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Share your fun family holiday stories with TUI - chance to win a £300 voucher

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LucyBGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 18-Dec-19 09:50:50

Most people spend their time counting down the days until their family holiday as soon as the flights and accommodation are booked. Family holidays give us a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but most importantly allow us to let loose and have fun. Maybe you’re an adrenaline junkie who heads for the biggest slide at the waterpark or perhaps your idea of fun is basking in the sun at the poolside with a good book in hand. With this in mind, TUI wants to hear about your most fun family holiday.

Here’s what TUI have to say: “At TUI, we know that your family holiday is a time to reconnect and have fun. That’s why we’ve designed hotels especially for families to make it the best week, or two, of the year. From allowing you to take your car seat or pushchair with you free of charge, to offering baby changing facilities, kids’ clubs and children’s buffets in resort, we’ve thought of every little detail to give you a hassle free and family-friendly holiday. We’d love to hear from Gransnetters about their favourite holiday moments with their family.”

If you were asked to name one family holiday that is most memorable to you as being “fun”, what would you say and why? What type of holiday do you feel you can get the most fun out of? Would you rather spend your time in good company, basking in the good weather or eating good food? What kind of activities do you do to make memories with your children on holiday? Perhaps you all jump into the pool the second you arrive at the resort? Or maybe you’d rather go on a family excursion to see the local sights and scenery?

Tell us about your most fun family holiday on the thread below and you will be entered into a prize draw where 1 GNer will win a £300 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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missblueeyes Thu 19-Dec-19 17:35:04

most memorable holiday was with my family and friends and their family along with their mother. we went to majorca and had so much fun. we hired out the bicycles that have seats and got about on those. my friends mother thought she was the queen and she loved it. sadly she is not here anymore but we have good fun and laughs when thinking about this holiday. the kids all had so much fun as did all the adults.

DotMH1901 Thu 19-Dec-19 18:35:46

Had a lovely holiday this year with my niece, daughter and three grandchildren in Ireland. Beautiful scenery and great company - was sad to come back home!

quizqueen Thu 19-Dec-19 22:10:51

We went to Father Christmas Land nestled in the mountains in California, no less, and spent the evening in an outdoor hot tub.

grannyactivist Fri 20-Dec-19 00:10:42

The most fun we've had on a family holiday has to be when we took our lot to Norway one February to celebrate our eldest son's 18th birthday. Watching our two teenagers and their daft father cavorting outside our cabin in knee high snow wearing just their swim shorts is the stuff of legend. grin

tanith Fri 20-Dec-19 07:55:12

We had an especially fun family holiday in Dorset, an old fashioned British seaside week. Most of my grownup GC came and our first GGChild, carrying on the traditional trip with a new generation.
We paddled on the beach swam, fairground visit, go-karts, crazy golf, walked the cliffs and dunes ate ice-cream, candy floss, making wonderful memories for all of them.

Maggiemaybe Fri 20-Dec-19 08:47:53

We've had some great fun family holidays over the years, most of them cheap and cheerful, but I must say that our most memorable was our three weeks in Florida when our DC were 12, 11 and 9. We could certainly only afford to do it once, so packed everything in that we possibly could, and have so many memories. Apart from all the obvious attractions, for the DC it was the thrill of just being in America, eating pancake stacks at Denny's, checking out American TV, catching The Lion King before it was out in the UK. Hulk Hogan inviting the DC to join him filming his latest series on Clearwater Beach, meeting DS's heroes, the Leeds United team, at the airport, a ranger pouncing on and wrestling with a huge snake next to where we were lounging in the sun, hunkering down in our hotel room one day during a hurricane and seeing a tornado Hoover up loungers on the beach.... It was back to the caravan the next year, but we certainly made some memories!

