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tanith Mon 23-Aug-21 13:13:02

I have naturally curly hair and I have been straightening it since I was a teenager. I’ve always preferred the shiny sleek look to the curly frizz, not that it didn’t curl and frizz the minute it was damp or humid out. The last few years I’ve been straightening it less and now for the last few months not at all.

I’ve also not had it cut for 18mths apart from a trim so it’s longer and in better condition but it’s fine for the first day after washing but then it starts to look dry and frizzier.
I’ve been watching videos on curly hair care but they recommend so many products I’m left confused and wonder if any of the curly ladies here could tell me what they use to keep the curl in shape. In fact I’m now reading it’s apparently all the fashion along with letting the grey come to let your curls do their thing. I’ll try and post pics to show you the difference I’d appreciate any input thanks.

Itsnell Wed 06-Oct-21 09:22:31

I’m a bit late for the party. I have thick curly wavy hair - it was once wavy and seems to have become curlier as I’ve got older - has this happened to anyone else?

I’m struggling to find a good hairdresser who doesn’t straighten it, razor it, cut it all off or get it uneven. They all tell me I’ve got lovely hair then proceed to make a mess of it. What’s wrong with hairdressers nowadays? Don’t they know how to cut hair?? Can anyone recommend one in East Midlands - or the West Midlands, even? .

I try to find someone who has curly hair themselves and is an older stylist as they have probably been taught how to cut curly wavy hair.

I’m reading all your posts there’s some great advice and am going to try out the products etc