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Has anyone vaccinated and boostered had symptomatic covid recently?

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JaneJudge Sun 02-Jan-22 11:57:55

I am just interested in what your symptoms were as following a 2 week 'cold' (all LFT negative)I now have awful lower back pain and absolute brain fog

Esspee Sun 02-Jan-22 12:21:02

Bumping this for you JaneJudge. Hope you feel better soon.

SueDonim Sun 02-Jan-22 12:48:22

My dd is a medic. She says lots of hospital staff who are double-vaxed and boosted are getting covid, some asymptomatic, some with common cold symptoms. Some who’ve had all three jabs and Covid are also getting it again. No one is seriously ill, though.

winterwhite Sun 02-Jan-22 12:55:39

I had that 'cold' in early in December with LTF negative. No high temp or headache, no loss of taste or smell. Not sure why 'they' keep saying it's 'probably' Omicron.
What is brain fog, though? Expect I have that permanently.

JaneJudge Sun 02-Jan-22 12:59:44

It is good no one is seriously ill smile

I can't think winterwhite, I have the whirring in my head. Feel a bit like I'm on another planet

Grandmagrim Sun 02-Jan-22 13:02:26

You would be better to get a pcr test if you are concerned that your lft are not picking up covid. Better to have the peace of mind so that you can start to feel better. Get well soon.

Susan56 Sun 02-Jan-22 13:15:12

We have had both vaccinations and the booster and have been battling Covid for the last week.

We have had sore throat,a dreadful cough and a feeling of absolute exhaustion.DH has had the lower back pain and I have lost my sense of smell.We also both had a high temperature although DH’s much higher than mine.

A week on I feel we have turned a corner.

I hope you are feeling better soon JaneJudge.My only advice is rest if you can and lots of fluids.Paracetamol every four to six hours.

Santana Sun 02-Jan-22 13:22:32


I am just interested in what your symptoms were as following a 2 week 'cold' (all LFT negative)I now have awful lower back pain and absolute brain fog

We have had the same over Xmas. LFTs negative but DH had a terrible cold, and I had the fatigue, brain fog and backache. A PCR test over Xmas seemed a step too far, so we isolated for 7 days.
DH had a booster whereas I had third full dose because of Fibromyalgia. FM causes the fatigue and brain fog anyway, so familiar territory.
We are both ok now and agree symptoms weren't too bad.
I am very grateful for the vaccination programme.

Susan56 Sun 02-Jan-22 13:27:02

Santana,I totally agree re the vaccination programme.I dread to think how ill we would have been if we hadn’t been vaccinated.

Witzend Sun 02-Jan-22 13:33:48

8 of us, triple jabbed adults have, tested positive after Christmas. 2 are asymptomatic, the others have mild-ish cold symptoms, feeling tired, etc.
On the first day I knew I’d got it, I also felt terribly cold and shivery - collapsed on the sofa with a blanket and a hot water bottle at my back.
?that’s the worst so far.

baubles Sun 02-Jan-22 13:44:00

Fully vaxxed and boosted here. I’m almost a week behind DH who is still very fatigued ten days on. His symptoms were similar to flu, mine are the same but my chest hurts more, I have a long history of chest infections/bronchitis/scarring on lungs though. I have also had lower back pain along with the head, throat, chest and joint soreness.

No change to sense of taste or smell.

We have very mild doses compared to so many others for which I’m grateful.

The vaccine is working.

silverlining48 Sun 02-Jan-22 15:11:22

Dd and dh both triple vaccinated tested positive over Christmas. Dh still unwell as above and not seeming to improve, dd similar though slightly better. Just grateful they have been vaccinated as wonder how much worse it would have been had they not.

JaneJudge Sun 02-Jan-22 15:29:42

I started with it 2 weeks ago, sore throat, very heavy cold, blocked sinus and sinus pain, ringing in ears, I've had migraines a couple of days and a bad head. I feel dizzy today, brain fog, have lower back pain, still full of snot and sore throat again. It is just going on forever. I feel worse in a morning. I have been a walk though. I tested the two days before I had symptoms and they were negative and I've tested since, all negative. I think it is late in the day to get a pcr smile

I am in no way knocking the vaccination program, I am grateful for it too.

I will rest up and try not to mither. I have a house full of boys but they can pretty much look after themselves and I've got their tea ready it just needs chucking in various pans!

Maybe I am a wimp blush

JaneJudge Sun 02-Jan-22 15:30:25

I hope ALL of you feel better soon to flowers maybe it just feels worse to be ill at Christmas/New year too

silverlining48 Sun 02-Jan-22 15:39:28

I don’t think it’s too late for a pcr Jane. Dh has only just sent one off.

Bossyrossy Sun 02-Jan-22 15:50:07

I think people are forgetting that it's winter and the time of year when we get colds and coughs. It doesn't have to be Covid but of course, do a LFT to make sure. If you've been triple jabbed you are unlikely to fall seriously ill if it's Covid but take it easy, drink plenty of fluids, keep warm and take paracetamol to ease the symptoms. If in doubt, phone your GP.

MayBee70 Thu 06-Jan-22 19:25:33

I think some people will have caught Delta which is why they have worse symptoms than those that have Omicron. Of course, when the government stop PCR tests they won’t know which variants are around.

JaneJudge Thu 06-Jan-22 19:29:01

good news is i have started to feel a bit better the past few days smile still a bit brain foggish but I think I'm going through the menopause too which wont help

Alegrias1 Thu 06-Jan-22 19:35:05


I think some people will have caught Delta which is why they have worse symptoms than those that have Omicron. Of course, when the government stop PCR tests they won’t know which variants are around.

Of course we will. PCRs are still done in hospital and the figures will continue to be based on extrapolations as they have always been.

Scentia Thu 06-Jan-22 22:31:26

My DH had similar symptoms to you and 6 negative Covid LFT ‘s he took a PCR and was positive 4 days after initial symptoms. I am asymptomatic but tested positive 2 days ago. We are both double vaxed and boosted.
DD is poorly with flu like symptoms but has not been boosted and only had her second vax on 30th.

singingnutty Fri 07-Jan-22 22:35:54

My niece in Wales who is a hospital doctor has has Covid twice in a month. Obviously she is fully vaxxed. Second infection was very mild apparently.

GillT57 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:41:22

Hope you are starting to come out of it Jane, my DS had an absolute stinker of a cold over Xmas, but like most people he tested negative several times. cafe

annodomini Fri 07-Jan-22 22:58:29

My son, double vaxed and boosted, has Covid now. He has cough and headache and... itchy feet which, he says, many other people have also had!

BBbevan Sat 08-Jan-22 06:11:57

My son also double vaxed and boosted has COVID. His daughter age 15 had it at the beginning of December and now has it again. Both rather poorly

karmalady Sat 08-Jan-22 06:30:32

Son had covid, double vax and booster, very fatigued for 10 days, brain fog, bad head cold, blocked sinuses, headache and was poorly, enough for me to worry