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Lyndiloo Thu 30-Jan-20 04:35:37

Hurrah! We're getting OUT at last!

But it seems strange to me that there is so little talk/news on the media about this. Before the General Election everything was about Brexit. To the point that even I got sick to death of it! But it's all gone quiet since then. Are there to be no celebrations from all those who voted to leave? (Sad that Big Ben won't even mark this historic event.)

(I was talking to a young woman the other day, and she didn't even know that we were leaving the EU on Friday!)

I can't really celebate in style, as most of my family wanted to remain -otherwise I would have had a party! So it will be a bit of a damp squib for me!

I shall still open a bottle of champers and toast this great country of ours - our democracy, our integrity - and now, at last, our freedom from a corrupt and self-serving feudalistic state.

vegansrock Thu 30-Jan-20 05:23:59

Have your evening of triumphalist nose-rubbing along with Farage and his infantile thugs. You’ll find just as many who think it is the biggest act of self harm and we are entering a period of yet more chaos. Many of us feel a sense of loss, with out our identity and freedoms removed. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the government having to take the blame for their incompetence and being unable to blame the EU. You will find your life will not magically improve and that your celebration rings hollow in many peoples ears. I will fly my EU flag. Enjoy.

growstuff Thu 30-Jan-20 05:50:08

Why feudalistic? Do you know what it means?

vegansrock Thu 30-Jan-20 06:23:28

I think it’s just repetition of a sound bite. One with no accuracy or understanding of historical context. But that’s just what we’ve come to expect.

BlueBelle Thu 30-Jan-20 06:28:54


NannyJan53 Thu 30-Jan-20 06:50:25

Well said vegansrock My 90 year old Mum said yesterday she will shed a tear on Friday, she is so upset about it. Not one of my family or friends are in any way wanting this.

Maggiemaybe Thu 30-Jan-20 07:04:31

Well it’s not what I wanted either, but we’ll just have to make the best of it.

And I dare say if I’d voted the other way, I’d be raising a glass myself. There’s no need for insults.

growstuff Thu 30-Jan-20 07:23:50

There's no need for triumphalist gloating either.

Ginny42 Thu 30-Jan-20 07:33:18

I can't really celebate in style, as most of my family wanted to remain -otherwise I would have had a party! So it will be a bit of a damp squib for me!

You have said it all in that paragraph. Did you even consider why your family wished to remain? I know another old lady who voted to leave and I asked what her family thought. 'Oh I didn't ask them' was her reply. So she wasn't concerned about how it was going to impact on their lives.

Leaving is going to affect my life a great deal, so no celebrations here. I wonder if folks will still be buying from German supermarkets here?

aprilrose Thu 30-Jan-20 07:39:05

I think that there is still a great deal of latent hostility in this country.

Those of the remain persuassion have failed to "put a sock in the megaphone" as they were asked to to and those who have all along wanted to leave the EU and have been thwarted for three and a half years ( and are still being told to be quiet and heal the rift) are not going to come together easily.
I think there will be a lot more hositlity to come as many who voted leave want to be able to speak freely as those who wated to remain have done. Many feel they are being asked to forgive to easily - thats is just what I pick up from those around me in real life.

As for Friday. Yes, I will be quietly celebrating. Whilst I will not be "rubbing noses " of anyone in any of my views publically, beleive me, after all that has gone on since 2016 I will indeed dream of the many things I would like to say to those remain minded who have insulted me consistently across those three years ( and are still trying to be deliberately provocative and offensive).

I may not speak but I still think. You really do not know or want to know what I am really thinking about you remain minded people

ginny Thu 30-Jan-20 07:40:25

No celebrations here either. I will just be hoping that all my worries about it will be proved wrong.

aprilrose Thu 30-Jan-20 07:41:33

sorry about the typo's. My fat , stiff fingers are not doing well on this small keyboard. I need to move to a larger one.

vegansrock Thu 30-Jan-20 07:42:49

april we know what you think.

aprilrose Thu 30-Jan-20 07:46:59

@veganstock - do you? do you really? Or do you just think you do based on some schema you have created of they " type" of person I must be? I believe it would be difficult for you to know what I really think since I have not committed my views here. I have spoken only generally of what I have heard, seen and experienced. Maybe you are confusing me with others who have been more vocal?

Maggiemaybe Thu 30-Jan-20 07:47:57

Ginny42, why would anyone stop shopping at a German supermarket? confused Though I prefer Ocado and Tesco myself.

I didn’t consult my family before I voted to remain. I was surprised to find later that one voted to leave, but it never occurred to me that she should have asked me first.

aprilrose, remain minded people shouldn’t be lumped together any more than leavers should.

This is going to be one of “those” threads, isn’t it? I’m glad I’m going out.

aprilrose Thu 30-Jan-20 07:51:38

Fwiw, I will be having a bonfire on Saturday as it seems the weather will permit it . I love bonfire parties and will certainly be holding one with my familythat night.

Friday is not going to be a good day for a Bonfire. However, before anyone gets on their high horse, my bonfire is to burn off some trees and wood debris from the storms a couple /three weeks ago. They trees have been all out and now need burning.

Curlywhirly Thu 30-Jan-20 07:54:48

No celebrations from me either. A sad day for me, my family and the majority of my friends (only one of my friends (my best friend, and she is still my best friend) voted to leave).

vegansrock Thu 30-Jan-20 08:04:22

I may not speak but I still think. You really do not know or want to know what I am really thinking about you remain minded people
I don’t want to spell it out but from your negative remarks I’m calculating that your thoughts on “ you remain minded people ” are not pleasant or conciliatory.

Daisymae Thu 30-Jan-20 08:14:52

The best we can hope for is damage limitation. Nothing to celebrate here. Moving on.

phoenix Thu 30-Jan-20 08:16:29

Would that be French Champagne, Lindiloo imported under E.U. trade agreements, or will you be toasting "this great country of ours" with English sparkling wine?

MawB Thu 30-Jan-20 08:17:49

I wonder if there is ANY chance we might now see the end of posts in this "tone of voice", from either side?

MaizieD Thu 30-Jan-20 08:17:55

Of course, we're not going to be 'independent' on 1st Feb. For a start, there's the 'transition' period of 11 months when we remain to all intents and purposes as a member state but with no say on any new EU policies/regulations we will have to observe.

After that we'll be dependent on whatever crumbs we can pick up from rich countries via trade deals. As a small country with little to trade we won't be calling the shots.

So much for 'independence' ...

MaizieD Thu 30-Jan-20 08:19:24

None whatsoever, MawB.

LadyGracie Thu 30-Jan-20 08:20:29

I would so much like to know what is going to be missed by leaving the unelected, undemocratic, corrupt EU.

vegansrock Thu 30-Jan-20 08:32:43

Some old soundbites. The EU has elected members by PR so arguably more democratic than our own U.K. it has unelected civil service but so do we plus we have an unelected House of Lords.