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Sunday lunch today

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Hilmix Sun 17-Mar-19 15:43:38

Today I set about lunch early In an effort to please my husband
We were having rump steak, garlic stuffed mushrooms, tenderstem broccoli, carrots (as ever,) with onion gravy and my husband's favourite, roasties. I had asked if he is would like sweet potato wedges instead with the steak but he said 'no'.
After sitting down to it, he pronounced the steak to be tough ( it wasn't) I showed how it had the required amount of kindness through the middle so he then blamed his knife .
I offered to swap with my piece but he said there was no point in us both having tough steak
Then the broccoli was hard. Followed by a sulk when I mentioned that most veg tastes better when it isn't reduced to slop. Hush my mouth...
He pronounced the meal ok but enthused over the shop bought sticky toffee pudding and squirty cream we had for pudding.
I am now in my room trying to calm my thoughts. I think the time has come to insist on simple lunches on Sunday, no more the hours spent trying to please. I feel bad to be so upset considering the terrible things happening in the world just now but I feel totally useless...
PS I spent the morning listening to Leonard Cohen whilst preparing lunch when our usual scenario is for husband to watch John Wayne saving the Wild West or winning WW2 single-handed. Maybe me having my choice meant I had to be punished. Who knows?

blue60 Tue 19-Mar-19 18:00:19

Tell HIM to go do it!

NannyEm Wed 20-Mar-19 21:22:18

I like Jane10's suggestion.

Lialia270 Thu 11-Apr-19 10:54:50

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SalsaQueen Thu 11-Apr-19 22:04:26

Are you and your husband able to get out? If so, I'd book a table somewhere every Sunday. Don't go to all the bother of preparation, cooking and washing-up.

If you can't get out, how about a takeaway, or a ready meal?

About listening to Leonard Cohen...I find his music so terribly depressing grin. Give yourself a rest - let someone else cook x