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Hips and knees, mainly knees.

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soontobe Sat 29-Nov-14 18:39:15

I know of so many people in their 70s and 80s who have had replacement hips and knees.

I have spent half my life in a house, and the other half in a bungalow.
I am wondering if my knees in particular could benefit from using steps more?
We have steps outside which I could easily go up and down more.

I suppose what I am asking is, if hips and knees wear out, is it advisable to exercise them more, or not?
[I dont do much exercise. Not sure if that is relevant or not].

Jenty61 Sat 29-Nov-14 19:10:51

You need light exercise to keep the joints moving....I sit in my armchair and exercise my knees whilst I'm watching TV...

pompa Sat 29-Nov-14 19:15:07

I have always thought that non-impact exercise was good for joints. ie, cycling, walking, swimming etc, but not running/jogging.
But as I never ran/jogged, but did walk and cycle and have had a knee and hip replaced, it's a load of rubbish. I suspect Judo + a fall from a ladder did for my knee.

soontobe Sat 29-Nov-14 19:19:04

I quite agree about light exercise.

I omitted from my post, that the people have been very active in life. Not as in exercise classes, but helping with manual work as well as lots of housework[trying not to be too specific here].

I think they may well have worn out their hips and knees.
So I presume that we can overdo it in that regard?

soontobe Sat 29-Nov-14 19:25:20

Not sure about all of it pompa.
I am all confused about exercise in general [realises that this thread should probably have been in the exercise section and not health].

I do know I need to regularly do more.
Perhaps there is not much chance of me overdoing it exercise wise anyway, so makes my question obsolete.

I slipped on a cooked apple piece about 4 years ago, and it affected both knees. I had physio, but they have never been quite the same since[nothing serious I dont think]. Not the same as falling from a ladder shock

tanith Sat 29-Nov-14 19:35:40

My sister has what her doctor called 'bungalow knees', caused by living in a bungalow for years and not going up steps... she has pain and weekness in her knees . He advised her to use the steps in her garden to excercise on every day .
I have O/A caused by heavy lifting for 20yrs in my job, its led to a hip/replacement 8 yrs ago and the other hip and both knees are on the way too...

tanith Sat 29-Nov-14 19:37:21

Sorry that post went before I was finished... I don't think you will wear out your joints by doing moderate excercises it takes years of heavy overuse or damage by accidents is the usual way joints are so damaged they need to be replaced...

NfkDumpling Sat 29-Nov-14 19:50:28

Good to hear about bungalow knees tanith. My DH has been muttering about moving to a bungalow - and I don't want to. Not for a long while yet anyway. I think I'm heading towards a replacement knee in the next year or so - going downhill is getting to be a problem and stairs are taken left leg leading. Can't walk too far either. I do wonder sometimes if I shouldn't walk much and should save what joint there is left for emergencies!

pompa Sat 29-Nov-14 19:53:52

Regardless of joints, exercise has so many other advantages on physical and mental well being.

soontobe Sat 29-Nov-14 22:00:54

I had never heard of bungalow knees before. Thank you tanith.
I noticed a difference for the better in my knees, even in just a few hours of going up and down the stairs at my mother's house.

I think the way for me to go is moderate exercise.
I am a great believer in things in moderation, so that makes sense.
More steps for me!

ginny Sun 30-Nov-14 00:45:06

I think gentle exercise is good for most joints . It would probably be a good idea to use stairs if and when you can. This will also keep leg muscles stronger. As they say use it or loose it!

soontobe Sun 30-Nov-14 07:35:51

The town I go to is on the flat, and most shops and buildings only have one storey that is public. So stairs are in short supply.
I suspect my leg muscles are weaker than they should be.

Ariadne Sun 30-Nov-14 10:00:44

There have been lots of threads about hips and knees recently - especially from pompa and me! (New knee in April, new hip 17th December)

Exercise is vital, and even more so before and after these operations. But it is better to be taking regular exercise regularly, obviously - that is a well known fact. Even when one is on pain, as I am, there are exercises with which one can cope, or which one can adapt. After all, there is a cardio vascular system to be kept healthy.

annodomini Sun 30-Nov-14 10:24:53

My best physiotherapy after a hip replacement was my rather steep stairway - I don't even have a downstairs loo, so a good many times a day I was heaving myself up and downstairs. I also had a daily walk, going a little further each time until I was able to go to and from the corner shop which was a triumph!

ginny Sun 30-Nov-14 11:30:00

My second knee is nearly two weeks old now. Physio's wil give you a variety of excercises. It is just as important to be able to straighten your leg / knee as it is to bend it. Actually I find going up and down stairs ( with a crutch at the moment ) the easiest exercise I have to do !

Riverwalk Sun 30-Nov-14 11:45:16

Oh, Tanith the phrase 'Bungalow Knees' sounds so awful, worse than Dowager's Hump grin

I live in a ground floor flat so am at risk of BKs!

It's a gloriously sunny day in London and I'm just back from a two-hour park/city walk with my best friend. I told her about BKs so we endeavoured to trot up and down any steps we came across - of course most were full of wet slippery leaves.

tanith Sun 30-Nov-14 12:44:01

I thought it was awful too Riverwalk but that is what the man said grin do you not have steps in the building of your flat that you could practice on every day... The GP told my sister that it makes all the leg muscles weak not just the knees so she trots down the garden most days for a few minutes up and downing... grin
I don't have a downstairs loo I trot up and down my stairs many times in a day.. hopefully I'll never get BKS lol

soontobe Sun 30-Nov-14 13:58:09

I have thought that some of my leg muscles were weak for a while now. grr.

I will look up the threads about knees and hips, thanks.

Iam64 Mon 01-Dec-14 08:52:33

Walking is good for the body as well as for the soul. I'd be more concerned about my joints seizing up and my muscles getting weaker, than them getting worn out by keeping moving.

soontobe Mon 01-Dec-14 09:08:53

I dont know anything about joints seizing. I didnt know they could.
I probably do do enough gentle walking.

Soutra Mon 01-Dec-14 10:52:13

WD40 usually does the trick for me grin

pompa Mon 01-Dec-14 10:54:13

Wd40 ?, must taste awful.

Elegran Mon 01-Dec-14 11:26:14

It needs to be very well diluted - about a quarter of a drop of WD40 to a bottle of gin should make you lubricated enough.

Elegran Mon 01-Dec-14 11:27:58

PS - grin #justjokingincaseanyonetakesitseriously

petallus Mon 01-Dec-14 11:35:52

Ariadne are you having your hip done this December? If so, it will be two days after I have me (15th December). So many 'hips' about at the moment on GN!

I don't particularly like walking (I find it boring) so I rely on my stairs for exercise.