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I’m not going to cry, don’t have the energy

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Nanagem Tue 20-Dec-22 10:01:06

I’ve got covid, a week before Christmas and I have covid, last year my son had it and had to stay home so we didn’t see him, this year we have a new granddaughter, moved house 8 weeks ago and looking forward to a good family Christmas, I love Christmas the run up is as good as the day, all the planning cooking everything I love it all. Now today not even the cake is iced, I’ve been in bed since Saturday, and my wonderful husband has bought me a glass of hot lemon tea, everything else taste funny not that I want to eat, and I’m laying here trying to find the energy to go for a wee, I’m contemplating a shower, but at the moment a wee is an achievement.

Sorry to moan , I know people have it far worst, but we’ve worked so hard at least hide the boxes we haven’t unpacked 😂, trees up, cupboards full of food waiting for me to cook, and I could cry because I need a wee 😢

Ilovecheese Tue 20-Dec-22 10:04:29

I am so sorry. Have a good cry if you want to.

Smileless2012 Tue 20-Dec-22 10:05:04

I'm so sorry Nanagemflowers, no wonder you feel like crying. I hope you'll begin to feel a little better soon and maybe have a late Christmas celebration with your family and new GD.

Yammy Tue 20-Dec-22 10:15:35

Have a wee and then cry in comfort. What bad luck. We were debating last night if the family should test before the Christmas get-together. I would hate to pass it on or catch it and be laid up in someone's house.
Forget all the undone things try and relax and get better.
About 10 years ago we were wiped out with Flu all over Christmas, just couldn't be bothered with anything. We managed to stumble through New year and it was a bit better.
Forget Christmas there will be

FannyCornforth Tue 20-Dec-22 10:18:29

Oh what rotten luck.
My only advice is to just accept it, don’t try to fight it.
Look after yourself, drink lots, and like Yammy says, relax thanksbrew

Doodledog Tue 20-Dec-22 10:21:07

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Nanagem.

There's not a lot I can say, except get well soon, and let your husband take good care of you. Can you decamp to the sofa and binge on some feel good TV to make you feel a bit better?

PoppyFlower Tue 20-Dec-22 17:58:20

Hi Nanagem, another one here who tested positive yesterday (for the first time.). My elderly parents (who live with me) too! My body aches have eased after 48 hours but got most of the other symptoms. Just take it hour by hour, rest as much as you can,. Thinking of you.

Ali23 Tue 20-Dec-22 18:03:21

So sorry Nanagem. That’s such bad luck.
Look after yourself.
You will see your family after its all over. It’ll feel so special when you do.

Yammy Tue 20-Dec-22 18:06:35

Sorry PoppyFlower for you tooflowers I hope we don't join you after doing quite a bit of shopping.

Redhead56 Tue 20-Dec-22 18:10:21

Poor you take comfort in bed you may get over it swiftly. I know more people now with covid than in lockdown. Let your DH look after you and plan on a lovely family meal as soon as it's possible. In the meantime a little weep is ok you are not well x

Redhead56 Tue 20-Dec-22 18:13:35

Poppy flower get well soon too x

Purplepixie Tue 20-Dec-22 18:16:24

Oh please have a good cry and release it all out of your head. I am so sorry that you are going through this. Sending love and hugs.

CanadianGran Tue 20-Dec-22 18:18:12

Nanagem and Poppyflower, so sorry for you both! You are allowed a moan here. Get lots of fluids and rest, and hopefully you can arrange a get together with family before the New Year.

We have a lot of flu going around here this year. We did have our shots, but doing our best to keep away from the illness.

VioletSky Tue 20-Dec-22 18:21:28

Wishing you a speedy recovery

And the energy for a wee

Aveline Tue 20-Dec-22 18:32:32

What a shame. Have a wee asap then cry your eyes out. Once you've done that, if you have the energy, think about planning a lovely family post Christmas meal. Keep the decorations up and the boxes hidden.
This too shall pass.

lixy Tue 20-Dec-22 18:32:37

That's rotten luck. It does leave you feeling weak as a kitten for a bit. Keep warm, rest and I hope you feel a bit better in a couple of days.

rosie1959 Tue 20-Dec-22 18:34:30

Wishing you a speedy recovery sometimes we just are I’ll with unfortunate timing.
Look after yourself if you have had it since Saturday hopefully you will be feeling better by Christmas.
And have a wee in case you cough !\

LRavenscroft Tue 20-Dec-22 19:47:04

Hope you are feeling better soon. Here is a cupcake for you and some flowers to make you smile. cupcake flowers

Luckygirl3 Tue 20-Dec-22 20:09:24

Oh bad luck .... get well soon.

Grannybags Tue 20-Dec-22 21:08:29

Such a shame. Hope you start to feel better soon. flowers

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 20-Dec-22 22:22:57

Hope you soon feel well enough to do ‘Christmas’ later in the year or even next year.
We are having Christmas Day tomorrow as we can’t see some of the family on the day.
Leave your tree up and have it later.

Get well soon 💐

nadateturbe Tue 20-Dec-22 22:24:58

Sorry you're so poorly Nanagem. I have been mostly in bed feeling rotten since last Thursday. Never had a cold like this in my life. Any plans we had will probably not happen. I've felt miserable and cried.
But mostly I've just accepted it and not dwelt on the fact Christmas won't be what we'd planned. OH was supposed to play at a charity Christmas Dinner on Christmas day.
It's not important. There will be other opportunities for family get-togethers. The important thing is to rest and get well. A good cry always helps.
Going to the loo takes such energy when you're ill. And I think if you have one, a bath is easier and more comforting.
As Aveline says This too shall pass. 💐

dogsmother Wed 21-Dec-22 13:01:55

Ex colleague has just had to postpone third Christmas in a row!
They have just lost the beloved family family dog too. Sometimes it just never rains but it pours.
I think life does this works in peaks and troughs. No consolation to you of course but 💐 cyber hugs from me.

PoppyFlower Wed 21-Dec-22 13:38:08

Hi Nanagem, how are you today? My tonsils are raw and just loosing sense of taste and smell. Or rather I am smelling and tasting a strong vinegar acid aroma. Most unappealing. Don't think I'll be enjoying the Christmas grub much!!!

Summerfly Thu 22-Dec-22 11:14:04

Oh Nanagem, so sorry you’re poorly. Always worse during the winter months and especially at Christmas. Have a good cry. (always works for me)
We’re meant to be going to DD’s for Christmas, but unfortunately they’re all poorly too. My DGD has strepA and is feeling poorly. We’ve decided that we’ll do Christmas once everyone’s well again!
Sending you hugs 🤗 and flowers 💐