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Remembering Greatnan - Carol Sheridan

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Gagagran Fri 24-Oct-14 11:30:39

I am sure many of us will be thinking of Carol this weekend. It will be a year since she was found and the long search for her came to such a sad end. I hope her family have come to terms with their loss and will be pleased to know that she has not been forgotten here on GN.

feetlebaum Fri 24-Oct-14 11:36:24

Is it really a year...? Hard to believe.

Greenfinch Fri 24-Oct-14 12:02:10

Thank you for reminding us Gagagran. I am hopeless with dates. Remembering Carol with affection.

Marelli Fri 24-Oct-14 12:12:55

I was just thinking about her the other day, and how deeply it affected us when she went missing and how we tried in our own ways to spread the news on Facebook etc. Yes, remembering her with affection, indeed.

Marmight Fri 24-Oct-14 12:20:15

Heavens! It was the beginning of November I think. How time flies. I think we all miss her presence on GN. She was an amazing woman.

Charleygirl Fri 24-Oct-14 12:21:31

Yes, she came into my thoughts the other day- I did not realise that it was a year since we heard the dreadful news.

Granny23 Fri 24-Oct-14 12:23:52

Me too flowers

Mishap Fri 24-Oct-14 12:28:38

Definitely not forgotten - what a character she was! I hope that her family are able to access this thread somehow and can take comfort from the fact that she influenced many of our lives for the better.

Agus Fri 24-Oct-14 12:36:51

Greatnan flowers

thatbags Fri 24-Oct-14 12:53:15

Thanks, gaga, for bringing this up. I often think of Carol and wonder how her family is. She used to write so much about her life and about those of family members. I miss her presence on gransnet.

glassortwo Fri 24-Oct-14 13:28:52

greatnan left a huge hole here on GN I think of her often.
My thoughts are with her family and I wonder how they all are having got through all the firsts this year without

TerriBull Fri 24-Oct-14 13:48:33

It's hard to believe a whole year has passed since greatnan's tragic accident. A prolific poster, she is missed here. I do think about her when I come on to Gransnet.

Such a shame for her family and I'm sad her New Zealand plans never came to fruition.

baubles Fri 24-Oct-14 13:57:17

Greatnan is very much missed flowers

TerriBull Fri 24-Oct-14 14:00:00

I like to think she is having a great time in the after life, but tinged with "oh rats I was wrong after all it didn't all end down there on planet earth"

Who knows though she could be right about that as well!

annodomini Fri 24-Oct-14 14:09:24

She's been in my thoughts this week. She was last seen the Sunday the clocks changed and it was ten days until she was found. Those were terrible days. I'm grateful for having had Carol as a friend and treasure the times I spent with her in 'her' Alps.

kittylester Fri 24-Oct-14 14:09:36

Gransnet is a poorer place without GN flowers

NfkDumpling Fri 24-Oct-14 14:18:01

Strange, i read a post the other day - can't remember about what - but I found myself thinking 'That's just what Greatnan would have said'.
Miss her.

absentgrandma Fri 24-Oct-14 14:40:52

I 'knew' Greatnan through another forum. She was a fiesty poster on that one, and could well hold her own with some of the blokey types who thought they knew it allwink.

I remember reading the news of her disappearance vividly . It was half term and my DD.SIL and GS were here on holiday when one evening I read a headline in the Mail on line. 'OMG' I said,'That's Carol.' I then had to explain how I knew her, which I think my OH and SIL thought slightly men do .

In hindsight her 'signature' was so appropriate....... something like....'I will be a long time in the grave, for now I want adventure'. I admired her independant spirit so much and often wish I had it.

Lilygran Fri 24-Oct-14 16:47:34

I miss her style and jokes. And arguing with her. I can't believe it's a year!

tanith Fri 24-Oct-14 16:55:13

I enjoyed reading her witty and informative posts , Greatnan was a very spirited lady and I also miss her posts...
In my thoughts Greatnan .

nightowl Fri 24-Oct-14 17:10:18

I miss her kindness, as well as her feistiness. She could certainly argue her point, but it was her kindness that always came through in the end. I wish I had been able to meet her as some of you did.

Faye Fri 24-Oct-14 17:17:53

She certainly lived her life to the fullest and went doing what she loved. flowers

janeainsworth Fri 24-Oct-14 17:32:17

Thank you for remembering Gaga.
I never met Carol, but miss her on Gransnet.
It will be a specially hard week for her family.

whenim64 Fri 24-Oct-14 18:06:36

I spent a lovely (sometimes hair-raising) week with Carol last year and remember her as kind and generous with the most wicked sense of humour. She showed me 'her' mountains in the French Alps and we had a great time, celebrating her birthday, driving to see medieval villages, beautiful lakes and stunning vistas across the mountain ranges, then looking in on Gransnet when we got back to her apartment to see what was being said. She'd be happy that we all remember her so fondly.

janerowena Fri 24-Oct-14 18:20:58

I miss her. She was a wise old bird.