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Men,sport and television.

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Stansgran Mon 09-Dec-13 11:31:22

Does any women watch snooker on TV while listening to football without head phones on the radio? Is it a male only skill? Is it a male version of multitasking? Just asking.

Hymnbook Sun 13-Mar-22 09:14:22

I now live alone thank goodness. I don't have to endure hours of sport particularly football. I enjoyed going to watch it at the local club but not on the tv.

Redhead56 Sun 13-Mar-22 09:20:10

We watch and attend rugby matches we both enjoy the game. My hubby has a fascinating ability to have any sport on tv extremely loud while watching something on his phone.
Full blast volume its like being in a sports bar it is the only time he can multitask. I shout to turn the volume down and he can’t hear me but he is not hard of hearing of course!

nadateturbe Sun 13-Mar-22 09:28:33

My OH reads the Guardian online while watching rugby/football. Can sit through 3 matches. In the living room. We have a TV upstairs, but he won't watch there.

Yammy Sun 13-Mar-22 09:48:50

My husband was given permission to marry me by his father!!!! not mine. The reason I sat quietly during the rugby.
He has a chair he turns right in front of the screen and gives a loud running commentary about the game and the manager whilst listening to and complaining about the T.V. commentator's loud running commentaries.
All punctuated with doing the Times word puzzles and crosswords and frequent visits to the fridge for top-up beers.
His phone is constantly pinging with messages from his brother which he laughs at but will not tell you what has been said.
He then falls asleep with the TV controls tucked down beside him so you cannot switch the thing off.
The trouble is if it was all normal and calm I actually like the Rugby.confused

timetogo2016 Sun 13-Mar-22 10:01:48

My Dh watches darts at the same time he`s on the lap top.
Then he has the nerve to ask who got the 180 love.GRRRR.

grumppa Sun 13-Mar-22 11:02:46

There are so many long interruptions in an international rugby match - seeking the off-pitch official's opinion, the time it takes to get the ball into a scrum - that I have to have something else to keep me occupied.