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vaccine side effects

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moggie57 Sun 28-Mar-21 16:15:39

got my vaccine on thursday after much debate on whether to have it ...i now have plenty of side effects .aching joints /glands up high/so bad that i cant eat or swallow/twinges in my kidneys /one side of face is numb/shivers/chills/ and wait for it tinnitus./painful ear/tiredness /cough/sneezing/and hot flushes/heavy arm. . seems i got a lot of side effects . anyone else ?

Rosalyn69 Sun 28-Mar-21 17:21:42

It that bad but I did have 5 days of side effects. It that was me I’d talk to my GP on Monday. Sounds quite severe.

Jaxjacky Sun 28-Mar-21 17:36:50

This is the official UK site to report adverse reactions, reporting is encouraged, I hope you feel better soon.

Welshy Sun 28-Mar-21 18:23:05

Hi moggie57

Sorry to hear you have so many side effects sad May I ask which vaccine you had?

Not as bad as you fortunately ... I had the AZ vaccine on the morning of 13th March (like you after much debate) By the evening I felt really tired. Then I had flu like symptoms, cold then hot and a headache.
A week later I noticed a swollen lymph node along my right collar bone. Which is still there plus aching joints.

I reported the side effects I had on the website.

JaneJudge Sun 28-Mar-21 18:25:38

how old are you? both me and my husband have been ill aswell. Even today I feel (12 days post vaccine) like I am really hazy from the vaccine.

The day after I had it I felt like I had a very heavy flu or post GA feeling! was fine by the evening but I have been headachy and a bit woozy/lightheaded since

JaneJudge Sun 28-Mar-21 18:26:41

I am in my 40s btw my husband is in his 50s

NfkDumpling Sun 28-Mar-21 18:44:42

With the AZ vaccine several people I know have had flu symptoms for 24 hours or so after the jab and then been fine. I frequently get flu type symptoms after the annual flu injection, sometimes quite badly.

I had the Pfizer vaccine and was left wondering whether I'd actually had a placebo as there was no reaction at all.

BlueSky Sun 28-Mar-21 18:52:17

“I had the Pfizer vaccine and was left wondering whether I'd actually had a placebo as there was no reaction at all.”
Same here Nfk only I had the AZ.

Yammy Sun 28-Mar-21 19:05:07

I had the Astra Zenica as did my DH. We both felt fine the first day then sleepy and achy for quite a few days afterwards. We couldn't be bothered to do anything not even read. Gradually it got better. I had been forwarned by at least four friends all of who had differing symptoms. When people say they had Pfizer they seem to have had no symptoms at all. I will still be turning up for the second one when it is available though.
I think if the symptoms are severe you should notify your G.P. if only for reassurance.

Welshy Sun 28-Mar-21 19:16:06

I am 61 ... My sister had the Pfizer vaccine and had no reaction at all on her 1st or 2nd.

sharon103 Sun 28-Mar-21 19:24:07

I had the first dose of the AZ on the Evening of the 16th March (I'm 66) and felt woozy and a headache for two days.
I was a bit scared to have it as I have had allergies for years. I have to have a nasal spray and a antihistamine tablet every day.
Come the morning of 25th March I woke up and the entire of both underarms, the top of my hands, the tops of my feet, patches on my stomach, the skin was covered in a rash and felt hot as did my backside. It looked as if I'd been burnt.
It faded a lot after I had my antihistamine.
The next morning it was back again but itched so bad I could have clawed my arms to bits.
Daughter advised me to ring 111 which I did and the lady relayed my symptoms to our local chemist. I spoke to the pharmacist who said to use some hydrocortisone cream so my son got some for me and hey presto it's now gone away.
She said that I am probably allergic to something in the AZ.
I know nothing else caused it. I've done nothing or eaten anything different or been gardening. I've been nowhere at all since going for the jab and only been to a couple of shops since Christmas.
I spoke to my friend on the phone and low and behold she came out in a rash a week after she had the AZ and still got it even after two weeks but hers doesn't itch.
I googled my symptoms and this is a rarer reaction which can appear 7-10 days after the jab and can last for 2-3 days which mine did.
I was scared stiff my tongue was going to swell up.
My second one should be the middle of June and I've to ring the vaccination centre and tell them as I might have to have a different vaccine but there again it might have worse effects than the AZ.
I have reported it on the Yellow Card.
Anyone else had the same as me?

