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Help calm me. House buying and selling stress *Part 9*

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Spice101 Sun 08-May-22 05:26:43

Part 9

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karmalady Thu 12-May-22 17:34:44

Shandy very well done on all that organising/project management. Definitely the end is in sight now. What floor did you decide on? I don`t blame you at all camping at your house, it won`t be comfortable but it is all yours and yes, you will survive four days. Make sure to take progress photos every evening when you are on your own, then file them safely

Shandy57 Thu 12-May-22 17:49:54

Just having the timber floorboards karmalady, don't have the budget for anything beautiful. Hope they aren't terribly splintery.

The quote for the insurance company to replace the pongy water damaged lounge carpet was £800 for something very plain, so looking at having to save £3K plus underlay costs to replace them all.

Franbern Thu 12-May-22 18:27:07

Very well done, Shandy for taking control and starting to get things sorted re. your floor! Be so good to get this sorted out before Autumn. Think you are far better 'camping out' in your home whilst this work is being carried out - and also better for your pets. Will you have somewhere with hot water for washing? I know that living through it will seem like eternity - but four days is not really very long - and you can be thinking of how good it will be to unpack (hopefully, for the last time for a very long time).

My kitchen people started at 8.00 am this morning - have done so much putting in the new units. It is really starting to take shape. They will be back at the same time tomorrow morning (I will be leaving just before 10.30). By the time I return mid-afternoon on Monday. I expect to see most of these actually in there. They have also, kindly, said that they will move and fit my washing machine there asap, so that I should be able to put a load on early next week. Fortunately, the tumble dryer is in my spare room, so has not been effected by any of this.

S.....s Law. A friend from London, whom I have not actually seen since a couple of weeks before I moved, contacted me today to say she was taking someone down to Minehead tomorrow and could she pop in to see me on the way home. Just about the time I will be arriving at Paddington!!!

Shandy57 Fri 13-May-22 09:51:10

Have a good weekend trip Franbern.

Just got my gas bill and it's a lot lower as I only used 46 units, £50 this time. That's with the heating on for about two hours on the odd day when I couldn't stand it any longer, it's been off mainly!.

Shandy57 Fri 13-May-22 09:52:27

Argh just got an email about my tv licence, so I've lost what I gained!

midgey Fri 13-May-22 11:08:18

Shandy be careful with tv license emails! Make sure you go through the proper website not clicking any links in the email. There are a lot of scams around!

Shandy57 Fri 13-May-22 12:10:53

It's a sad fact of life isn't it midgey. I've bought something on ebay that is coming by Royal Mail, and received a scam text from Evri saying it had been sent back to the depot due to underpayment. Being 'connected' has it's drawbacks.

Shandy57 Fri 13-May-22 16:06:36

I've just paid a ridiculous £240 to hire a chemical toilet. I've been everywhere comparing prices and you have to pay hire for two weeks, whether you need it or not. Waiting to hear on the storage costs.

Blow up bed has just arrived. At least things are happening towards it.

Shandy57 Fri 13-May-22 18:40:06

Just had the removal/storage costs, I went to three different companies. I've been quoted up to £750. Cheapest is £600. I only have two beds to dismantle, chests of drawers, a huge wicker chair and boxes. I exclaimed at the price as I know this person is the cheapest in the area, but he said everything has gone up especially fuel, and he has knocked off the £45 storage cost. I've just got to suck it up, I can't lift the beds or chests onto a self hire van, even if my son came to help me. What a lark, eh, who'd have thought I'd be paying the same removal costs just to move a few things out for a week.

Shandy57 Fri 13-May-22 21:37:50

I've been thinking tonight and know I have to accept this cost as part of the 'job'. Bit like the chemical toilet, it is a necessary cost.

