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annodomini Sat 03-Oct-15 13:33:06

There used to be a small coterie of rugby fans on Gransnet. What has happened to us? Am I the only one left? I have enjoyed most of the matches I have seen as 'open' rugby seems to be more fashionable than the 'heave and grunt' style previously commonplace, though the Springboks may employ that tactic against Scotland today. I hope not. Come on Scotland! Oh all right - Come on England too against the Wallabies.

Charleygirl Sat 03-Oct-15 13:45:42

I have had enough of it already and it has hardly started. I do not understand the game I think that is why I do not follow it.

merlotgran Sat 03-Oct-15 13:52:55

DH is glued so I usually catch up on a missed programme on the laptop while keeping half an eye on the Rugby. As a game I prefer it to football but like any tournament (other than Wimbledon) I can take it or leave it.

absentgrandma Sat 03-Oct-15 14:23:21

Already on the settee with my feet up, ready for rugby overload. Supper will be an on- the -knees affair rustled up between games. Did all my cooking yesterday with a supper party for OH's birthday, so after all that clearing up I'm having the rest of the day off. Come on England... you can beat the Wallabies, you know you can!

Teetime Sat 03-Oct-15 14:29:19

DH loves it but watched selectively - only England games , the final whoever is in it and the rest he records the highlights and watches it when I have gone to bed. Tonight's match England v Australia he can watch in his study aka the spare bedroom. I like the legs and French rugby players (its a fantasy I have).

ninathenana Sat 03-Oct-15 14:57:51

There is a whole thread about it, started with the first game smile DH has it on now. I don't know if I can bear to watch tonight.

Alea Sat 03-Oct-15 16:03:50

Loving it! I am particularly enjoying watching Japan rewriting the rugby history book. It is refreshing to see speed, skill, discipline and perseverance triumph over the "big guys" like SA and the beefcake of Samoa.
The rest of today might be a strain though!


felice Sat 03-Oct-15 16:26:27

I am a huge fan, unfortunately unless I go to a pub showing it i only get a few of the games on one of the main French channels and they of course are concentrating on the France games.

Had a great afternoon last Sunday with some American friends in an Irish pub nearby, great to celebrate a win for Scotland.

I do not like the commentary on the radio.

rosequartz Sat 03-Oct-15 18:18:09

I shall be watching England -v- Australia this evening, but with a foot in both camps!
We watched NZ -v- Georgia

Some of the family went to the Millenium Stadium the other night and apparently the atmosphere was fantastic!


rosequartz Sat 03-Oct-15 19:56:50

Grannyknot Sat 03-Oct-15 20:09:09

Feeling nervous for England! Husband just said if they don't win tonight they're basically out of the RWC! shock

Grannyknot Sat 03-Oct-15 20:12:05

rose grin

jogginggirl Sat 03-Oct-15 21:16:10

It's not looking great for England is it sad

absentgrandma Sat 03-Oct-15 21:40:12

Oo-er....not good at all, and getting worsehmm

wondergran Sat 03-Oct-15 22:39:31

The less said, the better.

rosequartz Sat 03-Oct-15 22:42:25

I'm not commenting

ninathenana Sat 03-Oct-15 23:47:06

I knew there was a reason to be nervous sad rugby

Teetime Sun 04-Oct-15 09:24:53

I wonder how many supporters have found their Welsh or Scottish ancestry this morning. DH says its the UK still so we should juts then support Wales and Scotland anyway - he is a love. smile

Alea Sun 04-Oct-15 09:30:25

Even as a Scot ( You know "Who do you support?" " Scotland or whoever is playing England" being the default position) I found last night's match heartbreaking and those poor players' faces as they staggered off defeated, so sadsad

rosequartz Sun 04-Oct-15 10:05:43

That seems to be the default position in Wales too; as a friend posted on FB last night 'everyone in Wales is Australian tonight' with a Croeso y Awstralia sign.
I didn't like to point out to her that this corner of Wales was England when she was born. grin
And a lot of English people live in Wales (but probably not as many as the Welsh who have escaped to England!)

Anniebach Sun 04-Oct-15 10:13:56

Which corner of Wales was English after 1920?

annodomini Sun 04-Oct-15 10:14:06

Scotland need to beat Samoa who haven't had a great tournament so far and will be battling for a win. Ireland (playing Italy today) are likely to follow France into the quarter finals. So there is the distinct possibility that poor old England will be the only 'home' nation not to clear the group stage. As a quarter English, and having lived here longer than I ever lived in Scotland I am sad.

rosequartz Sun 04-Oct-15 10:21:28

Monmouthshire was legally English until the 1970s.

Many would like it to be independent!

Anniebach Sun 04-Oct-15 10:59:20

No one really knows if Monmouthshire is Welsh or English, 1920 when the church was disestablished Monmouthshire was under the church in Wales , when the Welsh office was formed in 1964 Monmouthshire was included as a country of Wales . Perhaps it should be devided? Some parts of Monmouthshire most definitely are Welsh, some want to be in England , they dislike being Welsh .

absentgrandma Sun 04-Oct-15 11:30:50

All is not lost for me ....I'll be rooting for France now, trouble is they have 2 teams..... the one that plays brilliantly and the one that plays like complete numpties. Which team are they going to field next ? But I've always got Ireland in reserve , thanks to my Irish mum.