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Do normal people not bother testing now?

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NittWitt Mon 01-Aug-22 23:40:28

I was told today that 'Normal people don't test for covid any more because since February it has been statistically less fatal than flu.'

This was a young friend who had been in a cafe with her child last week, although the child was a bit unwell and may have had covid.

Do most people not bother testing now?

maddyone Tue 02-Aug-22 10:47:34

I wouldn’t go to a rock concert or a football match either Callistemon, and I haven’t been to the theatre or a classical concert either since Covid. We used to go a lot to those events. I wasn’t classed as ECV but I did have Covid pre vaccinations and was hospitalised for twelve days with it, and I’d prefer not to have it again. I do have quite bad asthma though. I don’t go to the theatre anymore (at the moment anyway) because I know some people are very selfish and will go to the theatre with Covid quite knowingly because they don’t want to lose the money. But it’s wrong to do that.

Callistemon21 Tue 02-Aug-22 11:11:43

I wouldn’t go to a rock concert or a football match either Callistemon

Actually, I wouldn't go to either anyway!
But I have been out and mixed with people this year.
I know some test first but not everyone does.

When DH was tested recently before a hospital procedure, the nurse said there was no need to do other than swipe the swab around the inside of the nostrils. Sticking the swab up the nose until a child gags or is upset is unnecessary, she said.

Mine Tue 02-Aug-22 11:46:54

I would only test if I had covid symptoms now..

maddyone Tue 02-Aug-22 11:53:36

The trouble was that our grandson was crying and pulling away as soon as he saw the swab, it wasn’t a case of swabbing the throat, he’d already been told it was just his nose, but it was still difficult for them. In the end, it had to be done, protests or no protests because he couldn’t get on the plane without it.

I’m circulating fairly normally now. In fact as I write this, we’re in the north (live in the south) because we’re up here visiting my husband’s father who is in a care home. Yesterday while DH visited his father again, I spent the day with my school friend (friends since we were eleven) and today shortly, we’re leaving the hotel and going to visit my niece and her family, before driving home. I’ve had lunch in a pub with friend, and dinner in a different pub with my husband. Last night’s dinner was at my friend’s house. So not exactly the life of a nun. But I have tested twice whilst up here to endure I’m not positive and passing anything on. Tonight we’ll drive south again. I just don’t go to extremely crowded places such as a theatre yet. And I wear a mask in shops.

Elizabeth27 Tue 02-Aug-22 14:59:12

I do not test. I had a doctors appointment today and was asked to wear a mask , I didn’t have one with me as I didn’t know that was still a thing. The doctor and receptionists were not wearing one.

Callistemon21 Tue 02-Aug-22 15:04:21

In fact as I write this, we’re in the north (live in the south) because we’re up here visiting my husband’s father who is in a care home.
We've just made a similar trip and were asked to test before we visited a care home which we did, to wear a mask just while we walked through.

Lucca Tue 02-Aug-22 17:13:17


That's the trouble maddyone. If we have any sort of a normal life, we could be associating with such people - who are covid positive.
Just as some posters are saying they test before seeing 'vulnerable people' but not otherwise.
What about those of us who are 'vulnerable people'? We just have to stay hidden because no-one cares.

It seems some on here don’t care. They’ve said it before many times. I’m just glad my friends do. Covid would be very dangerous for me but I guess those rabid anti test anti mask people think that’s ok
Or that I should stay hidden away

Lucca Tue 02-Aug-22 17:14:17

When you coming to visit ?!
Coffee and cake on me

Lucca Tue 02-Aug-22 17:14:47

That was to JaneJudge

JaneJudge Tue 02-Aug-22 20:05:18

you are going on a cruise! I'm not sure you can fit me in grin
God Id love to come and see you

