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E1saBe Sun 13-Nov-11 09:48:04

It's my week for winning! I received lovely surprise email to tell me I won a copy of the Simply Wonderwoman book (on gransnet) shock and then yesterday I won a bottle of perfume from a raffle which when I got home and googled (didn't know it) it's v. expensive, "niche" perfume etc etc. £175.00 for my £1 raffle ticket. Nice! BUt from what I read I think I may not like it hmm Anyway it got me thinking about my favourite perfume ever which of course I just can't buy any more - Revlon Moon Drops. It so suited me, was my signature scent for years, and probably contributed to husband popping the question 35 years ago, it used to sure work on him in the seduction stakes. I find the modern perfumes often too 'heady' and strong - and they make my sinuses close up! Couldn't gransnet somehow exercise some collective muscle to bring back some of the retro perfumes from the 1960's? There must be an appetite (nose) for it.

Annobel Sun 13-Nov-11 10:06:40

Moon Drops - that takes me back! So many good scents are now unavailable. I used to go to Culpeper's herbal shop in Norwich and, after I moved, in Chester, to buy Stephanotis toilet water which I loved. Now neither the shop nor the product seem to exist any more. So sad.sad

greenmossgiel Sun 13-Nov-11 10:10:44

Have you tried eBay or anywhere like that for 'Moondrops' E1saBe? You may be lucky? I agree with you that the more modern perfumes are, in the main, quite 'heady'! Even when I smell certain perfumes on others, I think they smell awful - so it's not just on me! hmm

susiecb Sun 13-Nov-11 10:20:01

I used to love Diva by Ungaro but I havent seen it for years,

greenmossgiel Sun 13-Nov-11 14:18:20

E1saBe - just out of interest, I had a look for Moondrops on eBay and Amazon etc, but couldn't find anything, either. Annobel - Floris also make Stephanotis. Maybe you could get that online?

E1saBe Sun 13-Nov-11 15:00:15

Thanks greemossgiel! thanks I looked ofr it some time ago and then gave up because couldn't find it, decided it was out of fashion. Am now on a mission, may even write to Revlon. Remember 'Charlie? Those were the days when you only had 1 bottle of perfume and made it last. "Special occasions" only!

greenmossgiel Sun 13-Nov-11 15:27:36

You are welcome, E1saBe! I can still remember the packaging for Moondrops! Who doesn't remember 'Charlie' - a proper 70's one, that! In the early 70's someone gave me the ends of a bottle of Blue Grass as I didn't have any perfume (couldn't afford it!) I loved it, and when I saw it for sale in 'Savers' the other day, I was tempted to buy it, then I thought, 'I've got a good half-dozen perfumes at home, and certainly don't need more....!' smile

gma Sun 13-Nov-11 16:15:21

Talking of perfumes....I wonder if any gransnetters could help me solve a rather delicate problem.Hub and I take my godmother, who is 86 to Sainsburys every week to do ours and her shopping, fine so far...she lives on her own (a spinster lady) and does not go out except with us once a week. The problem is that she uses so much perfume, its Paris by Yves St Laurent, and we cannot stand the smell! She must have a real stock of it and I wonder if it has gone past its sell by date. Once in the supermarket you can follow her scent (literally) . We are very fond of her, but its not like talking to my mum, and I would hate to offend her. It has got to the stage now when the whole car smells of Paris and the seat belts in particular transfer the odour to my clothes and makes me feel quite ill. I know this seems quite trivial but its really getting to me! and I am not looking forward to Christmas when she comes to our house and to our childrens houses also. She has no relations what so ever so it is really down to me. Help Please confused

E1saBe Sun 13-Nov-11 18:11:45

Oh dear gma that's a tough one, it doesn't sound trivial to me, I have spent more than one cinema outing with my cardi pulled surreptitiously over my nose if someone with a particularly pungent perfume takes the seat next to me. So, strategy 1. spin a yarn about perfumes having 'best before' dates (how interesting!) and take the YSL outside to 'see better' and spill it in the garden; strategy 2. buy her the lightest, loveliest scent you can find and tell her how much you love it and look forward to her using it? OR bite the bullet and tell her that the YSL is a knockout shock but is affecting your olfactory health (blame the sinuses). Fingers crossed she'll be understanding ... otherwise you're gonna be stuck with driving with open windows in mid-winter.

