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soop's kitchen for friendly folk and precious pets.

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soop Wed 22-Mar-17 13:27:57

Here we are again...
Happy as can be
All good pals and jolly good company.

Make yourselves comfortable. I shall pop in later with a few treats.

Greyduster Wed 22-Mar-17 14:07:52

Well, what a blessing the kitchen is and I'm sure this one will be as comfy and welcoming as the last one!
Ann I read your post this morning and my heart sank. I did so hope you would get something positive out of your weekend away. Please accept a hug from me!
Well, I toddled off to the dental hospital this morning for what I thought would be a farewell appointment, having been treated for something they now tell me was probably stress related. All my blood tests were good, but there was nothing they needed to do for the irritation on my tongue. Okay, I thought, I can deal with that. Then she said she wasn't happy with a small white patch on my lip (that I hadn't even noticed and presumably neither they nor my dentist noticed it a few months ago!). They took a photo and now I have to go and have a bloomin' biopsy. It is one damn thing after another at the moment, but I will count my blessings until I find out one way or the other. Off now to pick GS up from school; DD has a job interview this afternoon.

Swanny Wed 22-Mar-17 15:10:36

Hello Greyduster and thanks for leaving the kitchen door open for us lot. Sorry to hear about the blip on the lip and I hope things go well at your DD's interview.

Off to have my first sleepover at DGS's house shortly. He was very excited about it yesterday, just hope he is still happy when he realises I'll be sharing his bedroom smile His parents are going out, which they don't usually do mid-week, so I'm responsible for bedtime stories tonight. Yippee grin

soop Wed 22-Mar-17 15:38:22

Hello Greyduster You are so right. Sometimes life throws one difficulty after another into the ring. The positive outcome is that the patch has been seen by someone who will start the ball rolling. If you need treatment...the sooner the better. If not...we'll have good reason to celebrate.
I'm hoping that your daughter's interview is successful.

Swanny I'm a tad envious. I would love to be sharing a bedroom with our young grandson. I doubt that we'd have time to sleep. There would stories and giggles galore. Yippee indeed. Enjoy!

The visit to the nurse, caused me a hell of a lot of pain some discomfort. The dressing on my shin had stuck firm to the raw flesh. MacS held my hand as it was peeled away. It's a horrible deep wound. It is not infected. I've several dressings and a brown iodine paste which I'm to use once each week. I've also to continue seeing the nurse on a weekly basis - and, don't laff, I'm supposed to sit in a chair with the leg elevated until ...who knows when.

kittylester Wed 22-Mar-17 16:32:44

Phew, glad I found you. I've brought bubbly but won't waste it by cracking it over anything - I'll just pour it out.

Ouch, soop, you can have first glass as you were so brave and 2 glasses for Ann, who was also brave enough to try. winewinewine

I don't think you should have any swanny, you need to keep your wits about you.grin

Soop - put that leg up!!

Bellanonna Wed 22-Mar-17 16:33:21

Nice to see the new kitchen up and running soop but I winced at your description of the change of dressing. My friend had something similar and unfortunately it does take a while to get better. Best news is that it's not infected. Thank goodness McS took you to A&E so quickly. Bless him. Well if you're meant to keep the leg elevated, then jolly well do it ! Read, sketch, watch some c**p daytime telly, whatever. Just keep thst leg UP. X

MawBroon Wed 22-Mar-17 16:37:47

Oh Soop ouchy! You brave little soldier though. Now for pity's sake keep that leg elevated and get it healed ! You have a lot to look forward to this summer and you don't want to be hirpling around like a 3 legged pony 🐴 do you?

dustyangel Wed 22-Mar-17 16:45:01

Right, I'm popping in for a for a quick cuppa while there is a free chair! I've still got ten pages of the old kitchen to catch up with but the days seem to whizz by when you are all chatting. wink

Greyduster I'm sorry your dental problems have been ongoing, and realise you must feel very worried now. Hopefully as no one noticed your white patch through all of this it can't be changing/growing very quickly and there will be nothing to be concerned about.

Swanny Wed 22-Mar-17 16:46:56

MawBroon what a lovely word! Hirpling - don't know what it means but it sounds complicated grin

kitty yes I need my wits about me but maybe there'll be some dregs for me to swill when I get back in the morning grin

Bellanonna Wed 22-Mar-17 16:50:45

Greyduster that was very astute of your dentist. Here's to a happy outcome. It's horrible waiting though.

dustyangel Wed 22-Mar-17 16:51:59

My post was supposed to appear straight after Greyduster's but I've had two lots of visitors since then and I obviously didn't press post. hmm

I promise I didn't hear glasses clinking before I called in!

soop that sounds so painful. flowers for you and some more flowers for all the others coping with buggerations of all kinds.

Charleygirl Wed 22-Mar-17 16:54:12

Oh soop definitely not nice- have you read what the others have said or would you like me to explain it much clearer?! Seriously it is not practical to do it all of the time but whenever you get a chance, please elevate it. Hopefully the pain will lessen as the days go by.

The 3 fellows have been beavering away today and what a difference it has made. The work indoors will not be finished today- one I think thought that there was only side to the likes of the bathroom doors so it is a clean fresh white one side and a dingy yellow on the inside. That will be rectified tomorrow.