I have had mad thoughts about giving away/selling everything I can't get into the lounge, rather than storing it - but the mattress on my daughter's old bed was £400 alone, and I'd never be able to replace it. The vendor texted tonight to tell me she's sorted out her tickets, so don't need to look out for them anymore. I took the opportunity of asking her where she stored her furniture when she had the floors replaced - she might have a cheaper solution, who knows.

I'm still waiting for the quote for the shower cubicle and shower tray removal, I can't do that but I can try to take down the cupboard and built in wardrobe! smile

karmalady Sat 14-May-22 13:52:37

Has the neighbour`s property been sold yet shandy?

Shandy57 Sat 14-May-22 13:57:09

I don't think so, lots of people looking at it. There is a big fault in the stone above one of the windows and I asked my neighbour about it, apparently was like that when they bought the house fifty odd years ago. I bet someone tries to get money off for it! Or do you mean my old neighbour at the station?

karmalady Sat 14-May-22 15:06:49

just the present neighbour but how is the station neighbour getting on? It must be stressful for them too

Shandy57 Sat 14-May-22 23:15:58

I've just checked, both are still on RightMove.

I do now feel I did the right thing selling when I did, it was just such terrible timing being the 'first' week of lockdown. What a big decision it was. If I had asked to go into the next auction in April no-one would have been able to view/have it surveyed.

Just back from dinner/theatre with my friend, it was so nice to have company. I had tried to get a taxi there and back as I don't like driving in the dark anymore, but it's a dry night and a full moon - luckily, as a hedgehog was crossing the road. She is quite happy with her room at the pub, I'm picking her up tomorrow at 10 am for a wander around the local market, an art gallery, and lunch.

Franbern Mon 16-May-22 15:44:37

Returned home safely. Cannot give enough praise to railway Assistance. They are all so helpful, and pleasant. Without this, not sure if I would be able to make these long journeys with several changes.

Had the most wonderful weekend. I was treated like royalty at the competitions, from the moment of arriving each day, to leaving. Managed to catch up with so many people I had not seen for the past two and half years (my lovely gymnastic family). One comp was a selection one for Commonwealth Games. Presented quite a few medals. It has been wonderful. My daughter in London let me treat her house like a hotel and chauffered me each day to and from the competition arena.

Back home and there is lot happened in my kitchen. All units in place. Can now see how much room and space I will have in the drawers and cupboards, (more than I expected). Still quite a lot to be done, but it is taking shape. Getting quite excited about unpacking everything into it. Hopefully will be finished by end of this week, and I can start doing that (and dealing wiht the dust throughout the flat) over the weekend.

Franbern Wed 18-May-22 09:22:38

The upheaval in having my new kitchen is now beginning to get to me. I am just feeling a little fed up with living with the constant dust and people in and out of my flat, etc. I feel rather guilty about moaning - but there it is!!! It is all going ahead well - men just arrived to install my wonderful (and incredibly expensive) worktops. Tomorrow (I think) electrician will come in and floor due to be laid on Friday. Hopefully, I will be able to start the unpack and the cleaning over the weekend. Very kindly, the main fitters moved my washing machine back in position yesterday before they left needed extension wire to plug it into hall - as none of the electrical sockets have been completed in the kitchen yet. But it was good to be able to do a load of washing yesterday.

I have already told two of my daughters that - if any time, in the future, I come up with any idea to do with the flat that involves real upheaval - to stop me. Never again!!!

I was very surprised (astonished) that my youngest daughter who lives on the South Coast has announced that they are putting their house on the market. Amazed. They only moved into this (new-build), four years ago, having needed to rent for six months when they moved over from Northern Ireland (so had two moves then).

The reason (could not believe this) - It is too far from the Secondary school their eldest is attending (and youngest will go to in a years time). Yes, there is a bus (but it takes too long!!!), and my daughter is finding it difficult to keep taking and collecting them every school day!! Unbelievable to me - and when I first heard it I really thought that my son in law would put the kybosh on it - but he always does what my daughter seems to want - and has gone along with it. I will be watching their progress with interest. She seems to think it is all going to be done and dusted by September!!

