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Australia vs England Women's World Cup semi-final

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DaisyAnneReturns Wed 16-Aug-23 09:12:20

Will you be watching?

I have just seen a picture of my DS and family, all dressed up and off to see the match - not all wearing the same coloursgrin.

All but American family awake now. Australian family too nervous to make predictions. Does anyone on here have thoughts about the final score?

Foxygloves Fri 18-Aug-23 08:28:29


I am so sick of it . Now they are wondering about a bank holiday if they win. Will all the UK get it ? It's only a game for goodness sake .

It’s not.
It’s about women in sport, in an age of “slebs”, it’s about role models for our grand daughters, in an age of drugs testing or illegal hard tackling in other team games such as rugby, it’s about good sports”man”ship, but most of all, about equality of opportunity for girls at every level from primary school up.
And a pleasant change from 6’6” burly men pretending they are eligible for women’s cycling, swimming or athletics events.
Go Lionesses!

Mollygo Fri 18-Aug-23 08:38:22

Yes foxygloves, I agree with that and I’m not even a football fan. Sadly, I wait for the next demands by a tw to join the lionesses.

Iam64 Fri 18-Aug-23 08:39:53

Oh no mollygo - please let’s keep the women’s game for ahf’s
Foxygloves - yeeessssss

Katie59 Fri 18-Aug-23 08:47:54

England have improved game by game and should win against Spain but their level of aggression against Australia was very high with lots of marginal tackles, they need to take care not to go over the top.

Callistemon21 Fri 18-Aug-23 10:15:53

Well said, Foxygloves 👏👏👏

Shinamae Sun 20-Aug-23 18:01:09

I could’ve cried for our lionesses…..😓

Grammaretto Sun 20-Aug-23 23:07:27

Well said Foxygloves
My DGD has played football in local teams for about 5 years. She's 14 and it has given her so much. She's confident. She coaches younger children and she wants a career in some kind of sport.