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dragonfly46 Sun 04-Apr-21 08:59:53

Has anyone who has had the second Astra Zeneca vaccine found the side effects were not as bad the second time around?

FannyCornforth Sun 04-Apr-21 09:41:14

I'm interested in this too Dragonfly

I heard on Jeremy Vine (shoot me now) that they aren't as bad

(DH had horrendous side effects; I thought that he might have to go into hospital again. He was very scared. It was a massive relief when they started to lessen)

I've also heard that you get worse side effects if you have already had the virus

I find these two bits of information a bit contradictory

EllanVannin Sun 04-Apr-21 09:52:11

Perish the thought. I can't go through the risk of having a second jab after the first one.

Fanny I would normally have been blue-lighted into resus if I'd pressed my button the way I'd felt, but for Covid, I didn't and rode it out, though I remained pretty dizzy for most of February. It gave me a bad A/Fib episode and scared me. I hadn't had one of those for 14 months since the hospital increased my medication so it was too much of a coincidence that it happened after the jab.

I have a blood-clotting condition.

Jane43 Sun 04-Apr-21 10:06:26

FannyCornforth DH’s podiatrist told him that his side effects after the vaccine were very bad and he was told it was probably because he had previously had the virus. It must be very scary to have such bad side effects, we were lucky and had only minor side effects.

Harris27 Sun 04-Apr-21 10:12:49

Going for my second jab next week so will let you know.

maddyone Sun 04-Apr-21 10:13:17

I only had an aching arm and neck after my first vaccine, but I had the Pfizer. I’ve had the virus too but didn’t know whether to expect worse or less side effects. I’ve been told side effects are worse after the second jab with Pfizer, but I will still go when I get the call. Having had Covid and been hospitalised with it, I don’t think any side effects can be worse than that.
My son and his wife, and daughter and her husband, and 93 year old mother all had the AZ vaccine, and none of them had any significant side effects. We’re just waiting for our younger son and partner to be vaccinated now, soon I hope.

annodomini Sun 04-Apr-21 11:06:03

maddyone, I've just had my second Pfizer and had no side-effects at all except for the same short-lived tenderness at the injection site. I hope that reassures you.

Rosalyn69 Sun 04-Apr-21 11:32:43

I had the Pfizer jab. I had 5 days of misery after the second jab.
I have always been convinced I had the virus in December 19. I was told by the doctor I had “a virus” and I was ill for a month with COVID type symptoms. Maybe just coincidence.

EllanVannin Sun 04-Apr-21 11:40:33

Rosalyn the same with me that year too, from December up until June of last year.

BlueSky Sun 04-Apr-21 11:41:22

No side effects at all for the first AZ myself or DH. Hope we won’t have them second time around instead! Scary stories in European newspapers, unfortunately most people no longer trust the AZ.

FannyCornforth Sun 04-Apr-21 11:48:41

Rosalyn I think that there is quite a bit of evidence that Covid was around earlier than is widely accepted. Particularly in the South East, London especially
There is a long thread on Mumsnet from November 2019 with ill people discussing horrible flu symptoms and describing all of the common features. It is actually quite eerie.

Nannylovesshopping Sun 04-Apr-21 11:50:04

Just had a call from my daughter, fit and healthy 42 year old NHS worker, had second Pfizer yesterday at 7.30 am, massive reaction, none from first, last ten hours, temperature then freezing cold, headache, aching absolutely all over, can’t get out of bed, poor love, was looking forward to my second jab in two weeks time, least I’ll be prepared for possibly feeling the same as her!

FannyCornforth Sun 04-Apr-21 11:51:20

Ellan I'm not 100% convinced that DH should have the second vaccine either
He isn't due to have it until the middle of May, so I'll wait to see how it goes for others

FannyCornforth Sun 04-Apr-21 11:52:47

Nannylovesshopping gosh, that's worrying. Hope that she is better soon

BlueSky Sun 04-Apr-21 11:59:37

Ellan perhaps you are right. I guess I wouldn’t have the second if I had such a bad reaction with the first. What does your GP say?

LtEve Sun 04-Apr-21 12:00:38

I’ve had Covid, had the AZ vaccine in January and had relatively mild side effects, felt tired and achy for a day with some palpitations, DD is 29 and has not tested positive for Covid although she does live with us so who knows. She had the AZ one and had a temp of over 40 for 24 hours and then was fine. I’ve had the second one and had no side effects.
FIL aged 93 had Pfizer x 2 with no effects but another family friend was in bed for 2 days after both of the doses.

Dee1012 Sun 04-Apr-21 12:01:29

I've had the Pfizer jab (1st) with no issues at all, not even a sore arm so am hoping jab no' 2 is the same.
My brother and son have had the AZ version.
Brother absolutely fine apart from tenderness in his arm.
My poor son felt dreadful for around 3/4 days. His arm was really sore for over a week!
Interestingly, he also said he found the actual injection very uncomfortable whereas both myself and brother didn't even feel it!

nadateturbe Sun 04-Apr-21 12:42:08

Ellenvannin thats understandable, probably a good decision. There's such conflicting evidence about side effects. Some folk havd suffered bafly afterwards. Life is full of risks at the moment. Not pleasant. I wonder can one ask for a different vaccine 2nd time.

BlueBelle Sun 04-Apr-21 12:48:28

Everybody seems to be so different Interesting to know why

My NHS daughter has had her second Pfzier and had hardly anything the second time, but felt quite ill for 48 hours the first time
I ve had one AZ and felt a bit off for about 12 hours but virtually nothing, be interesting to see what number 2 beholds on 22nd of this month

twinnytwin Sun 04-Apr-21 12:58:00

DH and I both had the second Pfizer jab a week ago. No side effects from the first one at all. . This time we've both had very sore arms - almost okay now. I felt rough on the second day and I had a really painful stiff neck and shoulders which are just about better now. I take tablets which suppress my immune system and decided to stop the tablets for two weeks after each jab to enable an increase the benefit of the jab.

seacliff Sun 04-Apr-21 13:06:26

I've just had second Pfizer and all fine again. Just a slightly sore arm over first night. It's all so variable.

Nannan2 Sun 04-Apr-21 13:12:37

My cleaner had Astra zeneca and said she felt like 'a train had hit her' for a few days(first jab) but her hubby had pfizer & just had a headache for a bit- us 3 in our house(me& 2 sons) had pfizer& 1 of us had slight headaches a few days, then ok, 2 of us fine really- if im offered Astra for 2nd jab ill refuse till they get pfizer in.ive already probably had covid clinic nurse said when i was so very ill at xmas 2019, but it wasnt a widely- known 'thing' then.And youngest son had a very bad reaction to pneumonia vaccine that lasted for over 2wks.So its pfizer for us.(if other countries wont have Astra, why should they fob it off on us Brits?)?

Nannan2 Sun 04-Apr-21 13:14:33

If cleaner gets her 2nd jab soon ill report back.?

Lyndylou Sun 04-Apr-21 13:56:37

My DS just turned 40 had the jab a week ago and had 3 very bad days. Dizzy, cold then hot, nausea etc. Luckily over the weekend but he had to have Monday off work and that is not like him at all. So I shall watch this thread with interest. Hopefully the 2nd one won't be so bad for him.

maddyone Sun 04-Apr-21 14:00:57

Thank you for that reassurance annodomini, that is good to know.