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Visitation Dreams, have any of you experienced one?

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Sago Wed 24-Aug-22 16:44:44

I recently had a “visitation dream” it was someone 1 had been very close to in my 20’s we lost touch as we both moved away but her husband messaged me to tell me she had died suddenly.

She came to me and let me know she was watching over her 3 children, it was all so real.
It left me feeling very comforted.

Strangely I had not been thinking about her recently so it was really out of the blue.

After reading and contributing to Annies thread on grief I read up on these type of dreams and it seems if you “tune in” you can invite a visitation.

Has anyone had similar experiences?

Lathyrus Wed 24-Aug-22 17:34:38

A great many, though I tend to think they are figments of my own longing.

The one I really can’t explain was being woken just after three in the morning by a sharp kick to my shin. It really hurt!

Later that morning my friends daughter phoned to tell me she had died in the night just after 3pm.

She was always a bit irritated by my lack of belief?

Lathyrus Wed 24-Aug-22 17:35:20

3am obviously

crazyH Wed 24-Aug-22 17:57:22

My mum visits me when I’m sad and unable to sleep. She ‘fans’ me, just as she did when I was a little girl, in a hot country. Those days we didn’t have electric fans. I faintly remember seeing one, but it certainly wasn’t in my bedroom. I don’t sense her much now, but she was there, during my horrendous divorce.

Sara1954 Wed 24-Aug-22 18:03:09

One night I awoke to someone tugging on my ankle, I put the light in expecting to see my toddler, but she was fast asleep.
Next morning my friend rang to say her husband had died during the night.
I decided he’d come to say good bye, but my husband spoiled it all by saying, knowing him, it wouldn’t have been my ankle!

karmalady Wed 24-Aug-22 18:13:04

yes, my most memorable visitation was when I was a young teenager. I have never been afraid of death ever since and I remember it, as clear as day

glammanana Wed 24-Aug-22 18:19:43

I have had a couple over the past 2 yrs from my darling man who died suddenly,it was in the middle of the night and he touched my shoulder and told me he was watching over me & our family and that he was peaceful where he was.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 24-Aug-22 18:22:38

Yes, and the memory of it will always stay with me.

Aldom Wed 24-Aug-22 19:54:07

My mother was very superstitious.
We, her close family were quietly amused, in the kindess possible way, when mum died on Friday the 13th
As the thirteenth anniversary of her death approached I had a very clear dream. Mum and I were walking down a road. Mum's arm was round me as we walked. I heard her say 'You don't need to worry about me, I'm alright'. It was a very comforting dream, so much so that I rang my siblings to tell them.

Daisymae Wed 24-Aug-22 19:56:05

Yes, 3 times in my life and they are totally different from usual dreams. I won't go into detail but you would have had to experience it to understand the difference.

MrsKen33 Wed 24-Aug-22 20:20:04

Yes but only once. Someone I loved very much, held out his hand and I grasped it.

MissAdventure Wed 24-Aug-22 21:12:45

I absolutely long for a dream, or a sense of my girl, and we had talked about her "giving me a sign", but nothing, not at all, has ever happened.

Not even one dream.

Grannmarie Wed 24-Aug-22 21:27:45

Misadventure, please don't give up hope and don't try to ' invite' a visitation from your dear girl. Trust that it will happen when it happens. Remember her daily, I'm sure you do, focusing on happy memories from better times.

I would never have believed in this if I hadn't had a lovely dream about my dear Dad, many years after he died. I remember it being unlike any dream I'd ever had, and I awoke smiling, feeling comforted and yes, 'visited'.

I am so sorry for your loss. ???

MissAdventure Wed 24-Aug-22 21:30:53

Ah, thank you. smile
We had talked about the fact that I am cynical, so I must keep an open mind, so I do try to, but she is ever present in my mind, anyway.

Shinamae Wed 24-Aug-22 21:32:18

I would so like a visit from my dad…?

Grannmarie Wed 24-Aug-22 21:47:47

Shinamae, I hope you get one some day.???

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 24-Aug-22 21:56:22

I believe those we have loved are still with us, unseen.

Grannynannywanny Wed 24-Aug-22 22:17:18

I had an experience a few weeks after my lovely Dad died 9 years ago. Any time I visited my 90 year old dad he insisted on helping me on with my jacket when I was leaving ( I had a very painful frozen shoulder) He’d fetch my jacket , stand behind me and pull it up onto my shoulders and pat me on both shoulders.

I have a relative with a severe learning disability who idolised my dad. He tried to copy a lot of my dad’s behaviour and mannerisms. After my dad died he began jumping up if he saw me putting my jacket on and insist he was helping like uncle D. Tbh he tried his best but he wasn’t able to do it and just pulled on my jacket without actually lifting it upwards and I’d thank him and say well done.

One day we were going out and I was putting on my jacket and I felt it being lifted up onto my shoulders and then a tap just like dad used to do. I thought John has finally got the knack. I turned round to say thank you and well done John. But he was in the livingroom watching the end of his tv programme and there was just the two of us at home.

Am I silly to think my Dad came back for a final visit and a reassuring tap on my shoulders?

MissAdventure Wed 24-Aug-22 22:19:16

That would do for me.
What a lovely thing to happen!

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 24-Aug-22 22:41:10

Not silly at all.

Grannynannywanny Wed 24-Aug-22 22:48:51

It was indeed lovely MissAdventure. Like you, I would describe myself as cynical and I never expected to experience anything like that. I hope some night you’ll have a lovely dream about your daughter ?

crazyH Wed 24-Aug-22 23:17:25

MissA flowers

dolphindaisy Thu 25-Aug-22 16:47:21

When my children were growing up we had a small pet dog who slept in my room. The last thing he did every night was come to my side of the bed to check I was there and I would put an arm out and pat him, he then happily went to his own bed in the corner. Fast forward a decade and both adult children were visiting together, very unusual as they live on separate continents, the first night we went to bed I was dropping off to sleep when I felt two little paws on the bed, I actually put my hand out to pat him. Now I'm a cynic and in my sensible moments I'm sure I was thinking "everyone is home" but in my fanciful moments I know I felt those two little paws.

Jemimasmum Thu 25-Aug-22 21:17:51

Not really a visitation dream but one that always sticks in my mind.
Many years ago I dreamt of a knock on the door. When I answered it both my children were standing there. By then they were adults but in the dream they were children. My daughter was wearing a little pink skirt that she had as a child. I brought them in and cooked them a meal, then we went and played in the local park. I felt so happy and asked them if they would stay another day.
My son said but we can't mum, I have to return to my Ship. (he was in the navy) and sister has to go back to work. I said oh please can we do this again. They said, yes they would return but they never did.
That dream sticks in my mind as if it was real.

Caleo Thu 25-Aug-22 21:35:44

Yes, I have had comforting dreams although none of them as far as I remember involved dead people.