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What is the best food you've had while travelling?

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GagaJo Sun 16-May-21 23:08:28

I've had a variety of yummy food, while travelling. But the best has NEVER been in fancy restaurants, but always street food.

In Spain, handmade churros, piped by hand into hot oil at 7am, in a market for breakfast.

In New Mexico, tacos made on a street stall. 35 years later and I still crave them.

In China, noodles from a street stall, eaten outside, sitting on some grubby steps, watching the street hawkers sell their wares. Also scallion pancakes.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 17-May-21 05:26:26

Today we are travelling and our “street food”. Actually our picnic - will be hot pasties made this morning😄 wrapped to keep warm.

must get a move on.

FannyCornforth Mon 17-May-21 05:46:17

A Chinese 'restaurant' in South Goa.
It wasn't fancy, but it did have lots of fairy lights, and the most delicious spring rolls ever. Lovely memories.

FannyCornforth Mon 17-May-21 05:47:07

WWM have a lovely day, pasties and all! sunshine

Whitewavemark2 Mon 17-May-21 05:49:28


WWM have a lovely day, pasties and all! sunshine

Thank you. Going to the Isle of Wight for a few days. Self catering.

I’m still sat in bed, we won’t be going anywhere if I don’t move.

Ferry to catch! !

BBbevan Mon 17-May-21 05:59:55

A steak sandwich with peas and gravy at an Amish restaurant in America.

nanna8 Mon 17-May-21 06:22:17

A seafood paella in Barcelona

grandMattie Mon 17-May-21 06:26:22

In Oporto, on the harbour - a salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion with an olive oil and lemon dressing. Served with homemade bread, it was heavenly.

Marydoll Mon 17-May-21 06:30:43

A bratwurst inside a crusty roll, cooked in an oil drum in Nürnberg by a street vendor.
As a poor student, I had travelled all the way from Glasgow by train , was horrendously seasick in the North Sea and this was the first food I had eaten for days, it was nectar.

To this day, the smell of bratwurst cooking, takes me back to those happy, but somewhat reckless days! Thank goodness, my mother never knew about half of my escapades! 😉

WWW, enjoy your trip!

Calendargirl Mon 17-May-21 06:46:40

Torched salmon and salad, eaten perched on a bar stool in a hotel in Salt Lake City.
Our tour guide watched me enjoying it, said he wished he’d chosen that and would try it next time he was on a tour there.

dogsmother Mon 17-May-21 06:53:52

The absolute best was a variety of foods touring on the back of mopeds through Ho Chi Minh city for a foodie tour. Although I balked at the fermented eggs!
It was an experience no food I’d be able to replicate though.
You can probably utube to find something like it.

Beechnut Mon 17-May-21 06:58:01

A pesto and pine nut pasta meal in a Chicago restaurant.

Sago Mon 17-May-21 07:59:14

Plaice and chips on Aldeburgh beach.

Kamiso Mon 17-May-21 08:12:34

A lobster roll in Province New England. All the best ingredients and delicious. Unfortunately some of the others we tried thereafter were inedible!

Fish and chips in Whitby eaten outdoors. Chips cooked in dripping at the Black Country Museum.

Lucca Mon 17-May-21 08:23:44

Maybe. Le cheval rouge in chisseaux, in the Loire valley. Found by chance aeons ago, returned three times and were remembered by the lovely waitress. Food was just spectacular.
We would cheerfully drive 50 miles detour to revisit.

Or a small family run restaurant in Volpaia, Tuscany. Found by chance. The best homemade ravioli with sage and butter.....

GagaJo Mon 17-May-21 08:30:01

Doesn't QUITE meet my own criteria, but a wonderful Mexican restaurant in the middle of Shanghai. The refried beans were the best I've ever eaten. Even better than New Mexico.

Ironically, at my last UK school one of the English teachers had also previously worked in Shanghai and we reminisced very fondly about the refritoes, the mango salsa and the bottomless Margaritas.

Liz46 Mon 17-May-21 08:31:00


A Chinese 'restaurant' in South Goa.
It wasn't fancy, but it did have lots of fairy lights, and the most delicious spring rolls ever. Lovely memories.

Fanny, I don't know if you ever went to Betty's, near The Holiday Inn, in South Goa. Their vindaloo was fantastic - not too spicy but very 'fruity' and tasty.

We arrived one year and were exhausted after the journey, went and had vindaloo for lunch and went back in the evening and my husband had it again!

Sadly I fear we won't be able to go to Goa again.

Lucca Mon 17-May-21 08:37:07

Sorry I didn’t properly read your OP. Re street food.

In that case hot dogs in Copenhagen with mustard ketchup and crunchy onions.

DillytheGardener Mon 17-May-21 08:55:04

Grilled octopus in Greece, Potatoes bravas in Spain, lobster in Maine. It’s time for breakfast and I already fancy dinner because of this thread.

MiniMoon Mon 17-May-21 09:45:17

We had the best pasta pie in little hotel in Limone, Italy while we were holidaying around Lake Garda.
The pastry was the best I've ever eaten.

MiniMoon Mon 17-May-21 09:48:12

Ps this was not a fancy restaurant, just a little place down a side street.
My DH is wary of street food so we hardly ever buy it.

timetogo2016 Mon 17-May-21 09:49:51

Cod and chips on the seafront in Pembrokeshire .

Gymstagran Mon 17-May-21 09:52:07

A group shared meal of rainbow fish and a variety of accompaniments at a family restaurant reached by river and organised by the Vietnamese guide

growstuff Mon 17-May-21 09:52:59

Souvlaki on Crete. When I was much younger, I spent nearly six months living semi-rough and I would have souvlaki with coffee for breakfast.

henetha Mon 17-May-21 09:54:21

A street market near Arles in France; the local cheese made from sheeps milk, huge great tomatoes and crusty bread.
And many years ago, 1959, I rode on the back of a motor bike to London in pouring rain. We got completly lost somewhere around Staines and managed to find a pub where we had the best ham roll in the world with lots of mustard. I was pregnant at the time.