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Deported to Jamaica before Windrush report

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trisher Mon 10-Feb-20 18:10:28

50 people are being deported to Jamaica tomorrow, before the Windrush report is even published. Please sign to give them a chance to stay in the country many of them have grown up in

Greymar Mon 10-Feb-20 18:12:52


Poppyred Mon 10-Feb-20 18:15:17

Did you forget to say Trisher that they are all criminals??

GrannyGravy13 Mon 10-Feb-20 18:17:59

Drug dealers (County Lines), GBH to name two crimes!!!

Firecracker123 Mon 10-Feb-20 18:19:01

I won't be signing I agree with Boris they should be deported.

The PM has said it is right that foreign-born offenders are deported.

Boris Johnson told MPs last week: "I think the whole House will understand that the people of this country will think it right to send back foreign national offenders."

The Home Office has previously said the flight was "specifically for removing foreign criminals" and it included "people convicted of manslaughter, rape, violent crime and dealing Class A drugs". Number 10 has said all the people on the flight have sentences of 12 months or more.

trisher Mon 10-Feb-20 18:25:43

Would you like to post evidence for those allegations? The Home secretary lied to the H of C about a flight on 6th Feb. It would seem the Home Secretary deliberately misled MPs in Parliament on 6th of February by stating that all booked on the flight were guilty of serious crimes. This is not true. One 23 year old received and had served a suspended sentence for good behaviour of 7 months for a driving offence Even if they are guilty why not wait until the Windrush report is published? Possibly because it will recommend that children brought here by their parents and growing up here should be permitted to stay? We educated them, if they are criminals they learned it here, but we send them to Jamaica because we don't want to be responsible!!

Chardy Mon 10-Feb-20 18:27:07

One dad's solitary offence got him 2 months ten years ago. He's not done anything since, now has a wife and baby. Doesn't sound like a threat to me.

Wife with no husband, baby with no dad. Came here as a child. He knows no-one in Jamaica, and has no job to go to. Brits struggle to understand Jamaican patois.

vegansrock Mon 10-Feb-20 18:34:13

They may be criminals but they are all criminals bred if not born in the U.K. We should take responsibility for people who have been brought up here since they were children and whose families are all here. It’s a bit like transportation to ship “undesirables” off. One young man was given a 13 month sentence 10 years ago - now has a wife and children here. Is that justice.? Why now?

notanan2 Mon 10-Feb-20 18:39:54

They may be criminals but theyre home grown ones!

ananimous Mon 10-Feb-20 18:44:44

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ananimous Mon 10-Feb-20 18:45:45

Good luck with your flawed logic and criminal rights in the rest of the world grin

varian Mon 10-Feb-20 18:49:58

Is this government hellbent on creating reasons for dissent?

notanan2 Mon 10-Feb-20 18:51:03

So brown people get a MUCH harsher punishment for crimes that would just be a short jail term if youre white.

That's it in a nutshell.

vegansrock Mon 10-Feb-20 18:51:33

One young man has a conviction for robbery 10 years ago, no convictions since. He now has a job, wife and children. He has been here since aged 5. Another had their conviction quashed but is now still threatened with deportation. I’m not sure why anyone would think this was just.

ananimous Mon 10-Feb-20 18:55:53

White people too - I think it's if you commit a crime you get deported

ananimous Mon 10-Feb-20 18:57:21

Try that in China?

ananimous Mon 10-Feb-20 18:59:16

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rosenoir Mon 10-Feb-20 18:59:56

According to BBC news:

Ms Patel said every person on the flight had been convicted of a "serious offence and received a custodial sentence of 12 months or more".

notanan2 Mon 10-Feb-20 19:00:08

White people too - I think it's if you commit a crime you get deported

Cool. And should Jamaica deport all of THEIR criminals to here in return?

ananimous Mon 10-Feb-20 19:01:44

should Jamaica deport all of THEIR criminals to here

Yes, if they hold a British passport.

vegansrock Mon 10-Feb-20 19:11:11

Well if you want to follow the Chinese model of justice there’s no point discussing.

Urmstongran Mon 10-Feb-20 19:38:53

Campaigners seeking to stop the deportation of 50 people to Jamaica on the 6:30am flight out in the morning have lost their High Court challenge.

trisher Mon 10-Feb-20 19:50:19

Let's be clear why these people are being sent now, it's because when the Windrush report is published it will most likely say that anyone brought here by their parents who settled as immigrants is now entitled to British citizenship. It is an attempt to pre-empt that report and nothing else. And the Home secretary and the Prime Minister have lied about the people involved.

notanan2 Mon 10-Feb-20 19:58:06

Yes, if they hold a British passport.
Do you not understand Windrush?
These are people that SHOULD be entitled to citizenship.

Joelsnan Mon 10-Feb-20 21:18:44

The windrush Generation arrived in UK 1948 and had freedom of movement throughout the commonwealth
The West Indies gained Independence from UK in 1962,
Due to ever increasing levels of commonwealth immigration to UK, The 1962 Immigration act was proposed to place some restrictions on Commonwealth immigration with the exception of children (under 16) joining parents already settled.
In 1973 the immigration Act came into force.
Those already present and settled in the UK when the Act came into force on 1 January 1973 – i.e. those without any restriction on their leave – were automatically entitled to stay indefinitely in the UK (section 1(2)).

The Windrush children, with no restriction on their leave to enter or remain courtesy of section 2(2)(b) Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1962, were automatically entitled to settled status at that time.

It would be interesting to know the ages of these people who are to be deported, and what has Windrush to do with their deportation. These people would have had to have been born outside UK before 1973 to get automatic citizenship when they arrived. If they were born here then of course they are UK citizens. If neither applies, what is the issue with deportation?