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Anyone ever had a dream and then it happened in real life?

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sazz1 Thu 04-Feb-21 11:34:27

Ok so I rarely remember dreams but 2 nights ago I dreamed I won the lottery! As I only do the lottery about once every few months I thought it strange but had one line anyway yesterday for fun. I had an email saying I had won a prize - first time to win anything. It was only a few pounds for 3 numbers so not life changing but seems a strange coincidence that I'd dreamed of winning.
Anyone else ever had a dream come true?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 04-Feb-21 13:16:30

I also rarely dream and recall just two. Sorry, one's rather sad. One night I dreamt vividly about Mum dying. I was very agitated and couldn't get back to sleep. It worried me greatly. Next day Mum was taken to hospital and passed away before I could see her.

The second is puzzling. Soon after England won the Rugby World Cup I dreamt about Jonny Wilkinson being in a car accident. Why would that be? There's no emotional connection apart from being thrilled when his kick went over the crossbar - as with many a rugby fan. Later there was a news report that he'd been in an accident - thankfully minor and no awful injuries. Isn't that peculiar?

I never dream about winning lotto numbers or the winning horse at Newmarket - it doesn't work that way, I'm afraid!

Mapleleaf Thu 04-Feb-21 18:58:15

I had a vivid dream about being in the staff canteen of the office block I used to work in many years ago, which was on the 9th floor, when I looked out of the window to see an aircraft approaching our office block. I woke up with a start, and thought how bizarre, especially as I no longer worked in that place and hadn't for many years, so thought it odd to be dreaming of being back there with something sinister happening. The next day at work we all heard the dreadful news of the twin towers in New York.
It still gives me a shiver thinking about it.

Scentia Thu 04-Feb-21 19:05:08

Both times my DD has announced a pregnancy I had dreamt it a few nights before. No lie😆

Hithere Thu 04-Feb-21 20:17:01

Yes, happened to me several times.

Always puts me on guard when the deja vu is felt

sazz1 Fri 05-Feb-21 10:42:07

I couldn't believe it when it happened as I'm not a regular player and just picked random numbers. It's not the money as not much but the fact it came true that shocked me

timetogo2016 Fri 05-Feb-21 10:47:41

I dreamt my son was in a car accident on the m5 at a specific junction,only to find out the day after he was indeed in a car accident on the m5 at that junction.
He and dil was absolutely fine but i cried for days and felt physically ill.

harrigran Fri 05-Feb-21 11:38:36

Yes I have had dreams about my health and that of DH and in each case the diagnosis was the same as in my dream.
I think that I was probably picking up on symptoms and my brain was urging me to seek attention.
I hope last night's dream does not come true as I was out looking for a new car wearing winter boots but also had on a blue nylon quilted dressing gown.

M0nica Fri 05-Feb-21 12:34:36

I had a university interview in Newcastle. I lived in London. The night before I had a vivid dream of getting off the tube and walking through the crowds and up into Kings Cross Station, and as I came up the stairs into the station, the platform was directly opposite and the train had gone, I had missed it.

The next morning I set off from home to catch my train. The tube station at Kings Cross was exactly like the dream, the stairs going up to the platforms were the same nI had dreamed, the platform was exactly opposite the stairs, as I had dreamed and the train sign was up but the platform was empty.

In utter panic I looked at my watch. It said 8.30, my train was not until 10.00. I had been so scared by the dream, I had left home far too early and ended up arriving at the station an hour and a half early.

At the time I had no memory of ever having been to Kings Cross station before but my mother told me later that I had been to Kings Cross a couple of times as a small child, which explained my dream accuracy.

EllanVannin Fri 05-Feb-21 12:47:42

I've yet to meet the " large lady in the beige coat " that I recently dreamed about. It was so vivid and she even had a face and grey hair. Never said a word, just looked at me as she sat beside me. I'll await my fate grin
In the past my dreams have held significance and used to scare me at times but not so much now. I tend to forget what I've dreamt about.

sunseeker Fri 05-Feb-21 13:18:12

Several years ago I was due to go on holiday but my best friend was seriously ill and I said I wouldn't go, she insisted she would be OK and I should go.

