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I've got covid

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farview Thu 17-Mar-22 15:57:44

After all this time...have picked up covid...feeling absolutely terrible...its like a butterfly..flitting around...lower back pain, intermittent headaches, legs and shoulders painful...and a temperature....but so cold that I'm in bed fully dressed, hot water bottle and a woolly hat on....look like a bag lady .....I'm nearly 70, fit, this is the first time I've ever spent a whole day in bed!!....

CoolCoco Thu 17-Mar-22 16:00:02

Loads of people have got it, my nephew is still testing positive on day 10.

CoolCoco Thu 17-Mar-22 16:00:33

Hope you are feeling better soon btw

ShazzaKanazza Thu 17-Mar-22 16:03:56

Aww sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish?
Try to drink plenty, when we had covid in 2020 I looked on a website about how to get through covid and it’s advice was to keep your urine a pale straw colour by drinking plenty of water etc so that’s what I did. The only problem is if your feeling to ill to keep using the loo. Really hope you get through this quickly.

hulahoop Thu 17-Mar-22 16:05:28

Hope you feel better soon ?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 17-Mar-22 16:05:45

Hope you only have Mike symptoms farview ?

crazyH Thu 17-Mar-22 16:05:53

Sorry to hear you’re feeling so ill. I guess Covid affects people differently. My son has tested positive as well. But it’s not too bad with him. Ofcourse, he is young and I think it doesn’t affect them that much. He just feels tired and lethargic.
Hope you get well soon.

LauraNorderr Thu 17-Mar-22 16:06:19

Feel better soon farview flowers

Ashcombe Thu 17-Mar-22 16:09:58

I have it, too, since testing positive yesterday. It's rife at the moment everywhere, especially here in Torbay. My symptoms are: a raw throat, severe headache, aching limbs and fatigue but no raised temperature. Some improvement today but the cough keeps me awake. Drinking lots of water, resting and paracetamol helped when I felt really rough. I hope you start to feel better soon, farview.

dustyangel Thu 17-Mar-22 16:20:38

Farview and Ashcombe, I hope you both feel much better soon. ?

Whitewavemark2 Thu 17-Mar-22 16:27:13

Best wishes to you both.

My sister has just recovered and some neighbours of ours have it for the second time. It is definitely spreading very quickly if anecdotal evidence is to go by.

Apparently our booster’s defence is beginning to wan and so the next booster is planned for the end of the month for over 75s

I shall be first in the queue!

SachaMac Thu 17-Mar-22 16:37:57

Oh no, there have been so many cases over the last couple of weeks.

My youngest GS aged 5 was quite poorly with it, he normally bounces back from most things but it’s really whacked him out.

Wishing you both a speedy recovery flowers

Grannybags Thu 17-Mar-22 16:48:16

Sorry to hear that. There seems to be so many people with it at the moment. My son, partner and his two girls aged 10 and 5 all have it.

Between both the girls schools there are 16 teachers and 86 children with it

I've managed to escape so far but I am sure it's only a matter of time.

Hope you recover soon flowers

Redhead56 Thu 17-Mar-22 16:48:59

A quick recovery is wished for you and anyone else under the weather.?

Forestgump Thu 17-Mar-22 16:57:55

Half my family seem to have got it this week. We had my mother's funeral last Friday back to a pub for the wake so it hit

farview Thu 17-Mar-22 17:27:24

Thanks everyone for the good wishes....Ashcombe I hope that we are both well soon....
I'm isolating even though we dont have to do so..

VioletSky Thu 17-Mar-22 17:42:13

I have it too at the moment

It started on Friday night, I was just so tired I slept about 28 hours out of the next 36. Monday heavy cold symptoms but negative test in the morning, by the evening it was positive. Spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday in bed, did get up today and caught up on some housework but now back in bed exhausted. Chest feels heavy.

It's so strange how differently it impacts everyone.

Most of the people I know who haven't (knowingly) had it in the past 2 years are now testing positive..

Don't worry about being in bed, you are looking after your body which is a good thing

Hope you are on the mend soon

TerriBull Thu 17-Mar-22 17:49:24

We've both caught it just when we thought we were out of the woods shock triple jabbed but I guess the boosters of October will have a much reduced efficacy by now. My symptoms similar to many listed, aching face, sore throat, head cold, aching limbs, lethargy. Tested positive at the week end, I think I'm coming out of the worst, my husband still has a horrible dry cough and can't sleep lying down. It's not nice, but in some ways feel fortunate we've got it now rather than at the outset a couple of years ago.

TerriBull Thu 17-Mar-22 17:52:37

Oh I did mean to add to everyone who has it wish you better

Kim19 Thu 17-Mar-22 17:55:04

Gosh, so sorry to all of you ????. What rotten luck this far along the road.

ShazzaKanazza Thu 17-Mar-22 17:59:00

It’s a good time to get it now this one it doesn’t seem to be attacking the lungs as the original did. The natural antibodies you will get stay in the body longer than the vaccines. My son had his 30th birthday in May 2020 feeling like the life was being squeezed out of him. It released him thank goodness before he had to go into hospital. Hoping you can all get through it without any problems ?? for you all x

fiorentina51 Thu 17-Mar-22 18:09:50

DH and I both have it. Tested positive on Monday. DH has few symptoms. I have something akin to a heavy cold plus a tickly cough. Sense of taste and smell gone but I put that down to having a blocked nose.
We have our daughter and her 9 month old baby here visiting us. Daughter negative so far but have concerns about the baby who has developed a temperature today and is rather sleepy and fretful when awake.

Shelflife Thu 17-Mar-22 18:53:21

I send good wishes to all GNs who are struggling with Covid at the moment.
I know of a few people who have just caught it. So far so good for me and DH but we are not complacent and we keep our fingers crossed ?
Hope you all begin to feel better very soon , keeping hydrated seems to be very important! I wish you all a speedy recovery.??

Pittcity Thu 17-Mar-22 19:19:47

I tested negative this morning on day 10. DH is 2 weeks in, testing negative but suffering from a chest infection.
It started with a sore throat and a headache unlike any other I've had. I spent one morning in bed, just too tired to get up. I kept hydrated, took paracetamol, ibuprofen,a multivitamin and an antihistamine at bedtime and rested. Feeling well now but still have a dry cough.
I'll certainly be wearing my mask as I don't want to get it again ?

SueDonim Thu 17-Mar-22 19:20:57

flowers to all with Covid.