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MayBee70 Thu 10-Jun-21 12:47:08

Anyone watching this now? He really does talk the talk doesn’t he. Has just stated that no health worker has died due to lack of PPE. At least Sarah Owen is now giving him a good grilling.

JaneJudge Fri 11-Jun-21 11:54:22

People just don't see people with learning disabilities as human

Doodledog Fri 11-Jun-21 11:58:37

We work SO hard for her to have a 'normal' and independent and happy life as possible and yet it was deemed necessary by government bodies to judge her wrt to the frailty scale angry I don't bloody think so.

This is awful to read, JaneJudge. It must have been terrifying for you, and heartbreaking to think about how some politicians view your daughter.

Blinko Fri 11-Jun-21 11:59:16

So glad to hear your daughter is well, JaneJudge.

JaneJudge Fri 11-Jun-21 12:03:30

My daughter is lucky, she has a loving family who are able and articulate enough to advocate for her properly. That really isn't the case for a lot of people with learning disabilities. She has lived with with me for 5/6 months since the pandemic has began on and off so we could limit her contact with the virus during peak periods as much as we could but we are exhausted now grin

I'm aware how people judge her but you would think better of professional bodies when laws are in place to protect her

MayBee70 Fri 11-Jun-21 15:42:58

And it was only because of Jo Whiley that people realised that people with learning disabilities weren’t being offered the vaccine.

Lovetopaint037 Fri 11-Jun-21 15:55:36

Who is the biggest lier? What a contest! Matt Hancock, so sweet and lovely, or his boss the wonderful Boris who could teach a saint to speak an untruth.

JaneJudge Fri 11-Jun-21 15:58:50


And it was only because of Jo Whiley that people realised that people with learning disabilities weren’t being offered the vaccine.

I know and they were 30 times more likely than their peers to die from covid sad

varian Fri 11-Jun-21 19:28:34

Matt Hancock must be held to account. He has been a disastrous Minister of Health.

NotSpaghetti Fri 11-Jun-21 23:38:39

And of course we have the dreadful lateral flow test debacle too. The tests MH is so pleased about and is relying on to keep schools and care homes safe!

Don’t know if you’ve read the article in theBMJ?
In spite of the government spending a huge amount of money on these Innova tests they are pretty useless. In the Birmingham study they only picked up 3% of the ones the PCR would have done.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 12-Jun-21 08:18:20

America advised that the best place for these tests was in the trash

Casdon Sat 12-Jun-21 14:09:39

We haven’t got lateral flow tests in use in Wales except for specific purposes via a Covid testing Centre, they aren’t distributed to anybody who wants them. I wondered why, maybe that’s the reason.

Mollygo Sat 12-Jun-21 16:01:03

Casdon, in the event that you’d like some, you can order them online or there are lots of collection points all over Wales.

Casdon Sat 12-Jun-21 16:06:35

Thanks Mollygo, I thought you needed to have a reason to use them. My children went to a Wales match last weekend, and they were sent them in the post from the FAW, as well as the PCR tests, they had to submit negative results before they received their match tickets.

Mollygo Sat 12-Jun-21 16:09:27

It’s the PCR tests that bother me. They cost so much. If want to go away as a family it adds a huge amount to the cost.

Casdon Sat 12-Jun-21 16:15:53

They do cost a lot, but if they are accurate it does provide some reassurance, whereas it looks like the lateral flow tests aren’t accurate at all unfortunately.

Lin52 Sat 12-Jun-21 16:51:51


The noose is tightening, but not just for Hancock, I think Johnson will be a target as well.

Cummings has set up a new platform for more insider revelations, on Substack.

He said that he intends to use the platform to campaign for answers about the covid pandemic.

Hopefully Cummings too. He was the instigator of much of this, horrid little man, revenge is his game, hope it backfires on him.

NotSpaghetti Wed 16-Jun-21 14:39:38

Well now we know what Johnson thought of Hancock!

“totally f**** hopeless”

vegansrock Wed 16-Jun-21 15:00:17

If Johnson really thought that and still kept him on, doesn’t say much about his management skills does it?

Whitewavemark2 Wed 16-Jun-21 15:01:27


Well now we know what Johnson thought of Hancock!

“totally f**** hopeless”

But he still inflicts him on the NHS.

It seems to me that we totter along in spite of our b….y useless politicians.

MayBee70 Wed 16-Jun-21 15:19:45

DH always reckons that Gavin Williamson has got something on Johnson going back to his party whip days which is why he keeps him on.

Ilovecheese Wed 16-Jun-21 15:34:07

So that is the sort of thanks that Boris Johnson gives a minister that has been so loyal to him.

Kali2 Wed 16-Jun-21 15:34:14

I think more or less everyone close to Johnson has something on him!

luluaugust Wed 16-Jun-21 15:42:53

Didn't D C ever sign the Official Secrets Act? Would any fo us be surprised about the "something" when it came out?

PippaZ Wed 16-Jun-21 15:50:37

Here is Health Secretary Matt Hancock insisting his Government’s derisory 1% pay offer to NHS staff is a “real terms” pay rise.

vegansrock Wed 16-Jun-21 16:42:39

Trouble is Cummings was the one who presided over this government’s lies and an inability to sack anyone, he is the prime example. Hopefully the teflon coating will wear thin, but this latest gossip, even if cast iron truth, isn’t going to stick.