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Words From The Cross

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Anniebach Sat 24-Mar-18 08:37:07

1st Word


Bathsheba Sat 24-Mar-18 08:43:27

I'm here Annie. I love these words.

whitewave Sat 24-Mar-18 08:47:58

I think it is appropriate to think of the unbelievably courageous French police officer who swapped himself with a hostage.

He has died.

Anniebach Sat 24-Mar-18 08:50:35

Betrayed, deserted ,denied, mocked, nails through his limbs, thorns pressed on his head.

No cry for revenge . He asks our Heavenly Father to forgive .

Your thoughts ?

My thoughts on these words are simply - How loved we are by him.

Bathsheba Sat 24-Mar-18 08:50:58

Oh whitewave, no! I hadn't heard that. I will pray for his family.

Jangran99 Sat 24-Mar-18 09:22:53

Here Annie,
Father ,forgive those who harm the unborn.

Auntieflo Sat 24-Mar-18 09:33:21

With you Annie. He loves us all unconditionally.

annsixty Sat 24-Mar-18 09:36:52

I will try to live by those words annie there are those I must forgive but I can't get past what they did at the moment.
I will try harder.

MesMopTop Sat 24-Mar-18 09:43:56

Seems too hard sometimes. Maybe a good place to start is by forgiving ourselves.?Perhaps by doing that we might then find it that little bit easier to forgive others? So very hard to do.

Nonnie Sat 24-Mar-18 09:50:58

Yes, I forgive because I cannot believe that the one who gives us so much pain really knows what they are doing. Short term gain will be long term pain because they don't see the longer term results of their behaviour. I will continue to pray for them.

wildswan16 Sat 24-Mar-18 09:55:09

Thank you annie. I pray that we can bring up our future generations so that they do know what they do, and realise the consequences of their actions.

Anniebach Sat 24-Mar-18 13:27:15

Forgiving seems the hardest thing he asks us to do

Crafting Sat 24-Mar-18 15:27:07

Sometimes it's hard to forgive others. Sometimes it's hard to forgive ourselves. I pray for forgiveness for us all.

lemongrove Sat 24-Mar-18 16:08:18

If you can’t forgive yourself then you can’t forgive others.
Holding on to thoughts of revenge or harbouring grudges for years only harms yourself and becomes soul destroying.
Being able to forgive your killers at the moment of extreme pain and facing death, is not given to all of us to face, and not many if any could do it.
What we can try and do though is forgive more easily, which means not being so thin skinned or precious about
Real or imagined hurt to ourselves.

Nelliemoser Sat 24-Mar-18 16:37:09

We are "Flinging wide the gates" in our Stainers Crucifiction
Choir concert tomorrow and singing a "Stabat mater" (grieving mother).
I am not a believer but the music of both pieces is really enjoyable.
As General Booth of the SA said "Why should the Devil have all the best tunes?"

Cherrytree59 Sat 24-Mar-18 17:01:30

I agree Lemon
But I have things I can't forgive because they have caused hurt to others dear to me, The repercussions are still felt today 20 years later.
If it was just me that had been wronged then maybe.....

Annie yes its so hard isn't it?

WW yes a truly courageous man.
His poor familysad

Anniebach Sat 24-Mar-18 17:17:22

Playing devils advocate, should we who are Christians say The Lords Prayer if we cannot forgive ?

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us

Difficult one isn't it x

Greenfinch Sat 24-Mar-18 18:26:42

I see it as praying that we are given the grace to forgive others. Forgiveness comes at a cost to the one who must forgive. I am suspicious when anyone readily and easily forgives.Like grief it has to be worked through.

Anniebach Sun 25-Mar-18 09:20:25

2nd Word


Anniebach Sun 25-Mar-18 09:22:56

I find these words comforting

The thief saw what others couldn't see or didn't want to see,

Teetime Sun 25-Mar-18 11:42:36

Wonderful words for meditation thank you Anniebach.

Cherrytree59 Sun 25-Mar-18 12:15:47

With so many of my family gone I pray that they are in Paradise.
In my dreams last night I was with grandfather and uncle (who was like a brother to me) .
All still with me in heart.

Annie even when our eyes are open we can be blind.

annsixty Sun 25-Mar-18 13:10:49

Thank you again Annie you are keeping our minds on the real meaning of Easter instead of chocolate and 100 different ways to cook lamb.

Anniebach Sun 25-Mar-18 14:08:58

They are such simple words which when read one by one become so comforting, give guidance, and his love for each of us pours from them , well I think so 😀

lemongrove Sun 25-Mar-18 14:11:13

Belief is a difficult thing, particularly in this secular and technological world.To believe is to have hope that after death you will see God and whatever comes next.
Belief is for everybody, not simply those living good lives but everybody and it can come early or late in life, it’s never too late.It’s an uplifting thought.