It makes such a difference the boss being here, it is nearly 5pm normally the house has one occupant, me, from 3pm or like yesterday, mid day.

Hopefully if the weather improves the re-pointing can start again tomorrow. The gable end has not been finished yet. Never, ever again.

Bellanonna Wed 22-Mar-17 16:55:34

ann you must go and have a break. If your lovely GD is willing, then a day and night away from all the worries will recharge the batteries. It's having such an effect on you thst I really think you need to do something. Would you be able to have a professional person come for a couple of days? Thst way H would be in his own surroundings, and if the "sitter" is used to dementia she will cope with it. If you could just have little breaks every few weeks it would do you good. Just a thought.

soop Wed 22-Mar-17 16:57:17

kitty Luverly bubberly. Yes please. I've some freshly squeezed orange juice. Bucks Fizz all round.

Dear Bellanonna I'm seated side saddle beside the computer. Leg up on one of the boxes containing posh frocks.

MawB I'm going to add 'hirpling' to my upmarket vocabulary. grin

Tippy22 Wed 22-Mar-17 17:02:54

There's a spare bottle of bubbly here if anyone's in need. People have been more than generous on my birthday.

soop Wed 22-Mar-17 17:08:06

CharleyG Leg up. I promise. What's far more important, is that we shall not permit you to suffer the likes of the last few weeks EVER AGAIN...yes, I'm shouting.

It's lovely to have you back with us, dusty. There is ample room for every visitor. The more the merrier. grin

Swanny us lot will be sure to save you a cocktail or two. We're a caring/sharing bunch.

ann Bella's suggestion makes perfect sense. The sitter needs to be well practised in the art of dementia by the barrow-load.

soop Wed 22-Mar-17 17:13:48

Welcome Tippy22 The spare bottle of bubbly won't go to waste. Of that you can be certain. wink

MacSporran has asked me (very nicely) to print out some boring committee notes. I agreed to do so about hmm an hour ago.

I shall hirple away and ask to which notes he's referring.

Glad our new kitchen is cosy and that no one needs to wander around in the dark.

Until tomorrow. smile moon

callgirl1 Wed 22-Mar-17 17:32:39

I`m a bit late coming to inspect this beautiful new kitchen extension, I`ve been watching the BBC news channel, taking in what has happened in London this afternoon. What a terrible, tragic occurrence, my heart goes out to those injured, and to their families, especially the families of those killed.
Ann, so sorry your weekend was such a nightmare, but at least you tried.
Soop, I said an almighty OUCH! when reading your description of the dressings being removed! Sympathy.

Gagagran Wed 22-Mar-17 18:07:25

Oh dear soop you have all my sympathies for your injury as I suffered a very similar one some years ago.

My DH had decided to polish the bath (don't ask!) which was then, unbeknown to me, just like ice. In I got and down I went "a over t" and banged my right shin very hard on the taps. Sundry other bruises too but the shin was the worst. It came up in a huge haematoma which developed into a deep ulcer. I had to go for twice weekly iodine dressings with the surgery nurse but here's the bad news - it took 6 months to heal and I have an ugly scar and big dent to this day. Hope you fare better than I did!

TriciaF Wed 22-Mar-17 18:30:04

soop Poor you!
You should never have dressings sticking to a wound like that shock
There are special dressings that prevent it, not just those I mentioned earlier ie:
There's a type of impregnated gauze which goes between the wound and any dressing you put over it.
An oldfashioned Doctor here treated my worst wound with gentian violet - I think it's banned in the UK.

Charleygirl Wed 22-Mar-17 18:51:28

At school I bumped into a nun and ended up with the large pot of tea contents on my forearm. I do not know who did it but they should have been strung and quartered putting elastoplast straight on to a large but superficial burn. Without that, I would not have a scar. Removing the elastoplast was a joy as you can imagine.

annsixty Wed 22-Mar-17 19:58:13

TriciaF what memories you recalled for me of gentian violet. I remember children with scabies and other nasties being treated with it. Also children with lice having their heads shaved. Was that gentian violet or something else? I do remember they wore knitted pixie hoods. They were awfully sad times

cornergran Wed 22-Mar-17 20:56:29

Ouch indeed soop, wishing you and your leg much rest and elevation.

That's an observant dentist greyduster, I know it's going to worry you, but best to get the biopsy done. Good that most of the dental stuff is over, and very good that your daughter has an interview. Hope it went well.

Sounds a better day charley, goodness, should you paint two sides of a door? Now I know why ours look so odd ...........

Galen Wed 22-Mar-17 21:02:51

Gentian violet was usually used for impetigo

Charleygirl Wed 22-Mar-17 21:16:56

One fellow did not switch off a light and did not clear up after himself. After they have left permanently I will be horrified I think when I receive my next electricity bill. It appears to be the done thing to charge up tools here rather than doing it at home, spending their money when a subsidiary of the RBS can easily pay.

I still have the small matter of the electrician refusing to finish what he started and unfortunately the builder paid him. I am not sure if he knows how far I will take the matter but he may soon find out if I decide to go to the small claims court.

I have a hospital appointment tomorrow early am so at least I will be out of the house until at least lunchtime but when the cat's away the mice will play, that is the downside.

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