Whilst I was away I had a dream that she ran past me in the street (she was in a wheelchair by that time), in the dream I grabbed her arm and asked what she was doing - she replied "It's OK - I'm alright now". When I got back home I found she had died the day before my dream. I still believe it was her way of telling me she was gone but that she was OK

Foxglove77 Fri 05-Feb-21 13:27:34

I had a dream after the event. We bred a small flock of sheep and one day we couldn't find one of newborn twin lambs. We looked everywhere but no luck. That night I had a vivid dream that the lamb was poorly and a fox ran into the field and took it away. It was more than likely what really happened.

gillyknits Fri 05-Feb-21 13:27:48

Not my dream but my husband’s. We were invited to our nieces wedding and the night before, my husband dreamt that the brides grandmother and I were wearing the same outfit. She was in her eighties and I was in my fifties so I just laughed and said it wouldn’t happen. Turn up at the wedding and there she was ,in exactly the same outfit. I just said “ This shows we’ve got good taste and laughed it off” She sat there stoney faced and didn’t reply!

grannyrebel7 Fri 05-Feb-21 13:32:07

I haven't had any predictive dreams myself, but a friend of mine has. Like Mapleleaf she also dreamt about the twin towers before it happened. When I visited her once she told me that she'd dreamt about a man with a long black beard and middle eastern clothing lying dead on her sofa. The next day it was announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. Weird isn't?

Witzend Fri 05-Feb-21 13:35:34

Not exactly, but a couple of years ago I had an unprecedented and incredibly vivid dream that I was pregnant (!) but even in my dream I knew I couldn’t possibly be, and woke up.

Just a couple of days later I heard from a dd of a ‘surprise’ pregnancy (they already had 2 little dcs). She’d known for over a week but she and SiL had been through a very worrying time because at a scan they’d been told that the baby was highly likely to have a significant disability.

In fact other tests proved that this was not the case - she only told me once she’d had the good news.
I’m sure my dream was the result of some sort of telepathy at a time when dd was so worried.
My mother was sometimes acutely telepathic over long distances (only ever when someone was in distress) but this was the first time anything of the sort happened to me.

Dee1012 Fri 05-Feb-21 13:36:30

I'd had the same dream on a few occasions that I was in very unusual courtyard...almost dickensian in it's look. I could hear shouting in the distance and I was so scared - an utter feeling of dread.
I'd wake up quite distressed.
Many years later on a visit to Krakow, we were in the Jewish quarter looking for a coffee shop that had been recommended and on going down an alleyway, found myself in the same "courtyard" of my dream.
I can't explain it.

Blinko Fri 05-Feb-21 19:09:23

In my dream, I wandered into a London pub where they were playing darts in a local derby. The prize was a cup, to my surprise it was named after my brother. Strange, but I gave it no further thought.

Three months later, my brother died in a car crash. The darts team at his office approached my father to ask if they could name a darts trophy in his honour.

Tanjamaltija Sat 06-Feb-21 10:06:22

I dreamed that I was lying down on the bed, face up, reading, and a plane passed overhead (we are as the crow flies to the airport but planes never pass over us) and I could see it (i.e. no ceiling). The next morning, there was an emergency crash landing in a direct line from our house.

Tanjamaltija Sat 06-Feb-21 10:09:04

I dreamed of a vast open space, sea and sky, no buildings, and the sea was a bit rough (white horses). The next morning, I was due to interview an artist, and when I walked into the studio, the same scene was in a painting that took up a whole wall. I went white, and he asked what the matter was, and I told him.

LeeN137 Sat 06-Feb-21 10:24:39

I used to have little bursts of prophetic dreams. I would have a dream that would come true 6 months later - in the meantime, I'd have other dreams that came true more quickly, then I'd go for several months without anything.

Sadly, none of them were about the lottery (or the pools, back then).

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 06-Feb-21 10:31:26

I dreamt I was taking rubbish to the tip in Aberdeen, while I was getting rid of stuff and white Merc came out of nowhere and ran into my car. Later that week I was at that tip, as i was dumping the bits, a white Merc reversed into my car!!

Elijah Sat 06-Feb-21 10:36:54

I sometimes dream and later(can be days or weeks) I find I'm reliving my dream! I deliberately change things so it does run the same buts happened quiet a few times😏

micky987 Sat 06-Feb-21 10:39:55

My 2 sons recently keep having dreams that come true but mostly day to day things which pan out exactly as they’ve seen them. A bit like de-ja-vu but they remember them being a dream from only a few nights previously. I’ve had a few but many years ago I had a very vivid dream where I realised the initials MMM would be significant in my life. I looked for it many times in my life until 30 years later on my 2nd marriage to the love of my life I realised that MMM are now my initials. Another dream about 30 years ago was where a plane came down and crashed onto a motorway somewhere in England and it rolled down the embankment. There was so much detail as it was a very vivid dream. Then later on the news, they reported it happening just as I had seen it...

TrendyNannie6 Sat 06-Feb-21 10:42:03

No, I’ve never had a dream come true, mind you I wouldn’t have minded 😂

annifrance Sat 06-Feb-21 10:42:05

Dreamed a plane crash on a big wide road near our house. A few days later exactly same crash at Dan Francisco airport. sadly in both many died and others were badly burned.

One dream I found my pony lane with a bad gash on his leg. same happened two days later.

A week before my son was born I dreamed giving birth to him. it was very comforting.