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What's your favourite pie?

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StellaGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 04-Mar-21 11:39:20

It's been brought to our attention that it's British Pie Week! So we wanted to do a very scientific poll to see which is the most popular on Gransnet? Home-made, store bought, sweet, savoury?
Beef and stilton, chicken and ham, spinach and feta?
Lemon meringue, apple and pear? Post below and tell us.
If you're looking for inspiration, we've got a few delicious recipes here.

sodapop Thu 04-Mar-21 11:44:43

My husband makes a delicious chicken and leek pie.

queengran Thu 04-Mar-21 11:51:28

Chicken and mushroom for me - yum! But it has to be quite creamy. Hate it when the sauce is all thin and watery. Is it lunchtime yet? grin

muse Thu 04-Mar-21 11:52:04

My chicken, leek and mushroom pie topped with puff pastry.

Left over cooked chicken, home grown leeks, chestnut mushrooms, tin of condensed mushroom soup and block of ready made puff pastry and egg wash. There's always some pastry left over - that always becomes some mini eccles cakes.

Just added the pastry to the on line delivery for tomorrow

crazyH Thu 04-Mar-21 11:54:20

Shepherds Pie

Peasblossom Thu 04-Mar-21 11:58:49

Apple. But really I only eat it to get the brown sugar and cream😬

gulligranny Thu 04-Mar-21 11:58:53

I make a double-crust savoury mince & veggie plate pie which is lovely hot or cold. We also like the Hairy Bikers Scotch Egg Pie and chicken & leek with a filo topping is delicious too.

Sara1954 Thu 04-Mar-21 12:09:16

Same, it’s one of my favourites, served with his delicious cauliflower cheese.

Ellianne Thu 04-Mar-21 12:11:25

Upside down ones, a bit like tarte tatin, apple, apricot or pear. I like the pastry at the bottom, not on top, so the pie filling seaps into it.

tanith Thu 04-Mar-21 12:12:17

Apple and Blackberry with thick cream. Apples scrumped by my neighbour and the blackberries I pick and freeze every year from our neighbouring golf course home made pastry. It tastes so good as it’s almost all free to pick.

ginny Thu 04-Mar-21 12:12:18

Another vote for chicken, ham and leek pie.

Apple and raspberry for a sweet pie.

supergirlsnan Thu 04-Mar-21 12:15:46

I'm with Crazy H.

Redhead56 Thu 04-Mar-21 12:16:07

Besides my homemade Scouse pie and steak and Stilton my two favourites are steak and ale cheese and onion. Our daughter lives in Lancashire the pies up there are the best!
Before COVID we would go up to visit her and always had a our lunch in a pub. It is always a difficult decision which pie to have.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 04-Mar-21 12:18:54

My favourite pie would home made Egg and Bacon pie which I haven't prepared for ages as I rarely bake these days, much less make pastry.

EllanVannin Thu 04-Mar-21 12:26:15

My home-made meat and potato pie----which I might do for Sunday now that I think about it because it'll do me Monday as well grin
Apple pie among the favourites.
My mum's lemon meringue which the meringue was like a pillow and nearly the same size. Everything she baked was huge. Her Cornish Pasties were like dinosaurs. grin

What good grub we had at home---lush.

GagaJo Thu 04-Mar-21 12:31:22

Oh I miss pies!

My grandad made an amazing mince and onion pie. He learned the receipe in the army.

I think steak and ale would be my favourite savoury pie. With peas and mash.

Apple for a sweet pie. Either cold with cream or hot with ice cream (isn't that a la mode?).

Mollygo Thu 04-Mar-21 12:31:33

Rhubarb pie, caramelised banana upside down pie, steak and onion pie if it’s home-made.
If we’re allowed tarts as well, I love treacle tart!

GagaJo Thu 04-Mar-21 12:32:08

* recipe

Missfoodlove Thu 04-Mar-21 12:44:41

My late grandmothers Lancashire meat and potato pie.

Jaxjacky Thu 04-Mar-21 13:03:44

Favourite ever Duck confit Parmentier, not seen it here. For here chicken, ham and leek.

Greyduster Thu 04-Mar-21 13:26:58

Another here for meat and potato pie, with lashings of Henderson’s Yorkshire relish (which is a pale imitation of its former self - isn’t everything?)l! I make one a couple of times a month. I’m also very partial to chicken and mushroom pie, but DH doesn’t care for it.

Gwyneth Thu 04-Mar-21 13:36:24

When we were kids my mum used to make a cheese and onion pie and a corned beef and potato pie. I can taste them now! 😀

Blossoming Thu 04-Mar-21 13:38:53

Butter pie from our local family run bakery.

Nanna58 Thu 04-Mar-21 13:40:38

Jamie Oliver’s beef Guinness and cheddar pie, scrummy!

Gwyneth Thu 04-Mar-21 13:43:20

The beef, Guinness and cheese pie sounds gorgeous Nanna Which of his cook books is it in please?