E1saBe Sun 13-Nov-11 18:13:56

greenmossgiel - Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden! Now there was a lovely fresh perfume if ever. I found some Moon Drops BTW - American website, they wanted $150 for it. I'll pass! Lovely reminiscing though.

artygran Sun 13-Nov-11 18:57:51

Blue Grass was my perfume of choice at the time I met DH (45 years ago!)... I wonder if he'd still like it - I haven't worn it for years. Hmm...

gma Sun 13-Nov-11 19:02:42

Thank you E1saBe for such a prompt reply. I am sure that she would be very upset if she knew that she was causing me such a bother. I think the idea of 'past its sell by date' is certainly a good one which I will try first. Another problem is the fact that she has lost her short term memory and probably would forget NOT to use it, so I might have to plead violent headaches whenever I smell it (true actually) and try to sabotage the offending bottle and replace it with something I can stand, with Christmas looming it could be the solution!!!

Annobel Sun 13-Nov-11 19:24:01

Thanks, greemossgiel. Still no luck with the Stephanotis. Lots of other floral scents, but not that one. I got some Blue Grass a few months ago, just before TJ Hughes went out of business. What a loss that is. I think I also found Je Reviens there as well, but can't find it anywhere - probably left it somewhere on my travels.

numberplease Thu 17-Nov-11 16:30:47

Greenmossgiel, Blue Grass brings back memories. I used to love it, but went off it, but I had one of those little scent sprays with a fabric bulb that you squeezed, and filled it with Blue Grass, this was in the mid 1960s, and even though it`s been empty for years, just an ornament now, the scent of the Blue Grass is still there!
A perfume that I`d like to see make a come back is Flambeau, by Faberge, haven`t seen it since the late 70s.

Learnergrandma Thu 17-Nov-11 17:38:09

Did Elizabeth Arden used to do one called Apple Blossom?

greenmossgiel Thu 17-Nov-11 17:54:41

Was that not Helena Rubenstein, Learnegrandma?

Notsogrand Thu 17-Nov-11 17:57:33

I used to go to Culpeppers in Norwich when I lived there Annobel! We may have queued together. smile

MDougall Thu 17-Nov-11 17:57:54

I also used Blue Grass for years, then went onto Je Reviens, Lancome "Magie(?)", then it was Estee Lauder Youth Dew, and now it is always Chanel No.19 which is timeless (and I have to wait until Christmas for my annual supply!!!!).

I only have to smell one of the above on anyone and all the memories come flooding back. Does anyone remember those"perfume machines in the ladies toilets at the ballrooms, so you could put a coin in, have a spray of something! and then go and jive the night away to the Swinging Blue Jeans, Hollies or whomever. You always danced with your best girlfriend and the boys only came on the dancefloor for the last slow dance after watching you from the upstairs bar!!!!!!!! Perhaps they waited until all the perfume smells had "died" down - we all smelt pretty strongly after those sprays!

Annobel Thu 17-Nov-11 18:23:03

Who knows, Notso! I used to like to pick up Christmas presents at Culpepers. i was so sad when I discovered it no longer existed. I often went there when I attended Weightwatchers' Leaders meetings in Norwich.

artygran Thu 17-Nov-11 20:31:16

Annobel Has your T J Hughes completely gone out of business, or has it been reincarnated under another name like ours? I can't tell the difference between the old store and the new one to be honest - and I'll look to see if they have Blue grass! I feel quite nostalgic about it now...

numberplease Thu 17-Nov-11 20:58:41

artygran, Blue Grass can be purchased from Amazon, as well as a few other places.

greenmossgiel Thu 17-Nov-11 21:14:42

And in 'Savers'! smile

E1saBe Thu 17-Nov-11 22:59:39

Not been on gransnet for a couple of days - working too hard! sad but gma ... the plan of replacing the perfume with something you like sounds like a win-win. Keep us posted!

Gilly70 Mon 21-Nov-11 18:42:55

Jolie Madame was a gorgeous perfume, can't remember who by, it was a favourite of mine for ages, when I could afford it. Have not seen it for years.

Hunt Wed 30-Nov-11 15:45:31

Blue Hyacinth by Cussons( of Imperial Leather fame) . The soap was gorgeous.