-20 07:16:32

She looked immaculate, as always. I wouldn’t describe her as ‘frail’, or ‘confused looking’. She looks what she is, a very smart, rather posh, little elderly lady.

Regarding the mask, yes, she should have worn something, indoors certainly, to re-inforce the message. Perhaps a silky type face covering.

Or she could have up cycled a headscarf, round the mouth, bandana style.

suziewoozie Fri 16-Oct-20 08:06:19

Keeping your word no matter the circumstances can be seen as obstinate, bone headed and selfish. She made that ‘promise’ as a very young woman at a very emotional time. It’s ridiculous and somewhat self centred of her to think keeping her word trumps what would clearly be the sensible thing to do ( and should have happened years ago). As for not wearing masks - for goodness sake, how entitled. It’s proof positive she s no longer up to the ‘job’ ( whatever that job is). What was the point of the visit ?

Lucca Fri 16-Oct-20 08:13:54

I have nothing against the queen per se but she sets a poor example not wearing a mask. As for being smart I don’t think that’s difficult under her circumstances !!

25Avalon Fri 16-Oct-20 08:19:55

Is it possible that she has a health reason for not wearing a mask? At her age she may find it difficult to breath whilst wearing one and talking is not easy. No reason, however, why the rest didn’t wear them.

Grandma70s Fri 16-Oct-20 08:22:15

I think she will remain Queen in name while she is alive, but Charles and others will do most of the work. Seems fair enough to me.

She stoops, but she actually walks better than I do, and I’m 14 years younger than she is. I expect she has very good shoes.