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Going to treat myself to a Tablet (cant afford ipad) any recomendations?

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bikergran Sat 24-Oct-20 09:57:41

Probably will go for 9/10 inch one not sure.

Been looking in argos and seems to be a few that sound ok.

At the moment I use a laptop so not touch screen, Tablet would be so much better especially when sat in bed sold winter nights on GN smile

bikergran Sat 24-Oct-20 09:58:17

erm "cold" winter nights.

FannyCornforth Sat 24-Oct-20 10:00:36

I've got an Amazon Fire.
It's very easy to use.
Definitely recommend it.

shysal Sat 24-Oct-20 10:07:01

I will not pay the huge prices for Apple goods, so have Samsung phone and tablet. I have no complaints and they are easy to use.
Good luck!

Septimia Sat 24-Oct-20 10:51:51

We bought a reconditioned iPad from Music Magpie (other companies do reconditioned machines, too, and I've used them satisfactorily). It was significantly cheaper and so far we're very satisfied.

CassieJ Sat 24-Oct-20 10:55:05

Amazon fire. I have had mine for a couple of years and it is really easy to use and works well.

Cherrytree59 Sat 24-Oct-20 10:56:41

Amazon fire
Amazon Black Friday possibly 27th November .smile

Lona Sat 24-Oct-20 11:06:21

I got the biggest Samsung a few years ago and I love it. It's a very easy to use operating system, and big enough to watch TV on.

lemsip Sat 24-Oct-20 11:09:06

amazon fire

harrysgran Sat 24-Oct-20 11:11:19

Amazon Fire definitely recommend it good deals on at the moment

Alegrias2 Sat 24-Oct-20 11:29:42

Another vote for Amazon Fire. I use it as my Kindle as well, very happy with it. smile

EllanVannin Sat 24-Oct-20 11:38:23

My laptop can go into tablet mode but I haven't tried it yet in case I muck things up grin

phoenix Sat 24-Oct-20 11:51:48

Amazon Fire HD is brilliant, does everything you need, and you can get a voice activated one too (sort of built in Alexa)

Heartily recommend!

Anniebach Sat 24-Oct-20 11:57:17

I use an iPad which needs replacing. Can the Amazon Fire be used for emails, games, messages etc ?

WOODMOUSE49 Sat 24-Oct-20 12:16:08

From what I've read, Amazon Fire Stick needs a TV. Sounds like you are wanting something independent from the TV.

Depends what you want to use it for. I use my tablet/pad for more than watching films, TV and reading books.

I've settled in with Apple now for years and I don't have a lot of spare cash. Very pleased with all I've bought. I rarely buy new except for my latest MacBook Pro as the service package was great. I really dislike Windows after having had to use it through work for years.

My second hand iPhones are always are off eBay. Replace/upgrade them every few years and sell my old ones on eBay unless they pack up then my local Apple dealer buys them off me for parts. I've bought my reconditioned pad from them too. There are lots of companies that sell reconditioned ones with warranties.

Davidhs Sat 24-Oct-20 12:20:24

Ipad or Android make sure it has a recent operating system many new apps and features don’t work on older models. So much now depends on having devices these days.

phoenix Sat 24-Oct-20 12:25:26

Anniebach yes, I do all that and more on mine!

phoenix Sat 24-Oct-20 12:29:53

Woodmouse the Fire stick is a completely different thing!

Soozikinzi Sat 24-Oct-20 12:37:50

We also have an Amazon fire they’re great

Chewbacca Sat 24-Oct-20 13:01:15

I love my Samsung 10" tablet. It's 4 years old now and beginning to creak a bit but I'd get another when the time comes.

Anniebach Sat 24-Oct-20 13:11:39

Thank you pheonix I am addicted to crosswords and Killer
Suduko so couldn’t be without these x

Grannmarie Sat 24-Oct-20 13:22:57

I love my new Amazon Kindle fire HD with built in Alexa, happy to recommend.

I use it for everything, reading, games, emails, watching Netflix, Amazon Prime movies, listening to music/ radio via Alexa.

I also email photos of my grandchildren from my phone WhatsApp to my kindle email account, download them, then I can see lovely family faces on the nice big screen.

Wouldn't be without it.

Bridie22 Sat 24-Oct-20 13:26:07

Samsung 10.1 note. Good value and easy to use

Teetime Sat 24-Oct-20 13:44:27

We both have Samsung - good value and easy to use- buy from John Lewis to get two year guarantee.

phoenix Sat 24-Oct-20 14:10:56

For clarification, an Amazon Firestick enables you watch films, (they are FILMS imo, NOT "movies"), programmes on catch up etc on your tv, regardless if it isn't a "smart" tv.

The Amazon Fire is a tablet. You can use it to read books (Kindle) play games, use social media, send/receive emails, download apps to play games, take photos and much more.

Depending on the model you choose, it can also be voice activated, like the "Alexa" echo, dot etc. So you can ask questions like "who directed Gladiator?" and get a spoken reply.

You can also download and watch films and programmes.

It can create shopping lists, "to do" lists, set reminders, (for appointments etc) timers (handy when cooking!) And all sorts of other stuff.

Technical support is good, and prices won't make your eyes water.

There are often deals, and as mentioned, Black Friday deals will be available in November.