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Anniebach Mon 04-Feb-19 11:59:59

Labour First carried out a poll, your 3 favourite labour MP’s
Every MP was listed .

1st. Corbyn 10.1%. 1,575 votes

2nd Yvette Cooper 9.6% 1,499 votes

3rd. Starmer. 7.5%. 1,170 votes

4th. McDonald. 6.8%. 1,065 votes

5th, .lammy. 5.6%. 866 votes

6th. Hilary Benn. 5.3%. 829 votes

7th Diane Abbott. 3.8%. 591 votes

8th Thornberry. 3%. 468 votes

9th Chuka Umunna 2.4% 369 votes

10th Angela Rayner. 1.9%. 296 votes

Iam64 Mon 04-Feb-19 21:03:29

I do still wish Yvette Cooper has won that first leadership election

Anniebach Mon 04-Feb-19 21:14:13

she would have been a good party leader , brought the Labour MP’s together and reached out across the country , I would have hope for the country .

But only 76 votes behind Corbyn and 434 above McDonald

Grandad1943 Mon 04-Feb-19 21:24:14

Iam64, Jeremy Corbyn won the last leadership election with a vastly increased majority which was even larger than the first one he fought. I believe Yvette Cooper did not even stand for election in the most recent one, but I stand to be corrected in that.

There are those in the parliamentary Labour Party who have never accepted Corbyn as leader and have always created problems on the back of that. However, they now realise that the constituency parties will very shortly have very much strengthened powers in the selection and de-selection of MPs and in that, those troublemakers will soon be out.

And that's the way it should be.

Iam64 Mon 04-Feb-19 21:32:08

Ooer Grandad, absolute power, it sounds so Stalinist don’t you think?

MaizieD Mon 04-Feb-19 21:43:33

Good heavens, Grandad. They think I'm a red under the bed on here but you knock spots off me!

but I've no intention of joining in this discussion

POGS Mon 04-Feb-19 21:49:56


Your post is confirmation of what some posters have been saying about the Jeremy for Leader/Momentum/Labour Party since Corbyn became Leader.

Corbyn in , you lot out!

Anniebach Mon 04-Feb-19 21:59:22

had email from the party advertising their shop, only one scarf ‘oh Jeremy Corbyn’ and 25 tee shirts, only 4 with Corbyn’s name

Grandad1943 Mon 04-Feb-19 22:28:21

POGS, what I stated in regard to the increased powers of the District/Constituency parties in MP selection/de-selection is only that which was sanctioned by the Labour party conference. The finalisation of that procedure was to be placed before Labours NEC last Tuesday but was not balloted on as the MPs on that body had to be back in the House of Commons due to the Brexit votes.

I believe that it is great to witness the whole Labour movement in the country being involved in such large decisions that so affects our democracy.

Of Course POGS, the now tiny size of the ERG/Conservative party would not allow such widespread democracy to take place, or if they tried to carry out such a procedure, it would be entirely meaningless.

Mind you, thinking about it the entire Tory party conference last year was meaningless, applauding Boris (The Buffon) Johnson for going after Theresa Mays job one day, and then the next applauding Theresa May for having it the next. grin

However, that's the present state of the European Research Group/Conservative party these days. confused

Anja Mon 04-Feb-19 22:41:17

I can’t see Yvette Cooper without remembering her husband’s Gangsta Style dance on Strictly.

Jalima1108 Mon 04-Feb-19 23:31:38

Correct me if I'm wrong, Grandad, but didn't you say that you are not a member of the Labour Party?

If not, I am very impressed at your extensive knowledge of the Labour Party. Do you just follow it all very carefully?

I think it was just Owen Smith and Angela Eagle who stood for leadership against Corbyn. (how did I know that - I'm not a member of the LP either!)

Jalima1108 Mon 04-Feb-19 23:32:19

He's going to climb Kilimanjaro now Anniebach

Iam64 Tue 05-Feb-19 06:43:55

Yvette didn't stand the second time around.

If JC is such a glorious leader of the Opposition, how come they LP is falling behind the worse government we've had in years. The latest research confirms that the Leave vote was influenced by the governments dreadful austerity programme. People wanted change and instead what we have is a dogs breakfast of a negotiating team, trying to do an impossible piece of work and a leader of the opposition who must have splinters in his rear end from the fence sitting.

Carolina55 Tue 05-Feb-19 07:23:33

I have no political affiliations and tend to listen to them all before calling them a pile of crooks, cheats and conmen but Frank Field has always struck me as a man of principle, a genuine person who wants to help people without personal ambition or virtue signaling. Which of course is why so many labour people don’t like him.....the irony!

Urmstongran Tue 05-Feb-19 07:54:13

I have always admired FF too. An MP of great intellect and compassion.

