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What is your reaction to this photo?

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Lucca Sat 22-Feb-20 12:56:59

Just that

Jane10 Sat 22-Feb-20 12:59:10

What do you want us to say?

Lucca Sat 22-Feb-20 13:03:11

Whatever you like. I just thought it was all a bit ridiculous. All the fuss about the colour of a passport, the. It is made in Poland and on a trivial note the totally conscious messy hair ? Never mind perhaps it’s just me!

evianers Sat 22-Feb-20 13:05:36

Mine runs out in July this year. So will wait until after March and then apply for a shiny new blue one.

Ilovecheese Sat 22-Feb-20 13:06:03

Is he on a plane having collected it from Poland?

jacq10 Sat 22-Feb-20 13:07:39

According to the BBC news this morning the new passports have been made in France but all personal details will be added in Britain to avoid security problems.

Lucca Sat 22-Feb-20 13:11:54

The times says Poland. But I don’t mind where it’s made or what colour it is, I just find the whole thing petty. Sorry I must be in a rant mood today ?

Yennifer Sat 22-Feb-20 13:13:36

Not really fussed, my new one is red, I like the colour blue more. If Britain is so wonderful why do people wanna leave anyway? x

Anniebach Sat 22-Feb-20 13:23:58

The PM holding a passport?

Lucca Sat 22-Feb-20 13:27:26

“Brandishing “ a passport which as it says below was made in Poland. Seems to make a mockery of the desperation to get out of Europe. But as I said, maybe I’m “wrong way out “ today.

MerylStreep Sat 22-Feb-20 13:29:16

What is your reaction to this photo
Why did you post it? It's meaningless.

Lucca Sat 22-Feb-20 13:31:05

I think I have explained why I posted it

Doodledog Sat 22-Feb-20 13:37:59

My first reaction to the photo was that it would divide posters, and that the thread would quickly turn into a snipefest.

Oopsminty Sat 22-Feb-20 13:40:27

My first reaction to the photo was that it would divide posters, and that the thread would quickly turn into a snipefest.

Quite agree!

Calendargirl Sat 22-Feb-20 13:42:11

My passport runs out soon so will have to apply for a new one before the burgundy ones are used up.
I would have preferred a blue one.

ananimous Sat 22-Feb-20 13:45:12

Thanks for the reminder, must apply for a new one before my next trip to Europe...

Yes, it is easy even though we have left the EU...

Smileless2012 Sat 22-Feb-20 13:51:16

No reaction TBH. I don't care what colour my passport is as long as it does what it's supposed to do.

eazybee Sat 22-Feb-20 13:54:23

Oh good.
I want a blue one.

travelsafar Sat 22-Feb-20 13:56:09

wish it had the Union Jack printed on the cover and back.

trisher Sat 22-Feb-20 13:56:12


ananimous Sat 22-Feb-20 13:57:37

Don't hate it's colour

ananimous Sat 22-Feb-20 13:58:09

Ooo la! la! grin

gillybob Sat 22-Feb-20 14:00:29

I think it’s a French company operating from Poland . Ridiculous that a perfectly good company here in the North East ( De-la-Rue) did not get the contract .

janeainsworth Sat 22-Feb-20 14:01:02

My first reaction to the photo was that it would divide posters, and that the thread would quickly turn into a snipefest

Doodledog No.
Apathy rules OK grin

Pedants - should ‘rules’ be capitalised?
Should there be a comma between ‘rules’ and ‘OK’?

I love ‘snipefest’ by the way grin

DoraMarr Sat 22-Feb-20 14:03:46

The silly thing is we could always chave had blue ones- or purple, bright red or any colour. The UK Home office chose burgundy. Croatia chose dark blue-black, Luxembourgians have a very ornate passport which is more like magenta. I hope the passport office is going to use up any old stock before they issue blue ones to save wasting it.