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Fennel Mon 06-Sep-21 19:02:24

Looking for advice from those of you who use Le Creuset casseroles etc.Since buying an induction hob I had to replace my hob to oven casseroles and the new ones burn the contents very easily. So very difficult to clean.
Now thinking of replacing them with Creuset products.
I know they're very heavy, and expensive, but what are the advantages?
ps I'm offline for the next few days (our New Year) but will follow up later for any replies.

Baggs Mon 06-Sep-21 19:15:10

I've found them to work on gas hobs, induction hobs and a Rayburn hob no bother and then to transfer into either an electric fan oven or a Rayburn oven also no bother. Casseroles "cook down" in them very well without getting over dry. I clean them using soda crystals and Fairy liquid with a hot water soak.

Cfaz49 Mon 06-Sep-21 19:21:35

I have an induction hob. I also considered Le Creuset pans and they do work very well on the hob. I bought some secondhand ones from a local auction to try them out. But, my word, you have to have some muscles and I could hardly lift them empty never mind if they were full. There are plenty of other pans which work well out there!

Devorgilla Mon 06-Sep-21 19:22:23

I have used Le Creuset for over 50 years now and still have some of the early utensils in perfect working order. I love them and they work really well on induction hobs. I speak from experience here. Yes, they are expensive but worth every penny. If you are just cooking for yourself you can get away with the smaller range. I have a range from family size to just for two. I use them daily. It took me a bit of time to get used to an induction hob but Le Creuset holds the heat so you can lower temperature down. I love the colours. You won't regret this purchase. An added bonus is that the weight firms up your arms!

Nortsat Mon 06-Sep-21 19:28:12

Fennel, I don’t have an induction hob so cant help there, but I have had my Le Creuset pans for more than 20 years ... probably more than 25.

They last and last. I used them almost every day. I have a three pan set, a non stick frying pan and a large lidded casserole.
My only advice would be about the weight. If you have any mobility issues or weakness in your hands or arms, you would need to consider the weight of them, when full.
They are v heavy.

That said, I love mine. Oh I’ve also got a roasting dish and it cooks wonderful roast potatoes...

glammagran Mon 06-Sep-21 19:30:06

You need a certain degree of strength in your wrists to lift the large Le Creuset pans. I have only one 30cm pan like this which my husband lifts for me. We really like Circulon pans which you can get for induction hobs but don’t believe the lifeline guarantee - we are on our 4th multi pan set in 25 years.

NotSpaghetti Mon 06-Sep-21 19:33:38

I have also got these. Some of mine go back to the early 70s and all are well used. Mine are mostly massive as we were a family of 7 - and yes, very heavy. Especially when they have a 7-person casserole in them!

They are a "marmite" thing I think. Try one and see how you get on.
You may even find someone you know is happy to loan one.

J52 Mon 06-Sep-21 20:02:06

My only concern about using my Le Crueset on my induction hob would be if I dropped the pan and it broke the glass hob.
I’ve swapped to stainless steel, it’s lighter and easy to clean.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 06-Sep-21 20:05:46

I still have my very old Le Creuset pans and casseroles, but I have given all of the large ones to DD2 as they were too heavy for me to lift!

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 06-Sep-21 20:06:27

PS I dropped one years ago and smashed a floor tile…..the casserole was fine though.

NotSpaghetti Mon 06-Sep-21 21:00:14

I cracked my massive omelette pan by dropping it a few years ago oops. My tiles survived and I replaced it.

dragonfly46 Mon 06-Sep-21 21:03:58

I have Le Creuset pans but prefer my pans from ProCook with my induction hob. They are much lighter and easy to clean.

Albangirl14 Tue 07-Sep-21 11:42:10

Just remember not to use metal spoons for stirring etc. Especially when tapping them on the edge to remove food as it chips the edge.

Riverwalk Tue 07-Sep-21 11:53:33

By coincidence I was in Peter Jones kitchen department yesterday to buy a slotted spoon, which I did for £3! I need a hob to oven lidded casserole dish so had a quick look at Le Creuset - honestly I could hardly lift the lid off the large one it was so heavy.

Friends who use them swear they are the best thing ever but they were bought many years ago when younger and stronger!

Oh, and Shanah tova!

JadeOlivia Tue 07-Sep-21 12:00:21

I had Le C for over 30 years, but little by little preferred lighter ones.

glammanana Tue 07-Sep-21 12:11:06

I have just this week given my DD the pan set & large casserole dish which I have used for 40+ yrs she still has family at home and is stronger than I am so able to lift them from her cooker I have kept the smaller 2 person casserole just for me I can cope with the weight of that .

Nannarose Tue 07-Sep-21 12:28:21

I have used them for over 50 years, and they all came across to my induction hob. I find they work brilliantly at slow stove-top cooking with the low heat from an induction hob.

2 points - they do take ages to heat up, so be aware.
I also agree that weight can be an issue, but it does vary. I find them well balanced, so not too difficult to move. I had a cast iron omelette pan than I have loved for over 50 years (not LC) that I can no longer manage, but replaced it with a lighter LC one which works very well.

Blossoming Tue 07-Sep-21 15:38:57

I prefer ProCook pans. Le Creuset are of course the gold standard, but unfortunately I cannot lift them at all.

Gabrielle56 Tue 07-Sep-21 17:15:00

I have an induction and I'd be very cautious as cast iron may well scratch the surface of your job. I use "Neverstick" no PTFE etc and brilliant as they can be popped into dishwasher too. I hav set of 3 saucepans and a big cookpot/wok thingy with lid .I love them!

Shelflife Tue 07-Sep-21 17:18:49

Can't be bothered with them - far too heavy! Lots of saucepan choices that do a great job ! Personal choice I recognize that , but definitely not for me .

hollysteers Tue 07-Sep-21 17:27:26

Love them, so classic, but have given mine to a close friend as after my lymph nodes in arm have been removed, I am trying to only use lighter cooking utensils.

Gabrielle56 Tue 07-Sep-21 17:32:37

Or even the surface of your HOB!?

Whitewavemark2 Tue 07-Sep-21 18:14:33

Did consider them, but far too heavy, especially as I’m getting older.

dirgni Tue 07-Sep-21 19:35:00

I cook on induction and loved my le creuset cookware. I now find it far too heavy so have swapped it for lighter ones. Found some reasonably priced ones at Sainsbury’s!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 07-Sep-21 19:40:38

I can think of only one advantage due to the weight and that is if you need to stir something in a smallish pan it doesn't move or wobble about like as a lighter one would - but they really are so damn heavy I wouldn't use one now.