Flossieflyby Fri 20-Dec-19 10:23:07

Took the children on a trip to Far East and Australia when they were young. Left a lasting impression on them and us. Not only for the trips to the Barrier Reef and on the Kuranda railway, but to see how people lived day to day in the Far East
Remember our 6 year old being so shocked at the contrast between poverty of family living under tarpaulins in Bangkok and the gold and richness of the Temples.

mumofmadboys Fri 20-Dec-19 10:26:27

My favourite holidays were when our five children were all small and we often went to the Welsh coast(Llangranog). Simple pleasures swimming , building sandcastles and waterways and eating ice cream were the best.

cookiemonster66 Fri 20-Dec-19 10:29:44

The most fun holiday I had was when I took my daughter (in her 20's) to Mexico. We visited Chichen Itza during autumn equinox when the shadow of a snake climbs down the temple, swam with dolphins, snorkelling in a reef with fish all around, dancing in the evening Mexican style, had mariachi bands singing at our table over brekkie, so many great memories which I treasure now as she died soon afterwards. I look back at the photos and videos and I am so glad we had that fab holiday together. We were just laughing the whole time.

Grannyjacq1 Fri 20-Dec-19 11:12:55

There are 2 holidays which stand out: the first when our two children were teenagers and we took them on their final family ski holiday in Italy. The snow conditions were brilliant, and it's an activity which all the family can enjoy together. A great opportunity for bonding with teenagers and sharing experiences. The second holiday was a family cottage on the Norfolk coast with our children, their partners and 4 grandchildren - including twin babies. And 2 dogs. Great weather and an opportunity to visit interesting places, go for walks and just chill as a family.

hulahoop Fri 20-Dec-19 11:35:24

One of best for us was Greece when ours were 12 @7 we met some lovely people and we laughed til we couldn't laugh anymore we embarrassed our kids on karaoke,we were all very upset when we boarded plane to come home 😟

burwellmum Fri 20-Dec-19 11:48:42

My happiest memories are probably from a cottage in Devon we spent thirteen May Half Terms staying in. It overlooked a large beach; if the tide was out in the evenings we would normally share it with just the two neighbouring cottages. Once the children were older I could sit in the garden with a cup of tea and watch them play on the beach.

HHBBNN54 Fri 20-Dec-19 11:53:07

I remember as a child going to my grandparents where on christmas day we would go to church in the morning, come back have christmas dinner. In the afternoon we would be taken for a walk on the hills (my grandparents lived in somerset). We would then come back and play monoply or cards and later we would have toast with blue cheese round an open fire if we wanted anything to eat. Those were the good old days. My grandparents have been gone a few years now but I still remember those days when Christmas was a traditional time and not so commercialised as it is now.

Pittcity Fri 20-Dec-19 11:57:43

We have had many fun family holidays over the years. These were chosen to suit the ages and preferences of those who were going.
A pool, beach, kids club and entertainment were priorities with children. Nowadays we prefer a comfortable base to sightsee and explore local culture.
We like the best of both worlds. The reassurance of an English speaking holiday rep and organised trips and activities if we choose, but prefer B&B so as not to be tied down at meal times and certainly couldn't sit by a pool all day.

Proseccomimama Fri 20-Dec-19 12:13:20

The most memorable holiday that we always laugh about and the place we all say that we should go to again was some years ago at Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest. Our extended family went and we stayed in three lodges next to each other. One of the children's beds had clearly not been made up freshly and so one family member brought it to the attention of Management. As we'd arranged the stay to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday they unbelievably offered to host a party for the whole family. The restaurant was festooned with balloons and other decorations, full three course meal and drinks were provided for all, finishing with a beautiful customised birthday cake. We had a wonderful family holiday full of fun activities and laughter and have returned many times since.

jannxxx Fri 20-Dec-19 12:53:08

my son daughter in law, & two grandsons all went on our hollys,
we went to Scotland with a view to make us all jolly,
i saw snow on those hills and i started to run
the family love, swimming pools, sea sand and sun,
i love the white stuff, cold, ice and snow
so when we're all together
a tough decision is where to go,
so i said bonnie Scotland a cottage by the sea,
the kids ran on the beach, parents looked at me,
i was wrapped too well by relaxing on the shore,
i went off up the hills high, towards the snow,
wanting to explore,
at night we gathered around swapped stories of the day, wonderful memories made, fun had by us all in our own way,
we all enjoyed our holibobs
can't wait till next year, sun versus snow,
where we vote once again for where our family will go,

Maggiemaybe Fri 20-Dec-19 13:00:49

Blimey, Proseccomimama, you were lucky!

