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Should over 70 year olds be banned from voting in referendum to decide the country future

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Dottynan Tue 29-Oct-19 09:32:36

A poll out today suggests youngsters think we should be banned

Pantglas2 Tue 29-Oct-19 09:34:59

Course they do - weren’t we the same - thinking we knew it all?

Gonegirl Tue 29-Oct-19 09:36:54

I might not vote again - referendum or General Election.

Don't give a sod anymore.

varian Tue 29-Oct-19 09:40:30

Some 70 year olds may have 30 or more years ahead of them. Many are still working or running businesses. Many are caring for their parents. Many care for grandchildren or adult children with special needs. Many are foster parents. Many do valuable voluntary work and contribute to their communities. Most pay taxes.

So no I do not think we should be disenfranchised.

Jangran99 Tue 29-Oct-19 09:41:07

Of course they do.......then they grow up!

Septimia Tue 29-Oct-19 09:47:04

I agree with varian.

Youngsters often think that older people shouldn't be included in things and that we either don't know what we're talking about or are out of date.

A young woman I knew, who had just started at university, told me that she thought that 'older' people shouldn't be allowed to go to uni. Generally, mature students pay their own way and don't take places from the youngsters. I'd just started back myself, so she got short shrift from me.

Sara65 Tue 29-Oct-19 09:48:46

I see their point, and I would probably have felt the same to be honest, but as Varian says, many of us still have a valuable contribution to make to society, so on balance, I agree with her.

Eloethan Tue 29-Oct-19 09:50:49

I do understand some younger people's frustration. However, I agree with you varian. My mum is 99 in December. If people who are 70 now live to that age they will also be affected for a significant length of time by political decisions made when they were younger but not young enough to be deemed by some to be worthy of a vote. As you say, many older people contribute to wider society in a number of ways but those who don't or can't are still part of society and still have a right to participate in the political process.

This idea that certain groups should be denied a vote is a dangerous one I think.

Oopsminty Tue 29-Oct-19 09:55:18

I thought a lot of Remainers listened to their grandchildren when it came to voting in the Referendum.

Should they not be listened to now?

I'd have said the same at their age!

EllanVannin Tue 29-Oct-19 10:01:17

If the "Greta Thunbergs " of this country think they can do better, then let them go ahead and see if they can do any better and yes, leave me out of it as I won't be bothering anyway.
I refuse to risk my health by venturing out in mid-December just to put a cross by some idiot's name knowing it won't make a scrap of difference.

Callistemon Tue 29-Oct-19 10:06:14

I agree with varian.

Perhaps younger voters will be energised to exercise their right to vote and not be so complacent in future.

Peonyrose Tue 29-Oct-19 10:10:18

Id like to know who conducted this poll. I think most 70 year olds with their years of experience of life and working in a better position than a teenager. There are those who are extremely interested and mature enough to vote. Most of them are juggling either university or just either working or looking for work plus socialising. To write people off at 70 is ridiculous. I couldn't vote until I was 21 and have never missed. I know of others who just couldn't be bothered, still don't, even women who vote the same as their husbands as they trust him to know! As if they haven't a mind of their own.

ladymuck Tue 29-Oct-19 10:14:37

No, of course not. We are not all senile, most of us are still perfectly rational. Many alive today lived through the war years, and have experienced first hand the events of the past century. This gives them greater wisdom and, hopefully, better judgement in any election.

Nonnie Tue 29-Oct-19 10:14:52

I knew everything when I was 18 too. I disagree with those who say their vote makes no difference. If my family and I can reduce our MP's majority we will have achieved something, if we can oust him we will have done more. I feel a moral responsibility to vote.

Charleygirl5 Tue 29-Oct-19 10:17:07

I have never missed voting, pay my taxes and agree with every word varian has said.

Sussexborn Tue 29-Oct-19 10:17:29

Well at least they haven’t suggested euthanasia at 60! So be grateful for small mercies.

Calendargirl Tue 29-Oct-19 10:34:31


No one has to ‘risk their health’ going out to vote. Get a postal vote.

nightswimmer Tue 29-Oct-19 10:37:17

If one group is banned from doing something it is not long before another and another.

Calendargirl Tue 29-Oct-19 10:37:23

So they think the likes of Churchill shouldn’t be allowed a say?


Oopsminty Tue 29-Oct-19 10:45:20

What about Jeremy Corbyn?

Surely if he's too old to vote he is too old to be Labour's leader?

maddyone Tue 29-Oct-19 10:59:57

Ha ha Ooopsminty, very true.

Of course 70+ people should vote. I’m not yet 70 but I still think they should vote. I agree with what Varian says, many older people are making extremely valuable contributions to society. Many are still working. It is indeed dangerous to disenfranchise certain groups from taking an active part in our society, very dangerous indeed.

First they came for the communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a communist.

Then they came for the socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me.

humptydumpty Tue 29-Oct-19 11:00:39

Sadly it's seeming less and less likely that this is going to matter as hopes of a second vote recede into the distance..

patriciageegee Tue 29-Oct-19 11:03:11

They can bugger off with their oh so politically correct virtue signalling on the surface but with a deep undercurrent of ignorant prejudice covertly bubbling away. I'm 70 next month and still in full possession of ALL my faculties and that's after a lifetime of hard work, bringing up a family, paying taxes oh and living in a house they reckon was oh so easy to come by...not! Of course, it could all be some diabolical Machiavellian plot to divide and conquer...

Callistemon Tue 29-Oct-19 11:06:42

Ken Clarke?

I can think of many more

nonnie very true- and nowadays some 7 to 11 year olds know*everything*!

humptydumpty Tue 29-Oct-19 11:07:31

I think the point is (quite reasonably IMO) that the future direction of the country is going to have a much longer-lasting impact on the younger generations than it is on over-70s - true, surely?