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Diane Abbott quits the shadow cabinet.

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Urmstongran Sun 23-Feb-20 23:10:50

She’s stepping down, no matter who is selected as the next leader of the Labour Party.

I think it’s a vote catcher quite honestly.

Missfoodlove Sun 23-Feb-20 23:14:26

Ha! Love it.
Bless her.

Yehbutnobut Sun 23-Feb-20 23:15:56

Much maligned woman.

Callistemon Sun 23-Feb-20 23:16:58

Is she not well?
Or resigning before the new leader is appointed?

MaizieD Sun 23-Feb-20 23:21:03

Hasn't it been suggested for some time that she doesn't appear to be well? Perhaps she sees this as a good opportunity to retire gracefully.

Callistemon Sun 23-Feb-20 23:22:27

She did seem fine the other day.
She will still be an MP presumably and she is 66.

Urmstongran Sun 23-Feb-20 23:25:32

She’s not retiring apparently. She’s 66y old and wants to be on the backbenches. She’s backing RLB - says it’s time Labour elected a woman leader.

POGS Mon 24-Feb-20 00:36:33

I watched her interview with Skys Sophie Ridge.

I must admit when she said she ' will be stepping down ' I thought it was probably a case of I'm off before I'm shoved.

I think Corbyn has been a good friend to Abbott but I am not sure she was ever up to the job and more to the point I do not think the candidates up for the Leadership will keep Corbyns Shadow Cabinet intact anyway.

Of course they will all say they would have kept her but that is a safe position to take now she has declared she is stepping down.

Fiachna50 Mon 24-Feb-20 02:01:35

No loss. I cannot stand her. Nasty woman who has said some rather dubious things in the past. Having said this, I wouldn't want her problems.

growstuff Mon 24-Feb-20 03:32:04

She should rightfully be very proud of what she achieved as a young woman and I've heard that she is a respected constituency MP. I really don't hate her.

Nevertheless, she hasn't been up for the job for some time and she does appear ill. She also has horrible personal problems.

I'm glad for her sake that she's going to be a back bencher, where I expect she'll continue to work hard. Hopefully, she'll be on the receiving end of fewer revolting comments. I wish her well.

Grandad1943 Mon 24-Feb-20 07:44:28

Whether anyone agrees with Diane Abbott in regard to her political views or not, she has always stood firmly behind her principle beliefs and never wavering even under the most extreme of pressure.

In the above, I believe Abbott demonstrates to all, especially younger people, how we should all act and function in life, and in that the world would be a much better place.

She is now obviously not well, but I feel that very many will wish her a further long period on the backbenches, for when she leaves the House of Commons it will become a much poorer place.

TerriBull Mon 24-Feb-20 08:06:07

She hasn't looked well for a while, she seems to appear exhausted. She did announce a while back that she has Type 2 Diabetes which can be reversed. Although I imagine still being an MP, the life that goes with that is busy, but possibly not as demanding as being in the Shadow Cabinet. Maybe this change will allow her the time to slow her pace down and concentrate on her health and well being.

Iam64 Mon 24-Feb-20 09:00:45

I'm relieved for the LP that she's stepped back and will focus on her role as a back bench MP. I have never been able to reconcile her sending her child to private school with her stated commitment to state schools. I know she linked this to the need for black boys to be protected from various influences/bullying but that doesn't sit easily with her other statements.

She is to be admired for her early life achievements but has always appeared out of her depth and not functioning in her shadow cabinet role.

Anniebach Mon 24-Feb-20 09:11:00

I disagree she has always stood firmly behind her beliefs

‘My views on the IRA, like my hair, has changed ‘ .

Oldwoman70 Mon 24-Feb-20 09:17:21

I don't agree with her politics but always disagreed with the personal attacks on her. I do think she was promoted beyond her capabilities and wonder, without Corbyn's support, this is a case of jumping before being pushed.

Anniebach Mon 24-Feb-20 09:21:23

How can she stand down from a shadow cabinet which hasn’t
been chosen yet

EllanVannin Mon 24-Feb-20 09:27:21

I won't be losing any sleep !

Callistemon Mon 24-Feb-20 09:36:07

Grandad one of her principle beliefs is for state education for all and the abolition of private schools, a principle she did not stand by, unlike others in the LP.

Grandad1943 Mon 24-Feb-20 09:45:56

In regard to Iam64 post @09:00 today, black children certainly did need protection from bullying and deep prejudice in times past which is drawn from my own experience.

While in primary and junior school in the 1950s I sat in class with probably the only black child who was a girl in that year as there were very few black people in Britain in general at that time. I suffered from a mild form of Dyslexia which was not recognized at that time. Susan (her name) helped me a great deal with my spelling writing etc and we became very good childhood friends..

We along with other school mates did always walk home together as she lived not far from me, and I was invited by her mother for tea at one time. When I asked my mother and father if she could come to tea with us, I was told: "she is black, having her here will get us talked about."

On another occasion, my father told me that associating with her would hold me back as "blackies have smaller brains than white people."

In the above, my parents did not see themselves as being outright prejudice as the views they held were the views of very many in those times. Therefore, in what Diane Abbott states in regard to black children needing protection from others in past times certainly matches my own experiences.

In that, protection was not required from the children they were educated alongside, but from their parents who would often try to shape the prejudice in their own children.

lemongrove Mon 24-Feb-20 09:46:12

Not before time is it? Although as Annie points out, there isn’t a shadow cabinet chosen yet and she was never likely to have been a part of one anyway.
From the little I have seen of her lately, she should think about retiring altogether, not simply go on to being a backbencher.

suziewoozie Mon 24-Feb-20 09:46:46

DA has been at the receiving end of more bike abuse than all other women MPs put together. It wouldn’t hurt to just back off now at the end of her shadow front bench career. I hope her health might improve when she’s out of the limelight. We have no idea how serious her diabetes is and T2 is certainly not always reversible - I don’t know the figures for reversibility. I also know her son has serious mental health problems now and she will want to give him more time and attention. I would hope the next few years are kinder to her and the abuse recedes including on GN. Why kick her some more when she’s down?

suziewoozie Mon 24-Feb-20 09:47:13

Bike = vile

Callistemon Mon 24-Feb-20 09:54:39

Grandad that was the 1950s.

Diane's son is 28. Younger than all my children and one of my DD's best friends at school was black. No-one showed any prejudice at all.

Callistemon Mon 24-Feb-20 09:56:07

I never heard my parents say anything like that either.

Grandad1943 Mon 24-Feb-20 10:02:27

Callistemon, different times, very different attitudes, and I was brought up on a very large council estate following the second world war where my above post statements were very much normal.

Do you doubt the truth of my post?