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What do you love about being a gran?

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getmehrt Thu 21-Jul-11 13:27:17

For me, it's reading aloud. Rediscovering all those children's books I read with my own kids, and finding new and often much better ones.

Any other thoughts?

lucid Thu 21-Jul-11 14:08:12

Granny cuddles...the best feeling. Doesn't matter how big they get - a teenage cuddle is just as lovely as a toddler one.

grannyactivist Thu 21-Jul-11 14:09:31

I love my grandson to bits, but I do love handing him back to his mum after he's had a long stay and I'm exhausted! (Like now.)

grandmaagain Thu 21-Jul-11 14:17:31


goldengirl Thu 21-Jul-11 18:10:44

Being part of their lives and watching them grow; cuddles; telling them about when I was their age grin

HildaW Thu 21-Jul-11 18:29:54

Watching the little personality develop. As a Mum its all the day to day stuff but now being a once a fortnight Grandma I can see this little person developing from a wonderful beautiful baby to an adorable busy busy chattering 2 and a half year old. Every time he tips his head, looks me straight in the eyes, and says something new its a marvel.

jangly Thu 21-Jul-11 20:36:22

Hilda. That's lovely. smile

artygran Thu 21-Jul-11 20:53:41

When he is in the car just about to go home and he suddenly yells "Stop! Nanny, I can't go without another hug".... then grandad has to have another hug! I agree they are exhausting though - we have just had an afternoon of painting, waterpistols, cushion fights and making a death slide for the action men out of my clothes line and a sock hanger (he's broken one already). He makes us howl with laughter and I wouldn't change a single thing! It's just the best.

Grumpyoldwoman Thu 21-Jul-11 23:20:35

There are a million things ....but the best is the lovely smiles you get when they see you....priceless !!!!
Makes you feel all fuzzy inside !

Littlelegs Fri 22-Jul-11 08:37:02

The best bits are cuddles, smiles, their little arms reaching out for you,
their little voices and the funny things they say, the list is endless -the feelings we get are priceless, a pure blessing every one of them smile

HildaW Fri 22-Jul-11 14:43:49

We had a visit the other he trotted....'Hello Grandma, this is my Mummy and this is my Daddy' a formal introduction - we duly played our parts and all but shook hands (his Mummy is my daughter).

gamzatti Fri 22-Jul-11 15:58:52

So many things!

One - about five years ago, I had been ill, lost a lot of weight and a lot of hair, and was feeling very down and unconfident. I was tying 4 yr old grandson's shoes, ready to play 'football' and he said ' Granny I love you very much'.

Two - a couple of years ago, walking past a cemetery, his little brother, by then nearly five, said ' Granny I don't want you to die, cos I love you more than all the planets in the world'

Best compliments ever!

HildaW Fri 22-Jul-11 19:29:50

gamzatti....thats beautiful.

lyntwin Wed 05-Oct-11 17:56:54

Just looking at our eight week old granddaughter! She's so beautiful!

em Wed 05-Oct-11 18:14:14

HildaW - you tugged at my heartstrings there, as my wee Robbie is at that same stage and it's just wonderful. I love the way his language is developing and he's acquiring new words (or his version of them) so readily. His favourite word at the moment is 'rescue' after a conversation about fire engines. The other day he dropped a brick down the back of a radiator and yelled 'Quick, Gran, rescue my brick'. Pleased to say I did and the brick survived.

Bennan Fri 07-Oct-11 16:11:28

I think that it's seeing the world afresh through their eyes.
My new baby GS smiled at me the other day and I felt wonderful and his brother stayed with us recently and we had a great time. He didn't have any pj's in his bag, obviously an oversight, and spent the night happily in one of Granpa's stripey t-shirts. He thought he looked quite stunning! grin

raggygranny Fri 07-Oct-11 16:15:20

Cuddles - baby smiles - the funny things they say - their trusting little hands in yours - the cards and pictures with 'I love you Granny' in wobbly writing ....

Libradi Fri 07-Oct-11 17:15:54

Got to be the hugs for me, can't get enough of them smile

Baggy Fri 07-Oct-11 19:45:19

Seeing how good a mother my daughter is.

jogginggirl Fri 07-Oct-11 23:18:29

Being told by my 3.5 year-old g/d that she misses me when I am in France......bless her. Being asked by my 2.5 year-old last night, "where the moon gone Grandma?" And being trusted to come up with the right answer smile
But I agree with Baggy I just love seeing how good a mother my daughter is and she is a single parent................also my d-i-l who has recently become main carer for g/d. These girls will make wonderful granny's smilesmile

TillysWorld Thu 27-Oct-11 16:15:12

Our only Grandchild lives in Australia. She is almost 2 years old and we speak to her every week on Skype. We often get a text saying Matilda is shouting for her Granny or Grumps because our son has been on the computer and I'm sure she thinks we live in there. We think technology is so wonderful - when we next arrive in Oz, Matilda will know who we are.

grannyactivist Thu 27-Oct-11 16:28:03

I love that our daughter has trusted us completely with her son and that she is willing for us to co-parent in lots of ways. Like Bagitha I am enjoying watching my daughter grow up to be a loving mother, in very difficult circumstances.

I love that we have unlimited access to our grandson and are such a significant part of his life.

I love his enthusiasm and his strong will and that he adores reading story books with Granny.

I love handing him back to his mum when I'm exhausted after caring for him for a few days. wink

harrigran Thu 27-Oct-11 16:30:13

My youngest GD is just two and she is so polite, if she needs to get past someone she says " 'scuse me " and if you take a biscuit from her and thank her she says " your welcome " It makes my day just to hear her chatter smile

Mamie Thu 27-Oct-11 16:39:09

It is lovely to be in the UK and to spend a precious half-term week with them. I bought them a lovely illustrated version of Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats and they have been chanting bits of Skimbleshanks this afternoon. I had to explain about hunt the thimble, guards, porters and stationmasters!

Butternut Thu 27-Oct-11 17:09:21

Skype.............seeing my son with both kids on his knees, arms tucked around them, teaching them to blow kisses, and knowing he makes a fine father. smile