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What's your earliest memory?

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Oxon70 Wed 27-Jul-11 21:17:44

I remember crawling across the hall floor heading for the front door which was open, with the sun shining in.
I wanted to get to the pole outside which held up the porch, to pull myself up. My mum was surprised that I recalled details about this house, because I left there when I was two.

JessM Thu 28-Jul-11 10:03:32

That is a really early one. It is easy to locate them in time when you have moved house isn't it. There is already a long and lovely thread on this topic somewhere around, that has gone quiet in last week.

Gillt Thu 28-Jul-11 10:52:22

I have several memories of being very young but exactly how I old I could not say....approximately three I think. One is of using a hair grip to scratch the polished wooden arm of an easy chair!!! could not forget that one and the evidence was there for all to see!!!! and the other is of standing in my cot very distressed and sick when, my mother told me, I had chickenpox and measles at the same started by me vomiting whilst standing in a tutu in the wings of a stage waiting to perform!!!

maxgran Thu 28-Jul-11 13:36:57

I have a hazy memory of standing in the bedroom where my new baby brothers cot was and trying to take a peek at him. Apparently, I had refused to speak to my mother after she went into hospital to have my brother - and would not go near her or the baby when she brought him home.
My mother must have come into the room quietly and she said 'Well, do you like your babybrother then ?' I remember feeling annoyed at being caught out. I was only 18 mths old at the time and my mother was shocked when I recalled it many years later.

The next memory is of myself aged 3 & my brother playing in the hallway with the front door open and a babygate across the door opening. The hall was long and dark but the sunlight was shining in.

Seagran Thu 28-Jul-11 20:16:48

I can clearly remember being in a pram and my mother telling me we were going to timbukto! It was always a huge disappointment because it timbukto was the shade of a tree. But I can still remember being in the pram and being so bored and blowing bubbles of spit that burst on the side of the pram! I still haven't got to timbukto!!

numberplease Thu 28-Jul-11 21:22:10

Not sure which was first, but I remember my mother taking me shopping in a pushchair, leaving me outside Wright`s chemist at Elsecar, and then telling me off for climbibg out of the pushchair. Then I remember being a bridesmaid when my mother married again when I was just turned 3, and I remember playing with another bridesmaid, Elaine Booth, at the reception. Thinking about it, the pushchair episode was probably the earliest.

janreb Thu 04-Aug-11 14:36:18

I can remember being bundled into the puschair and my Mum running at breakneck speed up the hill. I bounced all over place! Seems she had been told my brother was playing on the railway line and she was off to catch him. He got a good hiding for that, and the man who stopped his car to tell her she mustn't smack him was told that he should mind his own business or he'd get a hiding too!

Yummygran Mon 22-Aug-11 16:53:10

I can remember being spoon fed by my Mum, and the feeling of frustration because she didn't push the spoon in far enough and each time I had to lean forward in my high chair!! I guess I was about two years old. I can also remember my Dad holding me, with my arm around his shoulders, I can still remember the feeling of the rough fabric of his jacket, and his familiar smell, of brylcream I think!

nanny1 Fri 16-Sep-11 09:58:45

Going to kindergarten at 2 1/2 on the back of my uncle's motorbike!

nuttynana Wed 18-Apr-12 13:52:22

I swear I remember very clearly Mum sitting in bed after a home birth with my baby brother at her breast and feeling quiet distresssed about it ,then the nurse or midwife pushing me out of the door briskly and saying "Go and play in the garden" . We lived in a ground floor flat.
Mum says that my brother was born In December when there was thick snow on the ground so this is unlikely to be true but I remeMber it. I would have been only just 3.

Carol Wed 18-Apr-12 14:30:57

I don't remember my sister being born when I was 16 months old, but do remember sitting on my great-grandfather's knee in my grandparents' house, where we lived at the time, and moved just 3 months after my sister's birth, so that puts me at almost 2 years old at most.

I also remember the trees passing above me when I was in my pram, on a regular walk my mother would take me on before my sister was born - I never went in the pram after that. I would have been about 15 months old according to my mother, the last time I was wheeled out on that walk.

I thought children could only really remember certain things from about 2 years old, but these are vivid memories that I have recounted over the years.

Anagram Wed 18-Apr-12 14:45:40

I remember being taken into my parents' bed in the middle of the night - I can still see the back of my father's head (he was fast asleep). I must have been younger than 2 because that's how old I was when my mother died.

I remember standing by the old-fashioned fireguard having my hair brushed, and how much it hurt!

OH insists he can't remember anything until he was 5, but I suppose it must vary.

harrigran Wed 18-Apr-12 15:45:21

I can remember events from when I was 20 months old, especially playing in the garden in the snow in my siren suit. When you are that small the snow feels very deep and the wet legs and bottom is fresh in my memory. I remember being lifted from my bed and taken to a neighbours when my mother was admitted to hospital. I stayed there until my aunt and grandmother arrived the next day to take care of me. I was unable to make myself understood so I must have been tiny.
I have very vivid dreams of childhood and events that relatives say I should not remember, but clearly childhood memories are better than we think.

