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Why do some topics not move up the active thread?

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vegansrock Wed 22-Sep-21 07:06:44

Why is it that the active thread is not appearing in time/ date order on some topics? Two recent comments today on one thread but it is still a listed below some topics where the most recent comment is yesterday.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 22-Sep-21 07:24:11

There is some sort of weighting going on I think. I suspect if we worked it out it is the political threads that are affected.

GNHQ prefer a “Woman’s Own” magazine type of site I think.

JaneJudge Wed 22-Sep-21 07:34:00

isn't woman's own a bit filthy ? or am I thinking of a different one?

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 07:34:41

I’ve mentioned this many times, as have others.
Some threads weren’t even showing up at all.
I started a thread about it (called ‘Royal threads hidden’ in Site Stuff) and HQ denied that it is happens

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 07:47:50

I thought that it was Woman Jane.
In the 80s my name used to subscribe to a variety of those magazines, and I remember her vetoing Woman on account of its more risqué content.
I don’t know if Nan was protecting me or my Grandad!

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 07:48:14

Nan, not name hmm

BlueBelle Wed 22-Sep-21 07:53:27

Isn’t this virtually the same as the thread ElderlyPerson started a few days ago ?!

Whitewavemark2 Wed 22-Sep-21 07:54:57

Woman’s Own was a weekly woman’s magazine with knitting patterns and nice safe womanly things like how to clean the oven and how to keep your man happy - you know the sort of stuff.

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 07:57:49


Isn’t this virtually the same as the thread ElderlyPerson started a few days ago ?!

No. His was about the daily email.
This is about threads not showing in the Active List.
If threads don’t show up on the Active List, they don’t get seen or read, unless you are already ‘on’ them.

Doodledog Wed 22-Sep-21 08:03:03

I’ve noticed that, too.

I started to check threads by using ‘I’m on’, but then I get stuck in a loop and don’t get to see other topics. It’s even more maddening when I find an interesting thread only to find I’m late to the party and several posts have been deleted.

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 08:03:35

I’ve just seen that the Heating / Food thread didn’t budge when Whitewave just posted on it

JackyB Wed 22-Sep-21 08:04:16

This question has been asked several times recently. It was not always like this.

We are not holding our breath waiting for any of the little improvements we have asked for.

JackyB Wed 22-Sep-21 08:06:05

Whoops ! At least 5 people posted while I was writing mine! At least this thread is moving fast!

Katek Wed 22-Sep-21 08:46:00

I presume that threads only move up when there is a new comment, and gradually fall off the active list as fewer posters comment.

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 08:47:26

Katek that’s what is supposed to happen, but it isn’t

vegansrock Wed 22-Sep-21 08:49:34

No I made a comment on a thread this morning as did someone else and it remains firmly down the list below others with no activity on them.

Galaxy Wed 22-Sep-21 08:59:13


Katek Wed 22-Sep-21 08:59:23

I haven’t made a study of this, so do these threads move up eventually or not at all?

Galaxy Wed 22-Sep-21 09:00:23

Should I test another thread because that worked grin

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 09:03:20

Try the Heating / Food one Galaxy

Galaxy Wed 22-Sep-21 09:04:36

Aye easy for you to say. I am going to look like a weirdo.

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 09:05:13

But please not the one where I am public enemy number one wink

25Avalon Wed 22-Sep-21 09:05:56

Why are there two threads with the same name and the same poster?

FannyCornforth Wed 22-Sep-21 09:06:37

It worked Katek! This is strangely fun! smile

Josianne Wed 22-Sep-21 09:07:01

I have asked this of GN twice last week because the photo thread never goes up the active board when I post. There are some truly lovely pictures that people who can't get out enjoy seeing, and one lady gets her daily carer to read the attached comments for her. It is pretty pointless if contributions just get buried lower down the pile and are forgotten.
GN said they were looking into it. I must get back to them with more explanation, though comments here might help.