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Emma Raducanu

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Grandmadinosaur Mon 06-Sep-21 21:36:43

Has anyone just watched her tonight at the US Open? What an amazing talent and through to the last eight.

Grannybags Mon 06-Sep-21 21:38:37

Amazing isn't she!

Gwyneth Mon 06-Sep-21 22:31:33

Amazing young lady what an achievement to reach the quarter finals.

NotTooOld Mon 06-Sep-21 22:36:54

Seems like a really nice person, too. Sad to see her drop out of her match at Wimbledon earlier this year but great to see her back on form.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 06-Sep-21 22:38:25

Yes I’m glad to see she’s bounced back. Fingers crossed for her next game. 🤞

JenniferEccles Tue 07-Sep-21 14:09:54

Apart of course from her obvious talent, what is particularly great about Emma is the fact that she’s only eighteen, so has hopefully many more years ahead of her to improve still further.
I love her enthusiasm.

We have waited a long time for someone of the calibre of Virginia Wade, haven’t we?
There have been a few hopefuls over the years but somehow they have disappointed where it matters.

I have high hopes for this girl!

Grandmadinosaur Tue 07-Sep-21 15:25:43

Me too Jennifereccles I was only thinking last night I wonder (fingers crossed) when or if she will win Wimbledon. That would be a great day.

JenniferEccles Tue 07-Sep-21 15:58:33

Yes and while we wait for next year’s Wimbledon we can enjoy seeing how far she can get in the next few days!

Bluebellwould Tue 07-Sep-21 16:03:14

She’s wonderful and seems such a pleasant girl.

I’m sadly waiting for the press to obliterate her and cause vast problems for her. They started at Wimbledon heaping so much pressure on her, they had her winning Wimbledon after she got through the first round! No wonder she slightly crumbled.
I hope her parents and coach can keep her safe from the intense pressure. I do wish they weren’t made to give so many press conferences. I’m sure many of us don’t actually need to hear her thoughts on everything, it’s just the sponsors pressing for their pound of flesh. I wish her a long and happy career.

Grandmadinosaur Wed 08-Sep-21 17:51:57

Looking good in her game today 🤞

Grandmadinosaur Wed 08-Sep-21 18:38:13

Through to the last four 😀 amazing !

TopsyIrene06 Wed 08-Sep-21 18:44:28

She is a treat to watch isn't she. What a competitor!

TillyTrotter Wed 08-Sep-21 18:49:29

Feel ridiculously proud of her and how she coped with that quarter-final.
Wishing her all the best for the semi final.

Grannybags Wed 08-Sep-21 18:54:17

Well that was exciting - through to the semi final!

NotTooOld Wed 08-Sep-21 21:42:13

What TV channel will the semi finals be on, does anyone know, please? It's tomorrow, isn't it?

Zoejory Wed 08-Sep-21 21:43:45

I think it's on Prime. I shall be watching!

She's a lovely girl, so refreshing and a smile that brightens the day!

Gwyneth Wed 08-Sep-21 21:49:52

I hope the UK press leave her alone as they heaped the pressure on her at Wimbledon. She played a brilliant quarter final match today and I’m sure she has a great future. As other posters have said I hope her coach and parents will be able to protect her from the media.

NotTooOld Wed 08-Sep-21 22:00:58

Thanks, Zoejoryl We don't have Prime. sad

Callistemon Wed 08-Sep-21 22:42:24

I hope so too, Gwyneth and Bluebellwould

She's amazing!
And got good 'A' level results too

JenniferEccles Wed 08-Sep-21 22:53:54

How far can she go in New York?
She plays with such confidence and maturity that she could be heading for her first Grand Slam.

annodomini Wed 08-Sep-21 23:40:53

A wonderful win against Bencic! That match made my Prime subscription worth while! She has an amazing temperament; despite a few wobbles at the start of a match, she manages to work out a winning strategy and still hasn't conceded a set. She has taken the New York crowd by storm and is receiving a reception usually accorded to royalty! Last night I watched the Canadian teenager, Layla Fernandez, playing an equally impressive match. What a final it would be if they met each other!

Zoejory Fri 10-Sep-21 04:15:27

Woke up and was about to roll over and head off back to sleep when this match popped in my head. I knew it was due to start at 2ish so made my way downstairs and here we are.

Suffice to say, Emma is doing rather well. As we know, we can never say anybody is winning in tennis. We've all seen matches where someone has had a match point and gone on to lose so I shall remain calm and just say Emma is playing a lovely game

Grandma70s Fri 10-Sep-21 05:54:45

I’ve just seen the result. Crikey.

FannyCornforth Fri 10-Sep-21 05:58:59

What was it? I don’t follow tennis at all, but I love Emma

FannyCornforth Fri 10-Sep-21 06:36:38

I hear that she won. Well done Emma! ⭐️