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What does Johnson mean by "safe"?

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ReadyMeals Sun 03-Jan-21 11:24:30

He says "Schools are safe". What does he mean? You can't catch covid in a school? That has to be nonsense. So what is the definition of "safe" then when he says it? Less than 50% probability? Less than 10%? Just a bit safer than being in a hospital? Than attending an illegal rave? It's a meaningless word. Even isolating in our own homes isn't 100% safe, as it's still slightly possible to pick it up from something that is delivered.

Riverwalk Sun 03-Jan-21 11:26:49

If schools are safe why are London primary schools staying closed?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 03-Jan-21 11:27:03

It’s not true is it?

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Jan-21 11:27:53

He means children should go to school even though it’s not very safe on the whole. In my opinion.

GagaJo Sun 03-Jan-21 11:33:41

NEU meeting is calling for the snowball effect of teachers to cite Sage findings that it is NOT safe to go back to school to their head teachers and to refuse to go back in.

GagaJo Sun 03-Jan-21 11:34:11

Legally entitled to refuse to work in an unsafe setting.

Galaxy Sun 03-Jan-21 11:35:46

Throughout the pandemic I have tried to ignore Johnsons advice on my health, so I bought masks back in March, etc. I work in schools so not sure what I can do to ignore his advice this time.

EllanVannin Sun 03-Jan-21 11:37:18

This virus loves crowds and enclosed areas ! Schools should be closed there's no two ways about it. Children are spreaders of all kinds of nasties and colds and 'flu a speciality.Nits too, then they mix with others on buses/trains etc.

We're not the cleanest of countries with little or no street-cleaning or cleaning/ spraying of public transport etc.
I've never seen a grid cleaning vehicle round here for years.

growstuff Sun 03-Jan-21 11:39:11

I guess what he's going to do is find an 8 x 8 m2 room with poor ventilation. He's going to gather 30 of his friends and they're all going to stay in the same room without masks for five or six hours. They'll then repeat the process for at least a week.

PS. Was that a flying pig I just spotted?

lemongrove Sun 03-Jan-21 11:40:03

It means as safe as you could reasonably expect it to be, as extensive cleaning takes place every week, some daily, and rules are in place about hygiene and mask wearing.

Galaxy Sun 03-Jan-21 11:41:22

No masks in early years lemongrove.

lemongrove Sun 03-Jan-21 11:42:02

Am thinking that schools are a whole lot safer than supermarkets on the whole.

lemongrove Sun 03-Jan-21 11:42:38

Early years are not the spreaders of Covid that older years are.

lemongrove Sun 03-Jan-21 11:43:39

Children have missed so much education and socialising that it would be dreadful if it were to continue.

Dorsetcupcake61 Sun 03-Jan-21 11:46:49

I ended up watching the interview on the Marr show. Some are saying Marr didnt challenge Johnson enough, I thought he gave him enough opportunities to show how clueless he is and contradict himself.
Schools are a 100% safe? I read that as they are not and in very near future he will do a U turn and be shut.
No one wants the schools to be shut but maybe if resources had been put in place to actually make them safe rather than just say it and expect ot magically to be so we wouldnt be in this mess.

Galaxy Sun 03-Jan-21 11:48:04

I am just asking that you are accurate. No masks in early years no masks in classrooms except when moving around.

Genty Sun 03-Jan-21 11:52:37

I wonder if Boris' s child was of school age he would let him attend school!
Its not just the children at risk of covid, theres teachers, dinner ladies, the head, cleaners, parents who take their children to school. Schools should have closed right from the start, Boris keeps faffing around with our lives by making a decision and changing his mind its no wonder the virus is spreading like it is!

Ellianne Sun 03-Jan-21 11:56:09

I think the words "covid safe" have been bandied about far too long. Of course schools have been made 100% "safe" today when no people have entered the building for 3 weeks, but the virus comes with the occupants. It's like landlords saying they've made their pubs "covid safe" ...... until the customers arrive. Same for hotels, restaurants, trains, shops, hairdressers etc. Nowhere is "covid safe" if it receives people.

Ilovecheese Sun 03-Jan-21 12:02:34

He means that schools are safe as long as nobody goes inside them.

vegansrock Sun 03-Jan-21 12:08:32

Schools are one of the top 3 locations for spread of the virus, they may not be as bad as hospitals but that doesn’t make them safe.

Galaxy Sun 03-Jan-21 12:12:27

Yes I think I am beginning to dislike the term covid safe as much as the phrase stay safe.

eazybee Sun 03-Jan-21 12:38:11

I have sent in my usual complaint about Andrew Marr's usual rudeness in interrupting Boris Johnson as he answered questions; I want to listen to him, not the opinions of Andrew Marr/BBC.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 03-Jan-21 12:48:51

Michael Rosen

Dear Mr Johnson
You said, "schools are safe but the problem is the household mixing that occurs in schools" . Yes, our children and teachers come from different households. We've noticed. . But if it's a problem then it's not safe.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 03-Jan-21 12:49:38

“ So to clarify, Johnson’s going to toughen the rules, but before he does that he’s going to ask children, teachers and support staff from different households to gather in thousands of schools across the country to spread the virus”

WadesNan Sun 03-Jan-21 13:04:47

Having dusted off my crystal ball I make the following predictions:

1. Boris Johnson will bow to pressure (or follow updated scientific advice) and close schools

2. Come exam time parents and teachers will call for pass standards to be lowered because children have missed so much schooling

3. Employers will not trust any qualifications obtained and school leavers will find it difficult to obtain employment

4. Everyone will blame the government for not keeping schools open and blighting their childrens future