JaneJudge Sun 28-Mar-21 19:25:42

god i have a rash as well but i thought it had been cause by a label

Deedaa Sun 28-Mar-21 19:31:35

DS who is 43 had the AZ vaccine on Friday. Since then he's had all the aching joints, feeling hot and cold , and splitting headache. He's hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow.

I had the Pfizer one a few weeks ago and apart from a stiff arm the next day I wouldn't have known I'd had it.

MrsDally Sun 28-Mar-21 19:46:51

I had the AZ last Thursday. Woke on Friday with a racing heartbeat which lasted about 15 mins, I had a sore arm for a few days, I still have really bad fatigue and also nausea and upset stomach. I am in my 60's. I have CFS and read that the vaccine can exacerbate it so have put the overwhelming fatigue down to that. I still feel a bit like I've got flu. I reported it on the yellow card. My sister had the same vaccine and had a temperature and shivering for a couple of days. Still worth having it though,

B9exchange Sun 28-Mar-21 19:52:24

Welshy, please get that lymph node checked if you haven't already, could be caused by a multitude of other things, best to be on the safe side.

I had a reaction of the AZ, couldn't get warm whilst burning up, aching in both arms, but only lasted 24 hours. DH had the same one and nothing at all!

fiorentina51 Sun 28-Mar-21 19:52:28

DH and I had the AZ vaccine. He had no side effects but I had flu like symptoms and a bad headache for about 24 hours. Paracetamol sorted out the headache and feverishness.
My nephew had the Pfizer jab and felt rough for a day or two.

Callistemon Sun 28-Mar-21 20:12:51

DH had the 1st Astra Zeneca and no reaction apart from a slight headache.
I had the 2nd Pfizer and had flu-like symptoms and a very sore throat, slight cough. I felt better but the sore throat is back so I took some vitamins.
Trying to report symptoms is a hopeless task.

Foxglove77 Tue 30-Mar-21 11:19:50

I had the AZ on the 19th March. I had aching joints especially my hands the next day. This faded but today my arm where I had the needle has come out in a red angry sore area and it's very lumpy under the skin. I haven't scratched it. I hope it doesn't get worse.

kittylester Tue 30-Mar-21 11:35:46

I had the AZ jab with no symptoms at all. DS2 who is 47 has had all the symptoms listed here. We wondered if it was because he had Covid in October last year.

ExD Tue 30-Mar-21 11:44:10

I was told a strong reaction meant your body was making a good job of producing antibodies - so you should rejoice. I had no reaction (age 82) so perhaps I have only minimal protection????

Dinahmo Tue 30-Mar-21 11:47:14

Two lots of friends had the jabs. Each wife had quite severe symptoms as described whilst the other half had none.

BlueSky Tue 30-Mar-21 12:05:23


I was told a strong reaction meant your body was making a good job of producing antibodies - so you should rejoice. I had no reaction (age 82) so perhaps I have only minimal protection????

Same here ExD! But if you google it, it does say that we still have the same protection as other people who had strong responses.

nanna8 Tue 30-Mar-21 12:48:10

I had the astra Zeneca one and felt a bit off the next day. Nothing really bad, just off colour. Now, 3days later, I feel fine.

BlueSky Wed 31-Mar-21 09:47:07

Germany and Canada have restricted the AZ to the over 60s again, because of new cases of blood clots in younger people. I thought we had been reassured recently by the WHO and EMA?

Devorgilla Wed 31-Mar-21 15:57:40

Bluesky, I googled the gender of the 31 who died in Germany of the clots and 29 were women between the age of 20-63. My youngest daughter told me there is a 'suspicion' that menstruating women on the pill are perhaps at greater risk. No evidence as such on this but I can understand why Angela Merkel is cautious. Presumably until there is evidence of a clear cut risk to women the medics/scientists don't want scare mongering. Currently the risk of death by covid is the greater.