We've been to Sherwood Forest CP many times, the last time with the whole family to celebrate our Ruby wedding. One of our three lodges hadn't been cleaned at all when we arrived - plate of pizza crusts left on a table, bins full, etc. They did come straight out to do it but all we got was a swift apology from the cleaners! Still love it there, though. smile

susiesioux Fri 20-Dec-19 13:11:34

We went on A typical British seaside holiday with my son and daughter in law and two granddaughters aged 4 and 1.
Accommodation was a little cramped and the weather wasn’t always great even in md August but the look of utter joy as my older granddaughter saw the sea for the first time and ran in only to run out again as it ‘followed’ her back 😀😍

M0nica Fri 20-Dec-19 13:58:44

Last year, our 50th wedding celebration, we hired a grand house in the centre of Bath that looked like something out of Jane Austen and furnished to match, We filled its seven bedrooms with our nearest and dearest and guests from our (small) wedding, who were still with us.

With Bath and all its attractions within yards, during the day we mixed and matched and went out to see everything in sght. In the evening we discussed what we had got up to that day over a salad buffet. The rest of the evening relaxing in the huge living room chatting, drinking wine and watching some truly kitsch musicals on DVD. As the number of people with allergies, restricted diets or who were vegetarian was high we got caterers in for our celebration meal. It was fantastic. Everyone got on really well, the weather was glorious and most people travelled there by train.

Yes, it cost a fortune, but no more than many people pay for a cruise for a couple - and there were 14 of us.

We plan to do something similar for our 60th - Edinburgh, perhaps?

chris8888 Fri 20-Dec-19 15:13:09

Most memorable holiday was this year, I went with my sister to Zurich then on the Bernia Express Train through the Alps. Stayed a few nights in Lecco Lake Como Italy, the 3 nights in Milan. Wonderful holiday, we booked it ourselves and got fabulous deals.

Rowsie Fri 20-Dec-19 15:23:34

Our best family holiday was the year my son turned 40 and my grandson turned 21 and I took the whole family to celebrate in Florida. We had a week near Disney and a week on Anna Maria Island which was an incredible place. We had great fun at Disney and then relaxed with the pelicans on the beach on Anna Marie Island. We had booked very luxurious houses near both places and it really was the holiday of a life time. My youngest grandson was only 3 at the time but he still talks about "Yellow Fish House" where we stayed by the beach!

ladytina42 Fri 20-Dec-19 15:55:28

My most memorable holiday was Christmas 2013, hubby and I had booked an apartment in Ambleside, the day we left home to journey to Ambleside there was severe flooding in the Lake District. Anyone who knows the Lake District will understand rocky terrain and flooding. About 10 miles from the Ambleside the Lakes has broken their banks and For a few miles we genuinely feared the car would be swept into the Lake. By this time there was no turning back so we ploughed on and eventually got there safe and sound. The apartment was warm and welcoming and the owner has left wine and chocolates for us. It was our first time in the Lakes and despite that journey we have grown to love that area of England. I think we worked it out that we have since been back 20 odd times. Indeed we are back for Xmas next week. Fingers crossed for no storms.

Florence78 Fri 20-Dec-19 16:08:15

Most fun, family holiday was when we took our early teens son and daughter on a surprise day trip to see Wales. Instructions were to pack a few things in their rucksack, such as swimming gear and it would be a very early start. They rolled out of bed at 5am next morning, grumpy, tired and their sole priority was to go back to sleep.

They only woke up as we approached Stansted and then the questions started!! We kept drip-feeding clues until they grasped we were actually flying to Iceland for the day - the country not the shop!!- to see Whales, swim in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, take a boat trip to go whale watching, take a tour around the strange lunar landscape and physically straddle the Eurasian and North American plates which make landfall in Iceland. Our visit was in July so the land of the midnight sun lived up to its name as we boarded our flight back at Keflavik airport at 11pm local. I can still see their tired and happy faces as we settled back for our return flight and we still talk about it 20 years later!!

drmiller Fri 20-Dec-19 16:15:09

Our most memorable recent family holiday was with our son, daughter in law and three grandchildren in southern Spain. We all managed to squeeze into our two bedroom apartment with extra camp beds and had so much fun! This photo shows three generations leaping into the swimming pool! Lots of good memories.