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So what would GransNetters do?

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Mollygo Sun 19-Dec-21 22:43:55

Never mind the politics, politicians rarely give a straight answer, but are we better than that?
If you GN members were making the decision today, would you lockdown or not?

Hithere Sun 19-Dec-21 22:45:38


CafeAuLait Sun 19-Dec-21 22:47:22

I'm not living in the UK at present, so can't say as I don't have a feel for the local situation. I'd try to find a middle solution: Close indoor venues, encourage people to stay home. Maybe stop people meeting in homes but allow them to meet outdoors. We can't spend forever locked down. Physical health is important but mental health counts too.

EllanVannin Sun 19-Dec-21 22:48:48

Yes !

Nortsat Sun 19-Dec-21 22:51:30


Sago Sun 19-Dec-21 22:59:15


Nannagarra Sun 19-Dec-21 23:01:06

Yes, and I wish the decision would be made soon to save lives. I do live in the UK and echo your sentiments CafeAuLait.

Mollygo Sun 19-Dec-21 23:01:53

3-1 straightforward so far. Although I appreciate the points made by CafeAuLait.

Mollygo Sun 19-Dec-21 23:03:41

Sorry I can’t keep up with counting-but that already shows how difficult it is to make a decision.

MaizieD Sun 19-Dec-21 23:06:59


And don't let schools, colleges & unis reopen without at least adequate air filtration devices.

But not so restrictive on outdoor meeting as before. The 'meeting one other person' rule was just silly. Small groups outside fine ,coupled with mask wearing.

Nesta Sun 19-Dec-21 23:07:40

Schools out and working from home should make a difference.

MaizieD Sun 19-Dec-21 23:09:52

We can't spend forever locked down.

The sooner we lock down the sooner we come out of it.

Infections are rising so fast, much faster than in any previous waves, that the very numbers of people off sick with covid, or isolating, will wreck the economy anyway.. And overwhelm the NHS.

Sweetpeasue Sun 19-Dec-21 23:10:38

Yes. With heavy heart it has come to this.

BlueBelle Sun 19-Dec-21 23:25:44


VioletSky Sun 19-Dec-21 23:33:46

I don't really have a yes or no...

I think I'd want to avoid people being alone, I think human contact is important and I think there are too many vulnerable people on their own or in an unsafe home situation.

So perhaps a lockdown with slightly bigger bubbles, at least 3 households.. Much more effort for those in care homes to have regular, at least screen time with a loved one. I'm not sure how I could realistically make a decision without isolating anyone but I think it matters

Chestnut Sun 19-Dec-21 23:40:02

I think everyone is aware by now there is a dangerous virus spreading fast, and how to avoid catching it. So I would tell people to make their own decisions on how to protect themselves. We should take responsibility for ourselves.

Teacheranne Sun 19-Dec-21 23:46:10

No, I need proof that this new variant is going to increase deaths and hospital patients - so far I think stats show that deaths and use of ICU beds is lower than when the Delta variant had this number of cases.

But if measures are proved to be necessary then they need to be stringent, not wishy washy and the rules followed by everyone, including our politicians and civil servants. If I can’t see my 89 year old mum in her care home with dementia, then I need to know that the whole country are following the rules.

Alegrias1 Sun 19-Dec-21 23:50:16

Lockdown? No.

Lockdown is only leaving your house once a day. Nothing open, even schools. No sitting on benches in the park. Businesses going bust. No meeting anybody outside your household, even outdoors. Not travelling more than a few hundred yards from your house.

2 years in, with effective vaccines, if the only option is confining us to our houses and criminalizing human contact, then what, really, is the point of anything?

Chestnut Sun 19-Dec-21 23:51:12

Teacheranne the government has blown it with lockdown rules. I don't think anyone will follow them if they try to bring them back, maybe some if you're lucky.

MayBeMaw Sun 19-Dec-21 23:57:34

I think I would restrict indoor mixing to a maximum of 3 households over Christmas (that allows for parents and grandparents /aunts and uncles so nobody should be on their own,) I would also restrict hospitality somehow to a rule of max six at a table - no drinking at the bar- and I am afraid I would clamp down on large sporting events (unless out of doors), proof of LFTs /Covid passes for indoor events and make face coverings mandatory.

Hithere Mon 20-Dec-21 00:02:17

The main problem is that no matter what rules are given, they will be stretched to their own personal circumstances.

If they allow outdoor only, most probably guest go indoors too (bathroom break anybody)?

Accountability is dead - mental gymnastics are in

Mollygo Mon 20-Dec-21 00:52:29

Thanks to all posters. It’s hard to give a yes or no answer without adding our own personal thoughts and I didn’t qualify what lockdown would mean in my OP.

welbeck Mon 20-Dec-21 01:01:46

i think we should all avoid unnecessary mingling and shopping, except for necessities.
we can go without more clothes, or furniture.
this new variant is so infectious; and even if mild for the individual, if it causes vast numbers of people to be off work, that will lead to near collapse of essential services, inc nhs.

Rosalyn69 Mon 20-Dec-21 06:00:36


Scentia Mon 20-Dec-21 06:22:28

I would not lockdown but go back to table service and masks in all indoor settings.
I would make it a legal requirement to be vaccinated. I am controversy personified this morning ?