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soops kindly kitcheners and perfect pampered pets.

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soop Sat 14-Jan-17 17:45:15

This kitchen will be ready for those who care to

Izabella Sat 14-Jan-17 18:01:39

Will just put some shoes on and will be over after pots put away .....

Izabella Sat 14-Jan-17 18:06:37

incidentally, I made cheese scones earlier if anyone wants one? The cheese seemed a tad bland so I put in some paprika. They are soooooo good. I am only allowed one so made the best of it.

Crafting Sat 14-Jan-17 20:10:21

Wow Izabella nice scones. Need something to warm me up.

Glad Rory back home safely soop and that he's still prepared to be friends with MacS. Reminds me of the time I had to have one of my dogs (tiny little yorkie) operated on in London. She was away for 5 days and we were so very worried about her. Can't tell you how emotional we were when we went to collect her. She was so overcome with happiness to see us, we had all the other pet owners in the waiting room in tears smile

Sorry you are feeling so poorly Galen. Hope your Gary is around if you need anything from the shops etc. Not nice to be alone when you are ill. Hope you feel better tomorrow. P.S. I was shocked to see your name mentioned as part of a clique too. It would never have occured to me.

I haven't got any perfectly pampered pets but I do have a perfectly pampered DH. Can he pop into the kitchen sometimes (he loves cupcake and is very housetrained) grin

Izabella Sat 14-Jan-17 22:50:10

Our PPP (cat) is currently snoring in the corner from the comfort of her heated bed. 🐈

Nelliemoser Sat 14-Jan-17 23:42:17

Hello Kitcheners, I see the new place is already occupied. Too late to party tonight. I am just having my final cup of tea and then off to get my hotwater bottle.

callgirl1 Sun 15-Jan-17 00:12:50

Oooh, I like the new kitchen, so spacious, yet so cosy, and still with the same beautiful views, and Rory, of course.

Bellanonna Sun 15-Jan-17 00:42:51

I've just had a lovely warm cheese scone. Thank you Izabella. I don't come in here often but I wanted to admire the new kitchen. It's lovely! How many is that now soop? Thank you for letting us come in and for always making everyone so welcome. See you soonπŸ™‚

cornergran Sun 15-Jan-17 00:49:14

A frustrating sort of a day seems to have encouraged a frustrating sort of a night where sleep is elusive so enjoying sitting here quietly rather than listening to Mr C rattle the windows snoring. Am I envious of his ability to sleep? Oh yes! envy envy.

Bellanonna Sun 15-Jan-17 00:52:35

Me too Corner. Mine has been asleep for ages. I decided to watch Montalbano and now I'm wide awake. Hope you sleep soon πŸ’€πŸŒ™

cornergran Sun 15-Jan-17 01:01:24

Thank you, bellanonna, you too. It's too chilly to get out of bed, I think this is what the iPad was invented for!

grannyqueenie Sun 15-Jan-17 01:43:42

Very late to the party, but I do have some yummy lemon drizzle cake that needs eating up tomorrow. I've had a busy day with an old friend staying (hence the cake making!), but having sat up late chatting to my pal am now of course lying wide awake. My old boy, who went to bed at a sensible time, is sound asleep, but thankfully not snoring.........yet grin. Hope you're getting some shut eye
cornergran and bellanona Even in the wee small hours the kitchen feels warm and welcoming, a neccessary haven these days methinks!

kittylester Sun 15-Jan-17 08:13:01

Good morning all - love the new kitchen! I've brought some cupcakes from the batch I made yesterday to take to the care home. It's Mum's 93rd birthday today so I made dozens. I hope she is in a good mood today - one of my brothers went yesterday and she ignored him and his wife but ate 2 chocolate explains he took! She's a real b****r. And to think that a year ago she came home from hospital on end of life care!

I hope the non-sleepers eventually got some - it's horrid being the only person awake.

Now. I'm off to see what was happening before the old kitchen was shut.

cornergran Sun 15-Jan-17 08:27:10

Not enough sleep, kitty, so very grumpy right now. I'm sure the mood will lift later. sunshine

annsixty Sun 15-Jan-17 08:58:38

Good morning. I had to do the same checking kitty as I didn't realise we had moved, it was an evacuation rather than a closure I see.
Life is proving rather challenging in our household so I am ready for a good natter. I took your advice NandG and ordered another new handbag online, I am becoming a handbag junky.😈

Charleygirl Sun 15-Jan-17 09:12:50

I slept well last night and would possibly still be slumbering if my beautiful 4 legged friend had not started screaming in my bedroom and tearing at the woodwork. She is now out-if it is too cold, she knows that surprisingly there is still a place for her here. Any takers? I can supply at least 4 months food.

Much as I would love to test the cakes, I have lost 4kilos and intend to continue losing weight so I will leave the cake testing to others.

ann I would be in prison I think after a few days in your house. I do not have your patience.

