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If you are a remainer

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Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-May-19 09:19:44

I’m voting Green in my area, but I would vote Lib Dem if it was indicating I should.

MawBroonsback Sun 19-May-19 09:41:01

It would have been so good if the Remain supporting members of all the other parties could just combine to put forward a Non- Brexit patty.
Effectively another Referendum I suppose!

Grandad1943 Sun 19-May-19 09:41:05

I am a staunch supporter of present Labour policies, but in the forthcoming elections for the EU Parliament, I will be voting Liberal Democrat.

However, as looks ever more likely that a General Election will be held in within the next few months, my vote will then most definitely return to the Labour Party.

jura2 Sun 19-May-19 09:42:21

So agree MawBroon - and well done GD43.

Lily65 Sun 19-May-19 09:46:08

On balance, I would prefer this country could stay in the EU. I guess that makes me a remainer. Oh how I hate these labels and a whole new vocabulary we didn't have 3 years ago.

I absolutely feel this whole mess is affecting my MH so I may try the fingers in my ears method . I will vote Green I suppose.

tanith Sun 19-May-19 09:52:52

What Grandad1943 said.

Granny23 Sun 19-May-19 09:54:37

Brexit Party way ahead -EXCEPT IN SCOTLAND.

ScotlandVote share (%)
Brexit Party20
Lib Dem7
Change UK2

Also showing 49% for the Indy supporting parties, which pleases me greatly.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-May-19 09:56:32

granny that is why it is so important for the remain voter to vote tactically given the absence of a solely remain party with no other policies.

Charleygirl5 Sun 19-May-19 10:05:00

I have never needed to vote tactically before but there is a first for everything- Lib Dems here I come.

BlueBelle Sun 19-May-19 10:13:06

I m labour through and through but will vote Lib Dem’s this time and hold my breath with a big prayer I so want us to stay in the EU for my grandkids sakes

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-May-19 10:18:32

I think all us Labour voters are voting tactically with a very heavy heart.

Never mind! Roll on the GE??

Mycatisahacker Sun 19-May-19 10:20:29

I was always a labour voter but I can’t bring myself to help elect Corbyn to no 10. I just can’t.


Can I say your posts are always spot on.

EllaKeat Sun 19-May-19 10:21:43

No difference here - Liberal Democrat as usual.

If a GE is called, I will also vote LD, but, as in every other election, accept it will a lost vote......

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-May-19 10:22:43

More information if you are wondering how to vote

Mycatisahacker Sun 19-May-19 10:25:10


Your link on the Tory leadership thread was priceless. grin

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-May-19 10:26:56

I’ve mailed my MP who is Peter Kyle - an excellent Labour constituent MP,and firm remainer and explained why I am voting the way I am and that I will however be voting for him in the GE. He asked me to mail Corbyn with the same information.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 19-May-19 10:27:46

mycat yes I can’t take credit for it, a friend mailed it to me.

Mycatisahacker Sun 19-May-19 10:31:28

Brilliant stuff. grin

NannyJan53 Sun 19-May-19 10:32:12

Normally a Labour voter, but whilst JC in in charge no way!

Lib Dem or Green Party for me as they seem to be the only remain parties.

Ginny42 Sun 19-May-19 10:34:25

I'm a frim remainer and have voted tactically, but not for the first time. I see Michael Heseltine has said he's voting Lib Dem.

Framilode Sun 19-May-19 10:34:31

I usually vote Labour but will be voting Liberal Democrat. I cannot vote labour unless they confirm that a confirmatory vote is their official position, not just on the table..

I feel so let down by the Labour Party that I doubt I will vote for them again. Certainly not as long as he is leader.

Ginny42 Sun 19-May-19 10:36:03

Typo - before I'm corrected, I'm a firm remainer!

suzied Sun 19-May-19 10:59:09

Lib Dems or Greens for me, don't know which is best tactically.

MaizieD Sun 19-May-19 11:05:57

We've only got 3 seats in the NE and looking at the local poll figures tactical voting is very likely to hand them all to the Brexit Party. So I might hold my nose and vote Labour. Not absolutely sure yet... Otherwise it's Lib Dems, but they are a long way back.

Jane10 Sun 19-May-19 11:25:01

I'll vote anything but SNP as usual! Certainly not feeding into their usual propaganda.
I'd be concerned at another EU referendum as I fear we could end up in exactly the same divide. There really is such fervour for Brexit down south.
My prediction is that May's new proposal will be voted down, she'll leave, Boris and his bully boys will be in and will happily let us leave with no deal. Mayhem will result but, business will prevail and life will eventually get back on track. God knows what will happen at the next GE though. Sigh.
One thing's for sure, 51% majority referenda should never be used again. It's so dangerously divisive. At least 60% majority should be used as it is in other countries.