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What are people buying grandchildren for Christmas?

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SFrncis Fri 18-Nov-16 10:56:35

So, I'm looking for a gift for my granddaughter for Christmas, and thought I'd see what everyone is getting for you own grandchildren... It may even inspire some ideas. I'm currently thinking of something to do with dolls, as she absolutely adores them!

So, what are you getting?

harrigran Fri 18-Nov-16 11:18:46

Brownie accessories and Smiggle things, if you have a GD you will know how desirable the smelly pencil cases and rubbers are. Onesies, MLP and annuals. WiiU and DS games.
When buying dolls', if it is Annabel, I buy tiny baby clothes because they are better made than the brand name dolls' clothes and actually cheaper too.

Granarchist Fri 18-Nov-16 11:44:00

go to ebay and have a trawl thru.
last year I got balance bikes - really good value - one of them I paid £15 for - it was over £100 new - cleaned it off, bit of a paint job - perfect.

Here it is jodhpurs for 4 yr old.
French quilted bedspread for 2 yr old.

they will get tiny little thinks for stockings too.

I'm still struggling for 4 boys 5 and under.

hildajenniJ Fri 18-Nov-16 12:18:50

My DD has asked us to buy pyjama onesies for all of the grandchildren. Apparently Santa Claus is bringing toys, games etc., so they don't need any more from relatives. I've already ordered two, the other two will be ordered next week.

rosesarered Fri 18-Nov-16 13:02:26

Ordered from their wish lists on Amazon ( Christmas shopping all done)tchsmile easy for me, and they get what they want, mainly books dvds a few games and some hats/gloves.

Thingmajig Fri 18-Nov-16 13:21:19

DGD will 3 in a few weeks and is getting a kids camera (from us)for her birthday and a little electric keyboard and a coding (as in computing) caterpillar thing for Christmas. She absolutely loves singing and picks up tunes quickly which is why we got the keyboard. She will also get a few little learning games to keep at our house for when she's here all the time being babysat.

GC number 2 is due in the spring all being well, and she will probably get a new doll from the baby. There are loads of dolly accessories now ... baths, prams, buggies, high chairs etc etc etc so plenty things for a dolly loving wee girl! smile

Jayh Fri 18-Nov-16 13:32:35

I am struggling to think of gifts for my GDs. Their parents are buying them toys and I have small gifts for stockings but what for a main present? I was thinking of money to pay for riding, gymnastics,swimming, ballet, and rock school lessons but OH does not rate this idea. Perhaps I will get them things they need for these classes. Am I being too practical or just a boring old fart? I hate spending money on toys that will be played with for 5 minutes. 😳

tanith Fri 18-Nov-16 13:51:02

Our smallest grandchild 4 is getting a cars and track as he is obsessed with cars and also a balsa wood build it yourself glider as he had one when he spent time with us in the Summer but it broke he and his Dad love building lego together so they can build the glider together. Our granddaughter 11 is getting a few bits and pieces but mainly cash she wants to save for a laptop so that will towards her savings.
All the others are grown up now so we have a secret santa between all the grownups in the family it works really well and no worries about buying all those presents we just spend a good amount on one present.

I think cash for an activity is a perfect solution.

SFrncis Fri 18-Nov-16 14:11:57

Ah it sounds like some lovely ideas you all have! I like the idea of a Onesie, I've seen some really cute ones whilst I've been out shopping!

And Jayh, I personally really like the idea of putting money towards their hobbies, as this is what they love doing! Equally, class things have always gone down quite well in my family.

The sheer amount of dolls accessories online is amazing, kids these days are truly spoilt for choice. I think I'm considering getting something like this: though I'm not entirely sure. What do you guys think?

Greyduster Fri 18-Nov-16 14:12:34

Whenever we ask our GS (nearly ten) what he wants for Christmas, it has been, so far: ”Erm, let me think about it and get back to you!" We know he wants Fifa17 for his X Box, and we are buying that, but he doesn't seem fussed about anything else. I suppose it will be more Lego.🙄 Problem is, it is his birthday at the beginning of February, so we have to think about that one too! The stepgrandsons are easy - two students = cash, please!