When I was at my London daughter's house she showed me a sample of the doors she is having in her new kitchen (being done in July). It is virtually identical to the ones I have on my wall cupboards (different manufacturer so different colour name).

Hope all is well with those in the moving process and Shandy is sorting out all her arrangements for August.

Shandy57 Wed 18-May-22 18:46:10

Afternoon all, I've had a lovely time with my friend, saw her off this morning. She liked the bungalow and had lots of useful suggestions. I'm going to act on them from tomorrow, I'm very tired after rushing around - 12,000 steps one day, very good for me I'm sure but I have sore feet.

Glad your kitchen is coming along Franbern, and I hope your daughter's sale goes swimmingly! My neighbour's house has had many offers in, and there are many viewings planned still apparently.

Unfortunately I've just learnt the small bus that passes the bungalow is being terminated on 12 June - not 'commercially viable'. Covid has a lot to answer for.

I rang my aunt after my friend left, and she is very upset about her water bill. Water board people came and dug up the road earlier this year, and in February she received a water bill for £660. She waits for her bill and pays it by cheque, she doesn't 'trust' direct debits. When she got this bill she rang them and they sent someone out to check the pipes - it was their fault, it was leaking. She's just received a water bill for £175 and the woman told her she hadn't paid three previous bills. My aunt doesn't think she's received any bills to pay, and can't understand it. She can't find any cheque book stubs, and couldn't explain to me where her bills are filed. Frustrating when it's at such a distance, yet again I've said to my aunt she should activate her POA so I can help. As she doesn't even trust on-line banking I can see problems ahead with helping her.

Shandy57 Wed 18-May-22 19:04:09

I meant to say my friend got up onto the train first, then disappeared, leaving her very heavy bag on the platform. Lots of you know I can't go near the gap/train without assistance, but I had to today to heave her bag up, the guard shouted to me to hurry up! I am suspicious it was some type of 'face your fear' my friend had thought up!

Yoginimeisje Thu 19-May-22 08:02:33

Well now I know why there were no new post on the forum, this new one has popped up, just found it looking on 'Forums'!

Still on page 1, so hope all is going well for you Fran & Shandy

Turning to page 2.....

Yoginimeisje Thu 19-May-22 08:04:04


Shandy very well done on all that organising/project management. Definitely the end is in sight now. What floor did you decide on? I don`t blame you at all camping at your house, it won`t be comfortable but it is all yours and yes, you will survive four days. Make sure to take progress photos every evening when you are on your own, then file them safely

Yes agree, I would have done the same.

Yoginimeisje Thu 19-May-22 08:38:44

Well done Shandy on lifting your friends bag up for her, she must have just forgotten it, sure she wouldn't have knowingly done that to you. Hope you are sleeping ok on your blow up bed, is it comfy? Nearly there Shandy you have done so well. Glad you had a nice visit from your friend to help lighten up one week of your upheavals.

Fran nice to hear what a good time you had in London, what a good daughter you have. Sounds like you'll have your lovely new kitchen by the weekend, good luck.

BigBertha I feel the same about my move. I'm not happy here, love being so near to the sea and a beautiful park, but nothing else. You really don't know till you've moved in for a couple of months how you feel about it all. With so much going wrong with my house sale & purchase, when this property came back on the market I jumped at it. Lost about 25/30K from if my first purchase had gone through, which I loved. So not much left in the bank to do another move.

Always lived in a big 4bed minimum house, with driveway. Now in a ground floor flat, with no parking! My garden is nice though, it's about 70ft X 25ft with mature trees. But now hit another problem!...

Shandy57 Thu 19-May-22 08:39:42

Morning all, rained nearly all night again but sunny today. Sore eyes this morning, the oil seed rape is at its peak.

