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A new winter coat

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Whitewavemark2 Thu 22-Sep-22 07:00:59

How I feel and look in my puffa jacket ?

JaneJudge Thu 22-Sep-22 07:04:36

grin my friend once told me i looked like a bear in new winter coat and it put me right off wearing it!

MawtheMerrier Thu 22-Sep-22 07:27:35

Gorgeous! Cuddly and warm.???

That’s no friend JJ - ignore!

grandMattie Thu 22-Sep-22 07:36:05

A good look!
At least you don’t look like an armadillo or porcupine! ??

Urmstongran Thu 22-Sep-22 07:44:32

When the icy rain belts down and the wind is blowing a hooley you’ll be snug (and smug) as a bug in a rug as others rush by you in their thin smart coats battling with their brollies!

nadateturbe Thu 22-Sep-22 07:44:57


I know what you mean about how they look, but so cosy.

HowVeryDareYou Thu 22-Sep-22 07:55:57

I once bought a lovely red coat, and wore it with my black trousers. Someone told their child I looked like Santa Claus. I never wore it again.

MawtheMerrier Thu 22-Sep-22 08:32:42

I used to have a cape from a quite famous label (which I have now forgotten) which I loved. It was loose across the back but could be tied at the front by a belt which came through slots near the arms (dreadful description) I had it in black and liked it so much that when I saw a camel version in the sales I bought that too. Then Paw said I looked like a mushroom. sadsad
End of.
Wish I had kept them though - how many of us regret the donations to charity shops in the past I wonder?

Rosalyn69 Thu 22-Sep-22 09:13:07

On the red coat subject. A friend of mine bought a lovely red coat and my husband asked her how she felt when people came up trying to post their letters.

nightowl Thu 22-Sep-22 09:33:57

When I was very young I bought what I thought was a lovely bright yellow mac, short and A line, very 1970s. I wore it to go to my boyfriend’s family home for the weekend, driving there in my minivan grin, feeling very independent and thinking I was the bees knees.

His sister (now my sister-in-law) asked whose was the road worker’s jacket hanging in the hall.

Grantanow Thu 22-Sep-22 09:53:05

I remember a TV play 'The Bespoke Overcoat' from the 60s.

Grayling1 Thu 22-Sep-22 09:58:15

Talking about a red coat Rosalyn69 I remember having a bright red winter coat which I loved and wore with stretchy shiny black leather boots. My Dad said I might need an operation to get it off!!

Namsnanny Thu 22-Sep-22 10:00:45

I love red winter coats
I saw the coat you described nightowl on the pages of a fashion magazine just the other daygrin

nightowl Thu 22-Sep-22 10:28:43

Oh where Namsnanny? I’d love to see it grin

Norah Thu 22-Sep-22 10:44:03

Red winter coats, white hair, pale skin, blue eyes - perfect combination.

MrsKen33 Fri 23-Sep-22 06:22:31

Plus a red nose, if that was me !!!

Allsorts Fri 23-Sep-22 07:08:49

Oh the things I have bought that I looked awful in, it's taken me most of my life to know what works. I finally donated it all to charity as it just hung there reminding me of the money I had wasted. Fir many years I kept a size 10'suit that I outgrew of straight away in case I ever slimmed down. I gave a lovely belted camel coat to my friend as I looked like a sack of potatoes, she looked fabulous being willow thin.

Sparklefizz Fri 23-Sep-22 07:11:24

I saw a new jacket I'd bought on a character I didn't like in a TV soap - I never wore it again.

JdotJ Sun 25-Sep-22 11:11:17

Staying with the red coat theme, I've often been tempted to buy one but travelling on TFL trains means I'd get mistaken for a rail worker

Prentice Sun 25-Sep-22 11:24:36


On the red coat subject. A friend of mine bought a lovely red coat and my husband asked her how she felt when people came up trying to post their letters.

That made me laugh indeed, but yes, annoying for your friend to hear it.
What a lovely penguin that is Whitewavemark2 is your puffa jacket the same colour?I have discovered that for me, puffas only look acceptable in black, it is all trial and error with fashion.
In the end though, whatever keeps us warm is what matters.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 25-Sep-22 11:26:09

Yes it is exactly that colour??. I look awful in black.

f77ms Sun 25-Sep-22 11:26:39


I remember a TV play 'The Bespoke Overcoat' from the 60s.

Me too ! I remember asking my mum what bespoke meant !

Lululemon Sun 25-Sep-22 11:33:46

I've got a green puffa jacket - loved it until my daughter said I looked like a turtle!

1summer Sun 25-Sep-22 11:36:03

I bought a gorgeous red wool swing coat with black velvet collar, cuffs and buttons over 30 years ago. I love it but only wear it at Christmas, everyone including me calls it my Santa coat.
My daughter bought my 2 year old granddaughter one almost identical last December, granddaughter was thrilled but unfortunately she has grown out of hers.

Prentice Sun 25-Sep-22 11:36:40

It is actually a nice colour Whitewavemark2 and would suit me well, but having tried one on in M &S recently saw that I looked three sizes larger.I always have a black puffa for Winter,
But did wonder if I should have a change this year.The black one only makes me look twice as large grin