Granarchist Fri 18-Nov-16 14:47:20

JayH I think cash towards their hobbies is perfect - its what we do - hence the jodhpurs. Money spent on things that hold their interest for a nano second is not only money wasted but not a good lesson for life.

grannypiper Fri 18-Nov-16 14:48:56

DG will be 9 in a few weeks and her present shall be a box set pf Malory towers books.For Christmas be given she will be given a new dressing gown a cd ( her main present from Mum and s.Dad is a cd player for ) Dg who is 2 will a dressing gown and anything that has wheels.

aggie Fri 18-Nov-16 15:05:02

Our lot are clubbing together for Strictly on tour tickets for all the girls and their Mums . No ideas for the Boys , I was thinking Panto tickets but Santa got in before us , I do a charity thing for everyone else

gillybob Fri 18-Nov-16 15:49:45

My DGC have, (at my request) provided me with a list of things they might like for Christmas. Presumably the same list has been provided to mum and dad and the other grandparents.

DGD1 (10) has asked for new trainers (very specific ones), a new tracksuit, a CD player for her room, the new David Walliams book, A party hits CD, and one of those damned Hatchimals that you can't get for love nor money.

DGD2 (8) has asked for exactly the same as her sister although she would like a different pair of trainers and a different tracksuit.

DGS (6) would like the entire Argos catalogue plus everything on every advert on TV (unless its a girls toy) plus new football boots and a new set of shin pads !

Teetime Fri 18-Nov-16 16:04:32

Football boots for the 12 year old boy - bright orange YUk!!

Monsoon voucher for the 6 year old - pretty girl likes dressing up probably same for the 18 year old girl too.

NonnaW Fri 18-Nov-16 16:24:33

gillybob smile reminds me of when my sons were younger - 'I want that, and that, and that...'

grannypiper Fri 18-Nov-16 16:31:43

Taking the thread on a slightly different route, How much do you spend on each child ? and how much is too much ?friends have just bought their 2 grandsons(3+4 a tv/dvd to share the cost was £289, their mum has spent £300 on each then they will have presents from their Dad and paternal grandparent, thats £500 at least each child will have for Christmas shock

Greyduster Fri 18-Nov-16 16:38:58

Teetime I'm another who is completely underwhelmed by the colour of footie boots these days. GS has a pair of salmon pink ones for wet conditions and a pair of flouro green ones for dry conditions. What happened to the good old brown leather that weighed a ton when wet and had to be clatter in Dubbing. If they were good enough for Stanley Matthews..... grin! And the price shock!

KatyK Fri 18-Nov-16 16:51:01

Ours is 16 so she will have money. We (I) will get her a few bits and bobs, a Boots voucher, a bit of choccy etc.

ginny Fri 18-Nov-16 16:58:10

9 month old DGS is getting a Little Tike car which he will be able to use in the garden next year.

14 year old DGS is getting a voucher for a clay pigeon shooting lesson. We have done this as a family activity and he wants to do it again.

f77ms Fri 18-Nov-16 17:06:16

grannypiper I buy presents when ever I see them but mainly small interesting things which don`t cost a lot . Sometimes even from Charity shops if they are new, sometimes one of the charity gifts ie 12 chickens for a poor family in Africa!! . I am not a scrounger but think that it all gets a bit OTT and puts an enormous amount of pressure on those families who cannot afford it . At Christmas I wrap them all up and put them in a sack , I am told that they love the things I get them .

hulahoop Fri 18-Nov-16 17:22:25

Gs1 Lego + game chocolate gd1 fancy teaset +game chocs gd2 tiny tears game chocs Gs2 trucksand. Jigsaw chocs adults money with bits to open we also play games where little things can be won which all enjoy granny piper I don't know what I spend it differs from year to year try and spend same amount on each child

Pittcity Fri 18-Nov-16 17:25:44

My 5 year old GS would like a typewriter. I am not sure that he knows what one is and probably means a laptop. So I am trawling Ebay and am watching one of each for about £15 each. He may get both!!

callgirl1 Fri 18-Nov-16 17:46:42

I usually spend about £40 on the ones still at school, but this year it`s going to have to be about £30, and £20 on the ones who are working. Youngest will be nearly 9 by Christmas, he`s Star Wars mad, but not into Lego, so not sure what to get for him.

rosesarered Fri 18-Nov-16 19:38:02

We spend about £30 on each of them.Seems plenty to me.