Shel69 Tue 02-Aug-22 20:53:49

It's an odd virus, if I was in contact with somebody who turned out to be positive I would test and isolate, 5 of my children got covid, 4 just had cold symptoms,3 of their partners got it and were the same, but one daughter (34)was so Ill an ambulance was called and she went into hospital, her children never got it, my husband was so ill with it at the same time he was taken to hospital by ambulance, while in there there was a lady in the next bed who had 2 strains at the same time,my husband picked up the second type and came home with it, with all this,one daughter myself and grandson who lives with us never got it, I looked after my husband while he was ill, stayed with my daughter to look after her,before knowing she had it,yet I am considered vunerable, 70,HCM and asthma,

Nannagarra Tue 02-Aug-22 21:14:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Barmeyoldbat Tue 02-Aug-22 21:31:28

I still test now again if I don’t feel well or have to go to a hospital. I am clinically vulnerable and got sent a letter along with some pcr testing kits early last year. If I tested positive I would be sent some medication to take so I don’t become to ill. Now I am all confused because does this still apply or don’t I need to bother or worry because they tell us this strain is not so bad.

Nannagarra Tue 02-Aug-22 21:31:57

Sorry, I asked for my previous post to be deleted as I was having technical difficulties. Thanks for a very speedy response, HQ.
If unwell the whole family tests and isolates if positive, even though there is no legal requirement to do so.
I continue to wear a mask in shops and, frankly, don’t care if people think me out of touch. It makes me feel protected (to a small extent, I concede) and hopefully gives more folk some freedom.

Ali23 Tue 02-Aug-22 22:31:07

I test if I’m meeting someone vulnerable or if I feel ill. My DH is CEV, with some added complications if he gets ill with anything. We go out and about each day, but we’re still keeping it to the outdoors as much as possible. We wouldn’t go to the theatre etc, and we have given up the gym membership.

By the way, Aldi sell the tests quite cheaply.

Katyj Wed 03-Aug-22 05:04:22

Yes I agree I do think it’s selfish to work with covid but employers are encouraging people into work. Many cannot afford to stay home now as they do not get paid and with rising costs it’s just not possible.

Cossy Thu 04-Aug-22 11:22:58

We are all still testing if we are unwell with symptoms indicative of covid

Nannapat1 Thu 04-Aug-22 11:30:56

People in certain settings, eg healthcare are still required to test and presumably tests are provided by the employer.
Out of curiosity I looked at the .gov website the other day and it would seem that you'll only be sent a test kit if asked to test by certain people, eg GP. That test would appear to be an LFT.
I haven't tested recently, but never tested regularly anyway. When I last did, because I was concerned it was 29 December and I did have Covid.
If testing and isolation are not mandated and tests are no longer free, people will not test.

Sawsage2 Thu 04-Aug-22 11:34:07

Fully jabbed but never had a test. I am disabled but haven't felt ill for over 3 years. I get out and about on my scooter and wear a mask if shopping etc.

Annewilko Thu 04-Aug-22 11:39:28

They should test. My 35 year old niece has been an induced coma, on kidney dialysis for a week now and this is due to covid. Might be a "sniffle" to some but for others it is deadly.

pinkjj27 Thu 04-Aug-22 11:39:37

I felt very unwell a few weeks back. I tested a number of times, all negative results. ( Turns out it was something else ) I, however, am not sure I am a normal person and I have no idea what a normal person is.

Nannashirlz Thu 04-Aug-22 11:39:48

I test if I’ve being visiting my family on a train etc as I’m cast as vulnerable.

paddyann54 Thu 04-Aug-22 11:39:52

we test if we're going somewhere with a lot of people .My OH was with friends last week and 3 of them are quite ill with covid ,so we both tested yesterday as we both have hacking coughs but had negative results.We'll check again later in the week just to be sure .Its just being sensible .

BassGrammy Thu 04-Aug-22 11:40:11

I would not test unless I felt unwell…having said that I had no symptoms when I did test positive! However I have tested a couple of times, when people I have been with tested positive, to try to avoid passing anything on.

Boolya Thu 04-Aug-22 11:48:29

I have used the testing kits from Boots but the numbers weren’t recognised on the .gov reporting site.