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I have Covid. Feel so ill. Anyone else?

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pigsmayfly. Sat 30-Sep-23 10:35:14

Has anyone experience the lates round of Covid? I came home from Greece on Monday and here I am. Feel dreadful. Anyone else experienced the most recent strain?

Witzend Sat 30-Sep-23 10:38:29

A BiL has it, feeling very rough indeed. He’s convinced he caught it on the plane back from Spain.
I do hope you’ll feel a lot better soon, pigsmayfly 💐.

karmalady Sat 30-Sep-23 10:42:21

An e mail came around many in my little town, U3A meeting, the full end of year meeting, last week and several have e mailed the organiser to say they have covid. I am keeping well out of town and shops until mid october, when I get my jab. This new strain sounds dire

Litterpicker Sat 30-Sep-23 10:45:08

DH and I had it a month ago. It was horrible and I had cough and fatigue up until the last few days when I have finally felt ‘normal’. Hope you feel better soon 💐

maddyone Sat 30-Sep-23 10:58:49

So sorry to heat you’re ill pigsmayfly. Get well soon flowers

nanaK54 Sat 30-Sep-23 11:05:50

Sending get well wishes and kindest thoughts to you flowers

Dottydots Sat 30-Sep-23 11:32:56

My SIL had covid for 10 weeks recently. We were all thinking the worst but luckily she pulled through.

FannyD Sat 30-Sep-23 11:35:51

Yes! We both have it now. Much worse than the two times I had it in 2022. We too think we got it travelling, by train from France.

fancythat Sat 30-Sep-23 12:10:09

Covid did a small round around here about 4 weeks ago.
The two people I know well said it was worse than when they had it previously.
They had not been travelling themselves.

vampirequeen Sat 30-Sep-23 17:00:22

I had it a few weeks ago. Give yourself plenty of time to recover. Do not push yourself too hard to get back to normal. Just follow your body's lead.

NotSpaghetti Sat 30-Sep-23 17:07:43

My son. He was very very ill with it. I think it was two weeks before he felt significantly better. He wasn't "himself" for over a month - and is still uncharacteristically tired.

Doodledog Sat 30-Sep-23 17:50:53

I hope you get well soon, pigsmayfly. I had it in August, and it was grim, but I assume that was the old strain? The new one is supposed to be worse, I think. Look after yourself, and rest as much as you can.

Iam64 Sat 30-Sep-23 17:56:34

Keep resting and don’t hesitate to get antibiotics if a chest infection develops. This variant does seem to be lingering and making people feel very ill

BlueBelle Sat 30-Sep-23 18:37:07

Got back from Barcelona three weeks ago and five of us went down with it the day we got back , it wasn’t too bad for any of us except one who had a massive reaction of itchy bumpy rash head to foot believed to be ‘the Covid rash !’ Had to have steroids and antihistamine they wee very very tired and worn out for a couple of weeks after, just feeling better this week

But no, for me it was just a bit under par for three/ four days

Nanatoone Sat 30-Sep-23 18:41:54

My daughter and SIL have had this one and it’s just dreadful. A week on my daughter is still really unwell and very concerned that she will be Ill for months like last time. She’s booked a doctor’s appointment for Monday although there is probably nothing to be done.

pigsmayfly. Sat 30-Sep-23 19:34:11

Thank you everyone and for all your lovely wishes xx

travelsafar Sat 30-Sep-23 22:14:46

Someone I know has it and has been so poorly they ended up in hospital on intravenous antibiotics for 48hrs. Home now but on antibiotics meds and feeling so poorly still. 😢

Joseann Sat 30-Sep-23 22:49:46

Sorry to hear this pigsmayfly and others.
I didn't travel by plane but was unintentionally on a ferry for 10 hours with a crowd of rugby fans, so am a bit apprehensive about the next few days.

seadragon Sat 30-Sep-23 22:55:54

Keep an eye on your temperature and blood pressure if you can. When DH had Covid his vital signs were erratic; ambulance came out, paramedic consulted GP who sent prescription for antibiotic (doxycycline) for me to collect from chemist which avoided hospital admission. Would highly recommend people keep BP machines and thermometers at home.

nanna8 Sun 01-Oct-23 07:03:17

I hope you get better and stronger soon,pigsmayfly. It sounds dreadful and I feel for you. Hateful disease.

We hear that there is a different strain coming over from Europe but then there are many rumours ,not all correct. In a few weeks we will be going for our 6th vaccination because we are off on a cruise out of Australia and don't particularly want to be stuck with it in the middle of nowhere. Not that the vaccinations protect you that much but at least we try!

Coronation Sun 01-Oct-23 07:04:11

I have long covid, been 8 months now and I have a very long recovery ahead of me. I hope i don't get covid again

SachaMac Sun 01-Oct-23 07:36:06

My son is just getting over it, he was much more poorly this time than the two previous times he’s had it. It seems rife around here at the moment and it’s flooring people.
Hope you feel better soon flowers

maddyone Sun 01-Oct-23 15:19:42


Sorry to hear this pigsmayfly and others.
I didn't travel by plane but was unintentionally on a ferry for 10 hours with a crowd of rugby fans, so am a bit apprehensive about the next few days.

I was on a cruise for a week but didn’t get Covid Joseann. However I had my Covid booster on Friday and am in bed today, not feeling great at all. Tomorrow my daughter and her three children are arriving from New Zealand for a holiday. I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better then.

winterwhite Sun 01-Oct-23 15:31:30

Any known ‘remedies’ to fend off the antibiotic stage?Echinacea any use?

rafichagran Sun 01-Oct-23 15:49:39

I hope you feel better, have a lovely time with them.