It is a dull, miserable cold day in NW London.

DaphneBroon Sun 15-Jan-17 09:17:15

It was getting a bit lonely in the old kitchen, just anno and me by the hearth's cooling embers, , a few crumbs in an empty cake tin, the scuttling of a stray hungry 🐭 and just the sighing of the wind outside for company. . . .πŸ’¨β˜”οΈπŸŒͺ

However this one looks nice smile do I spy a 🌈? And even a brew and cupcakecupcake
Wondering now how long this ruddy virus can last? A couple of days of feeling moderately human and then I wake up sneezing and coughing againsad
I want to get my life back - please?
Annsixty I am sorry things are sounding "challenging", at this rate you will have a fine collection of handbags (very comforting they are too)
What is this one like? (Vicarious pleasure!)

NanaandGrampy Sun 15-Jan-17 09:33:18

Morning all !

Don't you hate it when you're sound asleep and you get a cramp in your leg and you have to throw your self out of bed to stretch it out ??I was NOT ready to wake up !!!!! Grumble grumble moan moan oooooh cheese scones...don't mind if I do!!

Hello all, isn't this nice? Don't mind me , Ill sit over here with my full on coughing and sneezing , you'll hardly know I'm here.

Hope the poorly sleepers grab an afternoon nap- its so civilised !

It would be lovely to see your well trained DH here Crafty . Maybe Grampy could join him.

Ann there's nothing a new handbag wont cure ( for me its crafting items lol) Do tell...what's it like? I got a lovely new Fiorelli bag for Christmas chosen for just the right amount of dinky little pockets, the perfect length handles and shoulder strap. I am loving it !!

Congratulations * Charlie* on your weight loss. How is so easy to put it on and so very hard to lose it !!

We had a lovely visit ( despite the germs) from our eldest daughter and DGD last night. Our granddaughter is growing so fast , it was a pleasure to spend some time with them. Rashly, I decided to make a rice pudding for dessert not having made one for many years.

OH DEAR, it was solid when I took it out the oven. Not a scrap of liquid left > God knows what I did but if anyone needs a rice pudding doorstep .....speak up!!

Any hints and tips welcome x

grannyqueenie Sun 15-Jan-17 09:36:15

Thought this little chap, who I spotted on a sunny Yorkshire walk yesterday, might cheer up some grumpy weary folk sitting by the kitchen fire smile. Shame about today's weather, wet and dreich.
So Imelda Marcos was the queen of shoes, I nominate ann to take up that position for handbags!
Sorry to hear that poorly people are stil feeling rotten, hope the day gets brighter as it goes on

annsixty Sun 15-Jan-17 09:54:51

My latest hasn't arrived yet so when it does I will send a picture along with the one I bought myself for C.......s which hasn't seen the light of day yet.
I also bought a Tassimo coffee maker which I do not like at all!!!

NanaandGrampy Sun 15-Jan-17 10:11:41

Love the picture Granniequeenie , what is it about robins that is so cheery. We have one/some ( hard to say) that visit us and our grandchildren are enthralled by them.

Oh ann no, what don't you like about your Tassimo? I love mine ( in fact this might be its 3rd reincarnation )smile

annsixty Sun 15-Jan-17 10:25:43

Well there is a fault with it which doesn't help. The button you press to start the process has to be held in so it is going back. Then, the Americano is too strong, the Latte too weak, the only one OK is a Macciato? Latte. H doesn't like any, no surprise there then.

annodomini Sun 15-Jan-17 10:27:07

N&G, what about cutting your rice pud into slices and frying them for brunch? No, I wouldn't eat them either but somebody might! What a dreich day it is here. The sky is uniformly grey and I can't think of any good reason to go outside. Going back to bed seems like an excellent idea!

glammanana Sun 15-Jan-17 11:14:53

Just popping in to visit for a short while,I never seem to have time to stop and chat but I will have more time from next month when I finish work full time,it looks very cosy in here and I have left two nice fluffy fleeces in cherry red to keep on your knees if anyone feels a wee bit chilly.
Oliver is over his operation and is very very back to normal he is so full of cheekiness then looks at you as though butter wouldn't melt,he has certainly grown and is going to be a big chap he is just 7mths old to-day.

NanaandGrampy Sun 15-Jan-17 11:21:10

I did wonder about putting the door step rice pud out for the birds but wasn't sure if it would be good for them anno ( they certainly wouldn't be flying much afterwards lol)

Oliver is gorgeousGlamma .

Oh that's a bugger ann . You can water down your Americans by pressing the brew button ( I think) and that adds extra hot water. On the Tassimo web site I think there's a 'sample' pack that might help your choices. Grampy drinks black coffee and favours the American Smooth or the Breakfast coffee one. ( I could easily send you a couple of each to try !) x

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