Daisyanswerdo Wed 18-Apr-12 17:28:28

I remember lying in my pram and someone coming when it started to rain and pulling up the hood and attaching the rainproof thing that hooked onto the hood. I know exactly where I was in the garden, but can't say how old I was. I have other memories of being in my pram and my cot.

Humbertbear Thu 19-Apr-12 21:03:09

WHen I was two I fell over in our garden. When I was 3 my mum was pregnant and I remember playing in the lounge every afternoon while she slept. My husband can remember further back when he lay in his cot for afternoon naps at nursery and didn't sleep.

nuttynorah Thu 19-Apr-12 21:25:41

I can remember standing up in my cot and taking some Virol off the bedroom mantlepiece. The lid must have been loose because it came off and went everywhere.
I can also remember my older sister taking me out in my pushchair. I tried to look round the hood and she said "Get back in, no-one wants to look at you!"

nelliedeane Thu 19-Apr-12 21:33:55

I was about 18 months and was being taken out in the pushchair ,and mum was breaking squares of cadbury chocolate and putting it in my mouth.

glammanana Thu 19-Apr-12 22:21:54

The winter of 1953 being pushed at the bottom of the big pram with my baby sister at the top by my dad to the gas works where we had to go to collect bags of coal then being carried back on dads shoulders as the bag of coal had to balance on the bottom of the pram,mum was poorly with flu at the time and very ill in bed so dad had to care for us bless him.

granbunny Thu 19-Apr-12 22:39:25

there was a cupboard in the hall of our new house, only four inches deep. the door was not quite as high as i was tall. i loved the door and wanted to get into the cupboard but it wouldn't close. i was so disappointed. i would have been two.
before that i can remember a long brick wall (near where we lived before)
and a very dark place (the house we had before).
the paved yard of the same house.
holding grandaughter recently, i remembered my gran holding me in the same way, saying 'shh, baboo (baby), she'll be back soon' - my mum had gone to the hairdresser and i was crying for her. less than two. probably much less. my gran had care of me quite a lot as my mother was ill.

DMC Tue 22-May-12 00:28:30

I seem to remember being a baby and being in a baby seat. I can remember being about half way up the stairs and then the seat somehow fell off balance and tumbled down the stairs. The stairs I remember falling down are definately the same stairs at the house I was living at when I was a a baby (since I recognise them as the same stairs in the house I played in when I was an older kid), and I seem to remember feeling the physical 'thud' as the babyseat fell on its front as it tumbled downstairs. I remember my mum being at the bottom of the stairs, with a baby pram. I sometimes think I might be remembering my younger brother, but when I remember it I seem to see myself rolling forward and remember being really scared, so that leads me to believe it was me and not him. I was literally tiny, probably about 1 years old. I remember when I hit the ground I didn't really hurt myself and I was more in shock and scared than anything else, and the baby seat wasn't very big. If I was older, I believe my arms and legs would have been hanging out of it, but I fitted very nicely inside it so I must have been very young. I doubt my mum will believe me if I tell her.

annemac101 Tue 12-Jun-12 21:44:17

I was two and a half years old and my brother was being born at home. We lived in a tenement flat on the ground floor,I was sent upstairs to a neighbours house,when my brother was born the neighbours daughter who was eight years old took me back downstairs when we went into the house she got to hold the baby first,I can still remember how upset I was after all it was my brother.

Mishap Tue 12-Jun-12 21:55:49

I am very impressed that people can remember back so far.

My first memory is from when I was 4. I had gone into the garden on a sunny morning with dew all over the grass and I have the most vivid memory of gazing into a nasturtium that had a drop of dew caught in it - it is a strange thing to have as a first memory, but rather lovely.

specki4eyes Tue 12-Jun-12 22:00:48

I remember going to the clinic in my pram to have some inoculations - I must have been 2½ because I was sitting up. What I so wish I could remember was going to my christening in my godparents' open-top MG. They used to wear leather helmets! My parents were very fond of telling me about it, so I can picture it vividly.

Annobel Tue 12-Jun-12 22:40:47

I stayed overnight round the corner at my granny's while my mum was in labour with my sister. In the morning I was taken to see the new baby. She had lots of curly brown hair and smelt very nice - baby powder and milk, I suppose. I was 2 years and 9 months. I can vaguely remember a time before she was born, going by train to visit my grandparents in Fife. Strangely, although I was nearly 5 by the time my other sister was born, I can't remember much about that. I must have been busier with my own concerns by that time.

seasider Tue 12-Jun-12 22:44:01

I remember sitting on the edge of the pavement on a cobbled street and the cars seeming huge. Apparently we left there when I was two. I can also remember my mum struggling up a big hill close to our home with a bag of coal in the push chair and me sat on top.