It was my original plan to camp in the garden, then on the concrete lounge/kitchen floor - but I was worried it might have to be dug up too. When I rang the damp/timber surveyor he said they wouldn't have to do that, they'd be increasing the ventilation by checking and increasing the size of the airbricks, they are very small and some seem blocked.

I received their quote acceptance letter yesterday, seems I have to remove all carpet and underlay before they arrive, that'll be fun. I do have a stanley knife, but found the 'bending' hard when I had to do the soaked carpet in the lounge. I'm going to start cutting it ready to remove now.
Any 'delay' to the work starting is charged at £80 per hour. The furniture is being collected on 29 July so I'll have a weekend to do it. I was upset when I went to the wardrobe to lend my friend a mac - the mac and a few clothes I'd put on the floor of the wardrobe were mouldy, they smell terrible and you can see the mould on the skirts. I've washed them but they still smell.

Good luck to everyone selling/buying. All this recession talk is scary, I do feel for people who have large mortgages.

Shandy57 Thu 19-May-22 08:46:12

What a cliffhanger Yogi, do tell!

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 19-May-22 09:03:00

Oh Shandy I do feel for you, I still follow the thread and hate what you are having to put up with, I still want to move back to the coast. After a week in Instow North Devon last week, the urge to move is so strong, however, looking at this thread again and all the ‘stuff’ in our bungalow, I’m going to resist it.
MrOops doesn’t want to move, MissOops has so many health problems that we would have to take her and our Nephew with us, so no chance now. So I need to get my head around being here forever.
We are hoping though to get a quote to sort out our grotty bathroom, still haven’t heard back from 3 companies that we contacted last year, they all visited, full of enthusiasm, but no quotes were ever epreceived, so another chap is coming next week.
I remember when we last had the bungalow decorated, it took weeks and I kept asking the poor chap ‘are you nearly finished yet’ I so dread having workmen in again.
I’m like Franbern the work needs doing, but I hate the mess and having strange people in and out of the house. I’ll need to rent a loo for them as well……

Yoginimeisje Thu 19-May-22 09:23:55

New problem:

My garden is separated by a half fence, shoulder height, from my neighbour, guy upstairs. I've worked really hard on my garden, it's all neat and tidy with nice new plants in, that are doing really well, just a small section at the back to do, which I will try to complete at the weekend as no visit from my DD&GC as they are away. Worked for about 4hrs on Tues in the garden, hard work, which I can only do if I'm not working in the evening, otherwise I'd be too tired.

Next door's I thought was nice, bit of a wild garden but grass neat and tidy. Found out that was because the people I bought from had a gardening co. in to do their and next doors garden before putting it on the market.

Now his grass is about 3ft high!, problem is because there is a gap in the fences at the top of the garden and at the bottom, allowing me access to the side passage and garden gate which we share, my little dog goes bounding over there and is head & shoulders under the grass. There could be snakes or rodents, ticks & fleas etc. There used to be lots of cats using his garden to do their daily poos before my little dog scared them off.

From my living room & dinning room I can see my garden, which is a pleasure to see, with lovely lights, a bird bath with a fountain., lovely tree which I've just bought some 'fairy doors' gnomes & mushrooms and all that type of stuff to delight my GD when they next visit. But then when I look out of my kitchen window, two big full size widows, I see next doors, which is now really bugging me.

I did say to my neighbour 'when was he thinking of mowing his lawn?' that's when I learnt about the gardeners coming in. Yesterday morning I handed him a card that had come through the door, he must have got one too, for garden maintenance no job too small I said 'get them in to sort out your garden^ In the afternoon he pulled up about 5ft x 5ft patch of grass, revealing that he's pathway was actually twice as big underneath all that grass. Moved his wheelbarrow down and filled a plastic bag with the grass cuttings, making it even more unsightly from my kitchen window!

I fear he's waiting for me to tackle it, which I really don't want to do, it's hard work, it's not my garden and I feel I have enough to do on my own. What to do??