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Burghley Horse Trials

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Fleurpepper Sun 04-Sep-22 15:19:46

Just can't bear to watch horse racing- but love to watch horse trials. Watching Burghley right now- and what a magnificent site too.

MaizieD Sun 04-Sep-22 15:32:06

Before my DD had children we went down to Burghley a couple of times for the whole weekend. We've done Badminton, too, in the past.

The nice thing about horse trials is that they're held in lovely places that you wouldn't normally get to wander round!

Fleurpepper Sun 04-Sep-22 15:35:03

Indeed- and Stamford is a fabulous place too.

Unlike horse racing, you get a real feel of the relationship between horse and rider. It's beautiful to see.

foxie48 Sun 04-Sep-22 17:21:00

I also watched it, so pleased to see Piggy March win. DD used to event and most weekends during the season we were up and down the country going to some lovely venues. I always used to feel slightly sick when she went XC and couldn't relax until she and the horse were home safe but I love watching it. I've been to Badminton many times but never been to Burghley, perhaps next year.

toscalily Sun 04-Sep-22 17:26:06

I watched some of the Burghley Horse Trials this afternoon. I don't watch other sports but really enjoy watching this, also the dressage events but few are televised.

Su22 Sun 04-Sep-22 19:15:42

Just sat down to watch the recording, use to event years ago at riding club level, happy just to watch it now in my old age smile

Iam64 Sun 04-Sep-22 19:45:37

I have happy memories of riding, watching my daughter’s ride and just being around horses, grooming, mucking out, hacking on the moors - heaven
I went to Badminton a couple of times, used to love the horse of the year show
I agree about the joy and skill in badminton and similar. I can’t watch or support the grand national
I love horses and the relationship between them and their people

MawtheMerrier Sun 04-Sep-22 20:57:13

We used to go to Burghley every year- sometimes basking in September sunshine , and sometimes needing to be pulled out of the mud in the carpark! We especially enjoyed the Cross Country and would walk the course in the opposite direction to the horses and riders, that way you got to see more riders!)
I miss it, but few of my friends share my passion and it’s too hard to do alone with a dog the (shopping tents, getting food, going to the loo to name but 3 occasions when a “dog holder” is essential! )
I’d like to think I’ll go back again one year!

Fleurpepper Mon 05-Sep-22 20:57:13

Perhaps you could leave the dog with family or friends for the day? Hope you get there.

MawtheMerrier Mon 05-Sep-22 20:59:25

No, she would enjoy it and I’d be lost walking around without a dog at the other end of a lead! grin

foxie48 Mon 05-Sep-22 21:49:09

Slightly off post but have you seen the Freestyle that Lottie Fry did at Herning to win the gold? I am posting a link, it is my go to when I'm feeling a bit sad.
Wow, that extended canter never fails to make me smile. Dressage is my "thing" but I wouldn't be able to ride one side of Glamourdale. He's amazing and she rides him beautifully.

bridie54 Mon 05-Sep-22 22:12:04

foxie48 Thank you so much for the link you posted. That was just beautiful to see.
I'm forwarding the link to my adult daughter who has just taken up riding lessons again in her late 30's having loved them as a child.

MawtheMerrier Mon 05-Sep-22 22:18:51

I didn’t think anything could beat the London Medley of 2012 but it might just have!
(For your delectation)

Esmay Tue 06-Sep-22 08:47:31

It was fantastic .
I was thrilled to watch Piggy win .
I drooled over the horses - as each one performed I thought this one is definitely my favourite.
If pushed - I love greys .

toscalily Tue 06-Sep-22 09:03:00

Absolutely superb, thank you for posting that foxie48

foxie48 Tue 06-Sep-22 09:26:39


I didn’t think anything could beat the London Medley of 2012 but it might just have!
(For your delectation)

Ha, it was my previous "go to" I just love it! I saw her do that freestyle for the first time at Hartpury prior to the Olympics. I actually cried! It's difficult to explain to non horsey people, just how difficult it is to train a horse and to ride at that level. Valegro is such an amazing horse but I think Glamourdale may just be better. Certainly he has more extravagant paces and he seems to love his job. I just hope he stays sound

MayBee70 Tue 06-Sep-22 10:22:09

Anyone else watch the sh*teventersunite Facebook page? It has me in stitches. I misses Burghley this weekend and don’t have catchup tv at the moment. Sadly, the last time I went to Burghley there was a fatality and I can still hear someone shouting ‘good luck’ to her as she went out. I find the jumps terrifying; I can’t believe how brave the horses are. I see that William Fox Pitt has given up eventing and is doing in hand showing. What was the name of that little horse he used to ride years ago?

MawtheMerrier Tue 06-Sep-22 10:37:31

Now I have disappeared down the rabbit hole of dressage videos and had a good old cry over Valegro’s final performance at Olympia ???

nightowl Tue 06-Sep-22 10:54:21

MayBee I love sh*teventersunite on Facebook, it’s so funny. I went to Burghley on Saturday, I hadn’t been for over 40 years and I don’t know whether I’ll ever go again. The horses are magnificent and the trust between horses and riders truly amazing, but I don’t have the heart to watch horses pushed so far. We saw quite a dramatic fall (there were a lot) and held our breaths until the horse and then the rider got up and appeared unscathed. What got to me was the stunned look on the horse’s face and the little nicker it gave just after it stood up. When they stripped off all the tack it just looked so vulnerable. I’m not sure we have a right to push these beautiful and trusting animals ever further in the pursuit of human ambition. That’s not to say I don’t admire the bravery of horses and riders enormously, I just question whether it’s worth it.

MawtheMerrier Tue 06-Sep-22 10:59:00

I know what you mean Nightowl -I was always struck by the size and strength of these horses close to .
Falls of any severity are distressing (apart from riders dumped in the Trout Hatchery, always good for a laugh) but when you see the ambulance trundling across the ground or , worse, a screen round a horse then the trailer, it is sickening..

MawtheMerrier Tue 06-Sep-22 11:06:13

Just to cheer us up though !

MayBee70 Tue 06-Sep-22 11:07:13

It’s a very expensive day out, isn’t it. We had free tickets but we’re shocked at how expensive it would have been to go.

nightowl Tue 06-Sep-22 11:15:12

Thankfully Maw I don’t think there were any serious injuries this year although I think around a third of starters didn’t finish. Some withdrew but there were quite a few falls as well. We did stand at the trout hatchery for a while but didn’t see anyone dumped there this time ( sadly grin)

foxie48 Tue 06-Sep-22 11:15:26

Nightowl I agree it's a tricky balance and one that is being discussed a good deal nowadays. Having said that my own experience is that if a horse doesn't want to do something, it soon lets you know. I haven't done much XC but daughter has, her horses have all seemed to love it and when faced with a huge fence if you aren't sitting on a horse that wants to jump it, you are doomed! Dressage is the same. I bought a dressage school master for my 60th birthday and he was a disaster as he'd decided he didn't want to do it anymore. I got to the point where he'd warm up nicely but as soon as the bell rang he'd throw in the towel. Never nasty with me just shut down. He loved hacking though and I sold him to someone who had miles of off road riding, who just wanted to pootle round a low level test and he was a happy chappy again.

nightowl Tue 06-Sep-22 11:20:06

I love that Maw grin

£42 each MayBee for the cross country day, for four of us including parking. A lot more if you want to go for the whole event.