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Buying for adult grandchildren

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BBNan5 Thu 03-Aug-23 13:36:10

Just curious as to how long others carry on buying birthday and Christmas presents for grown up grandchildren? 2 of our 6 gc are in their 20s with good jobs and salary. They don’t buy for us but that’s not really why I’m asking. They mostly like designer clothes etc but we don’t really have a designer pension. Would welcome others views.

Saggi Sat 05-Aug-23 07:49:44

I give to adult children at birthdays and Xmas around £100 per gift …..two grandkids only 11 and 16 and they get about the same spent on them for their Xmas and birthdays.
Also send £20 per month pocket money to both g/kids via ‘Go Henry’….. git enough to last if major catastrophe like roof blowing off!! Well insured anyway for damage. I live alone ….pay my husbands care bill of £1,000 a month ( subsidised )…and live frugally! No holidays. What else you gonna do with it!?

sazz1 Sat 05-Aug-23 13:52:56

I give my 2DS money, and presents to DD to the value of £100 each for birthdays and Xmas. Plus a bottle of wine or spirits for Xmas and tin of biscuits and tin of chocolates.
3DGC get money for the 2 eldest (15 and 12) and presents for youngest aged 7, £60 each for Xmas and birthday unless they ask for something for a present.
I used to buy presents for the whole family 18 adults and children, sisters, nieces, nephew, great neices and nephews each Xmas when I was working but since retirement and moving to Devon I can't afford this anymore. Most of them never even bothered to say thanks or send a card anyway.