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European Union President Ursula Von Der Leyen visits Ukraine to see Bucha massacre victims for herself.

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DaisyAnne Fri 08-Apr-22 18:54:45

Brave women and just the right thing to do.

Obviously it needs to be done with care but going into Ukraine tells Putin we have not bowed to his views. We still see Ukraine as a sovereign state.

Whitewavemark2 Fri 08-Apr-22 19:15:43

Yes impressive photos.

I doubt that she will ever forget what she saw.

Curlywhirly Fri 08-Apr-22 19:18:37

Hats off to her. The sights she will have seen will not be for the fainthearted. Certainly not something many politicians will be queuing up to do.

Smileless2012 Fri 08-Apr-22 19:41:10


Callistemon21 Fri 08-Apr-22 20:06:41

Well done to her. Brave woman and she has seen first -hand the evidence of what is happening.

If only the Russian people could see this.

Coastpath Fri 08-Apr-22 20:40:35

Very brave of her. Watching her register first hand the horror of it all and hearing her say, 'The unthinkable has happened here' reduced me to tears.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 09-Apr-22 08:26:15

Johnson briefed that he “was desperate to go and see for himself”

She went.

growstuff Sat 09-Apr-22 08:29:15


Johnson briefed that he “was desperate to go and see for himself”

She went.

What's stopping him?

DaisyAnne Sat 09-Apr-22 08:37:12

Her face said it all, didn't it Coastpath.

I think they should follow this up with troops going in to help; perhaps they could discuss a peacekeeping force. They won't, of course, as peacekeepers have been dragged into the fighting in the past.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 09-Apr-22 09:03:21



Johnson briefed that he “was desperate to go and see for himself”

She went.

What's stopping him?

Johnson is clear what matters.

His own skin. Always will be.

DaisyAnne Sat 09-Apr-22 09:28:29

But he has won the limelight from a truly brave woman on this thread WWM. He will, no doubt, continue to put himself front and centre in this country. And some will still believe the cover he succeeds in getting.

volver Sat 09-Apr-22 09:35:32

Ursula Von Der Leyen meeting Zelenskyy

AGAA4 Sat 09-Apr-22 09:36:37

She is very brave and I have great respect for her. It takes a woman doesn't it to do the right thing.

Nannee49 Sat 09-Apr-22 10:13:03

"It takes a woman doesn't it to do the right thing" AGAA4.

Totally agree, total respect.

Casdon Sat 09-Apr-22 13:26:55

I wish Priti Patel would go, it might encourage her to sort out the refugee debacle in the UK if she could see for herself. In fact I think it should be insisted on.

sodapop Sat 09-Apr-22 13:53:22

I agree it was very brave of Ursula von der Leyen to go to Ukraine and be so supportive.
Doesn't change the fact that she is incompetent in most other aspects of her very well paid job.

Pantglas2 Sat 09-Apr-22 15:14:27

Ukraine Embassy has tweeted ‘Surprise’ - it appears Boris has visited Zelensky...

GrannyGravy13 Sat 09-Apr-22 15:17:41

Mr.Johnson has met with President Zelensky in Kyiv today accusing to Sky News.

volver Sat 09-Apr-22 15:46:51

Ah well, fair play to him.

Yammy Sat 09-Apr-22 15:47:48

I think she was a very brave courageous woman. This act stands alone even if she has made mistakes.
How many of the worlds men leaders have been? Boris according to Sky news will they all start now a woman has shown them what should be done?

volver Sat 09-Apr-22 15:50:35

There were three (male) PMs from Eastern Europe that went a few weeks ago.

volver Sat 09-Apr-22 16:08:31

Poland, Slovenia and Czech Republic. And here's another one. Lithuania.

Ailidh Sat 09-Apr-22 16:27:02

I am very impressed with any politician who goes to visit a war zone, regardless of gender.

Sparklefizz Sat 09-Apr-22 18:10:16

Me too, because they're obviously a target.

Casdon Sat 09-Apr-22 18:24:24

She actually visited the scene of one of the massacres, whereas other leaders have attended meetings. She gets a lot of extra respect for doing that in my book.