Grandad1943 Tue 05-Feb-19 08:35:35

Jalima1108 Quote [ Correct me if I'm wrong, Grandad, but didn't you say that you are not a member of the Labour Party? ] End Quote

Jalima1108, as I have stated many times, my company carries out regular industrial safety training courses for the Unite Union and the TUC. In that, many activist attend who are involved with the political side of the Union through their Branches and various committees etc. During breaks in those tutorial sessions if you talk to those activists you gain quite some knowledge of "what is going on."

I also retain my membership of the Unite Union in gratitude of what their education sector did for me in years past. Therefore i receive all the emails and other correspondence that go with such membership.

By way of both the above, I and others in our business ensure we maintain a good knowledge of current events in the Labour movement as that helps us to retain the Unite Union and TUC business.

Anniebach Tue 05-Feb-19 08:38:04

First election for leadership there were 5 standing .

Second election for leadership there were two Smith and Corbyn

Therefore even for me who failed maths it’s rather obvious isn’t it ?

Grandad1943 Tue 05-Feb-19 09:47:44

Anniebach, as usual, your above post makes no sense. Obvious you state, with no links to subject matter or reference to any post in the thread, do you expect forum member to be thought readers? grin

Jalima1108 Tue 05-Feb-19 12:18:59

Ah, thank you Grandad, it is clearer now.

Anniebach Tue 05-Feb-19 12:42:31

From my experience of over 50 years as a Labour Party member who has held various positions in the party I would advise the best way to understand what members want is to listen to party members from all walks of life .

Just listening to momentum for example, you will not know what non momentum members think or want .

This is why Blair and Brown won three consecutive elections, they listened to members and non members across the country

POGS Tue 05-Feb-19 14:52:24


" POGS, what I stated in regard to the increased powers of the District/Constituency parties in MP selection/de-selection is only that which was sanctioned by the Labour party conference. The finalisation of that procedure was to be placed before Labours NEC last Tuesday but was not balloted on as the MPs on that body had to be back in the House of Commons due to the Brexit votes."

Yes we know!

The ' increased powers 'for ' DESELECTION ' Grandad is the culmination of years of Jeremy for Leader/Momentum / Labour Party factions who have made no bones about the direction the Corbyn/McDonnell followers were taking to ' 'DESELECT ' the Centre Labour MP's , traitors as some have been called because they are not from the ' FAR LEFT/ MARXIST ' faction Corbyn and those who sit at Labours top table come from. The Parliamentary Labour Party Members / MP's have from day one of Corbyn taking the Leadership knew and understood what was coming down the track and there is plenty of factual evidence to say so.

The Jeremy for Leader / Momentum Labour Party has succeeded in their aims and the ' ' Clean Sweep ' by Jeremy for Leader/ Momentum / Labour Party now in charge of the Labour National Executive / NEC is the end goal in the back of the net.

I hope the likes of MP Frank Field who jumped before he was pushed out of the Labour Party ( he had been there before under similar circumstances with the far left of Labour ) and now standing as an Independent is one of many who will stand as Independent Candidates at the next General Election if they are Deselected and win because they were once hailed as great Labour MP's once.

Anniebach Tue 05-Feb-19 15:04:21

I hope they will stand as independent when deselected POGS

Grandad1943 Tue 05-Feb-19 16:03:34

POGS, in regard to your post @ 14:52 today (05/02/18) it is very unlike you to place on this forum what can only be described as "a rant."

You state that certain MPs who did not support Corbyn in his leadership election(s) and have carried out constant disruption against Jeremy Corbyn in the parliamentary party since those elections were aware of "what was coming down the line." In that, they should be aware, for Corbyns election as leader was by overwhelming majority's on both occasions with those ballots carried out over the entire Labour movement in the country.

In the above, those MPs who have continuously acted against the elected leadership and policies brought forward by the same, should in the view of many be de-selected. In that, if they had any respect for themselves, the electorate and the party that gave them their standing they would have resigned long ago.

Of course, we hear week on week that the above MPs are to "break away" and form a new centre group with who else we do not know. However, they never have the *actual guts" to carry out their much-publicised plans. The Labour party is a very changed organisation since the days of Blair and Brown, and many in that organisation are saying to the above people "if you cannot accept those changes, then bugger off", without a doubt.

lemongrove Tue 05-Feb-19 16:25:48

I wish that they had got the guts to break away and form a new party, a centre party to rival the other two.
However, Corbyn may have ‘peaked’ now and is not so popular.Membership is dropping too, I read, so waiting perhaps was the right option, who knows.

grannypauline Tue 05-Feb-19 16:34:32

What is Stalinist about deselection/reselection? To be able to regularly choose which candidate the local party organisation works for and supports is called democracy.

I would actually like to see immediate right of recall too. If MPs no longer reflect the views of the local party that helped them into their posts then they can always join another party or stand as independents.