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The "I can't believe it isn't Covid " cough

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Lizbethann55 Tue 16-Nov-21 21:17:11

Have anybody you got or had the "I can't believe it isn't Covid" cough? I have had a bad cold, but although that has gone, I have been left with a really harsh chesty , phlegmy cough. I have done daily Lateral Flow tests, all negative, and I don't have any other symptoms, but it is exhausting. So many of our workforce are off with Covid or on leave, I daren't take time off work, but whenever I have a coughing fit at work I am looked at with dread and horror and have to keep explaining that I am safe and I always wear a mask anyway.
Has anyone else had this cough and did you find anything to help? Thank you!!

Hetty58 Wed 17-Nov-21 07:45:00

rosie1959, exactly - it seems that the NHS message still hasn't got through loud and clear. Still, there's obviously a few nasty winter viruses doing the rounds. I'll be wearing a mask when I venture out!

dragonfly46 Wed 17-Nov-21 07:54:24

PCRs are easy to get. Just go on the NHS website. My DH went to a drive in where we stayed in the car and they came out and swabbed him. I went to a walkthrough which was less pleasant as I was sent to a booth that a family of 4 had just used.
We got our results by text 24 hours later. They were both negative but I would certainly be tested as you never know.

Susan56 Wed 17-Nov-21 08:02:36

We had the awful cold and ended up with the hacking cough for about four weeks?
We both had negative PCR tests.
I took paracetamol covonia and hot orange juice.
DH took ipecacuanha syrup,fisherman’s friends and water with lemon in it.He thinks the viler something tastes the more good it is doing him!
I think the cough has to run it’s course but the remedies definitely helped make it easier to live with.

GillT57 Wed 17-Nov-21 15:13:20


I bought ‘Covonia’ yesterday Gill57 that was witchy! ?‍♀️

OOh spooky! Hope it does the trick and you start feeling better. smile

missourisusan Wed 17-Nov-21 17:39:23

Ask your Doctor for Benzonatate pills. I don't like codine syrup because it gives me terrible dreams. These pills are relatively unknown but liquify the congestion so you can cough it up and then the coughing stops so you can work or sleep. Magic.

Forsythia Wed 17-Nov-21 21:04:46

We have both had it, still got the cough which seems to hang around awhile. Both did negative tests at home. We took/are taking day and night nurse which works for us. Also soluble Vitamin C and zinc, plus Jackman throat lozenges which we find are amazing despite being 50p a bag.

Amberone Wed 17-Nov-21 21:22:34


The NHS website clearly states to book a PCR test if you have any symptoms including a cough
Several members of my family have had PCR tests just for a cough better safe than sorry
A little amazed that people haven’t done this

Some have. We've both had PCR and it was negative.

Edge26 Wed 17-Nov-21 21:35:23

I've had the cold and now have been left with the phlegmy cough. I've found that a medicine with the ingredient Guaifenesin in it is really effective, so I would definitely recommend it.

Rosiebee Thu 18-Nov-21 12:16:40

We've both got the hacking cough following colds. Sleeping in separate bedrooms to try and get some sleep. Feeling awful when I first get up but better when I've had a shower and then a bit of fresh air. Cough is worst in the evenings / night.
I'm going for my booster this afternoon and hoping that they won't say no.

Caleo Thu 18-Nov-21 12:30:06

I am very old fashioned in some ways, so I do recommend steam inhalations, especially with tincture of benzoin in them , for chesty coughs when the sputum is sticky.

Urmstongran Thu 18-Nov-21 13:19:00

I feel wiped out with it. Coughing got me up at 3am so I made a cuppa and stayed up for tea and toast around 9am then went back to bed and slept until noon. My ribs ache, my head. The only good thing is I’ve not lost my appetite but strangely I’ve just eaten a sandwich and it had no taste.

I should have been babysitting the grandchildren tomorrow night and seeing friends in the pub on Saturday afternoon but have cancelled both. Just streaming with this cold and apart from feeling grotty I don’t want to pass it on to anybody.

NfkDumpling Thu 18-Nov-21 13:43:34

I usually get a cold at this time of year when the seasons change, and always followed by a bad cough which hangs around for about a month. DH is suffering at present - but his is man-flu so he's a lot worse than me.

felice Thu 18-Nov-21 13:43:41

I have a really tickly cough every winter as the result of all the tubes in my very narrow throat during and after open Heart surgery.
I get strange looks and people stepping aside, no amount of explanation seems to help, in fact I actually pulled down my jumper in Church (privately) to prove to one woman that I had the surgery.
It drives me crazy and is the one thing I thank a mask for as my throat does not get the cold air in when I am out.

lemsip Sat 04-Dec-21 16:13:14

I have a really nasty head cold and choky cough.....
I had a PCR test on 11th november ... because I didn't feel well
it was negative. ... should i have another one. I live alone,,,feeling rotten

by the way, I'm taking Lemsip of course namesake

lemsip Thu 09-Dec-21 16:46:28

well, I sent for a home pcr test online which arrived next day....I done the test and returned it that day. the 7th result came through today 9th....Negative. So just that very nasty cold and chesty cough still feeling rough.

EllanVannin Thu 09-Dec-21 16:58:26

Does anyone remember the Liqufruita ? vile garlic cough mixture-----but it worked grin

Lizbethann55 Thu 09-Dec-21 17:03:45

Sorry I didn't get back to you all sooner. I did have a PCR which was negative but still regularly do the lateral flow tests, just in case. My cough is now still easing but is still phlegmy (isn't that a horrible word?). I find honey and lemon at night and lots of water during the day helps. The worst times are when I get a coughing attack at work and have to apologise to all our customers! Whoever would have thought that coughing would be so anti social.

Jane43 Thu 09-Dec-21 17:08:19

My sister-in-law has had it and so has her daughter with whom she lives. She has been really ill, coughing non-stop and the antibiotics the doctor prescribed haven’t helped at all. They have both taken tests, both negative but not sure which type of test.